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I'm going to talk all about our shop and our experience marketing on Amazon numerous years back. Actually, it was 12 years ago. My better half as well as I were both release from our task and we were making around $15 an hour. Our Amazon store is just one of six of our shopping companies and it brings it over a hundred thousand bucks a year with our old food as well as treat business. And I wish to explain to you how we do that in a little bit regarding our history of why we got going. We're going to get into that now.


Hey, it's Damien from marketing food online. So in this video, I'm mosting likely to speak all about our shop and our experience selling on Amazon a number of years back. Really it was 12 years back. My better half and I were both let go from our job and also we were making around $15 a hr. Our store is just one of 6 of our ecommerce companies and also it brings it over a hundred thousand bucks a year with our own food and treat business. And I'm mosting likely to discuss to you exactly how we do that in a little about our background of why we started. We're going to get into that now.
All right. So it is Damian and I'm back. And also as I mentioned in the introduction, I'm mosting likely to reveal you just how we went from making $15 an hour to making over 600,000 in sales on And also I'm mosting likely to offer you a little disclaimer.



This is not something that occurred over night, as well as I'm not mosting likely to tell you that it's mosting likely to work out in the following 5 or 6 months. It is taking a couple of years for us to reach this level, however we and also my spouse have done it all on our very own. We've in fact constructed a brand name on Amazon and obviously, 5 various other sites, including  Etsy as well as And naturally our own internet site too, however his tickets a long time to do this. As well as just to provide you a little of bit of what we've done right here is for example, our sales.
This is the first week of this year alone. We went to nearly $3,000 in Amazon. Currently I'm mosting likely to proceed and change this because just to show you that these are artists year, last year, we corrected $121,800. That's simply on which's not including all of our other shops. Currently, why do I show you this? I'm disappointing you to brag or to boast. I'm going to inform you if you're enjoying this video, you can do specifically the very same point due to the fact that I am absolutely no various than you. I am simply dedicated to our service. As well as when we got, release in 2008, both of us got, release from our jobs. We chose to open our Italian bakeshop and also take the study being entrepreneurs, because I always had in the back of my mind, this idea that I can do this currently, I didn't know exactly how I would certainly pull this off, yet I just knew that I wanted to have my own business.
And I had a wish to do it. And also an interest. That's the entire function of this video clip is to describe to you and hopefully give you some inspiration. If you're sort of on the fence, also in the middle of what's going on today in 2021, you can absolutely pull this off and also produce a company online. If you are passionate regarding your food product, as well as I do not care if it's hot sauces, seasonings, or seasonings or tea, or perhaps a food truck, you intend to do well at it. You reached simply put your mind to it. Currently it's been some bumps in the roadway. I'm not mosting likely to tell you it was smooth and also very easy, but it was most definitely something that we had the ability to do. And it's something that I never ever regret doing. And I review it as something that's amazing. We have actually made some actually excellent decisions as well as we've made some choices that have actually cost us badly economically, yet we returned on our feet in the last a number of years, we had actually pulled off some really amazing sales.
Currently, exactly how does this service Amazon? If you wish to begin selling your very own brand in this rating made food category is actually an actually one-of-a-kind classification due to the fact that it's one that you need to jump on gated. Now, what does that mean? Damien? I don't recognize anything regarding, but I recognize that possibly I can pull this off getting ungated is in fact the process that they're mosting likely to place you with to figure out if you have actually got billings to ensure you're integrated, see to it that you're a genuine business and also a handful of various other paperwork. It's been practically about 7 years. It was 2014 and also July of 2014. When we got onto, when we initially began and we have actually been there since. So every year, year over year, we've really increased our sales. But with an increase of sales comes a lot of boosting challenges.
As far as fulfilling the metrics, ensuring that customer service exists. You have to fall in line with a lot of metrics as well as you can not step out of that since that would undoubtedly not benefit your store because you possibly won't get on there very long. The one point regarding Amazon is it's very, it's a, it's a brutal company. If you are not extremely knowledgeable about shopping, I didn't begin on Amazon. When we began our company, I in fact began on and also we're still on eBay now. However after that I went from there to Etsy Etsy. We've in fact managed over $120,000 in sales considering that existing. But once more, that also did not happen in one year. It did not take place overnight, but that was something that took the very same amount of job as well as commitment to make it take place. Now, when you get onto Amazon as well as when you do get gated, the process to produce listings, have great pictures, have terrific search phrases, the right descriptions and the titles.
There's a whole lot to fall into place in order for that to happen prior to you even get a customer to purchase your product. Currently, a few points you want to bear in mind responses. If you're mosting likely to be selling on Amazon, I'm going to inform you today, you're not going to always get a hundred percent feedback or thumbs up. And also if you do obtain some negative responses, do not take it to heart. You got to set your feeling out of running a business. I uncommitted what kind of an organization you remain in, however particularly when you're on the internet due to the fact that the feedback can come back actually swiftly as well as it can either declare as well as wonderful and also 5 star or maybe not. And also if it's not, you can, you can't approach that whatsoever. That's emotional obtaining distressed or getting angry or bitter or all that since that's, will not permit you to succeed and also advance ahead in your organization.
I recognize when I first started on eBay, in fact, we began to get a number of feedbacks that were very good, yet I was able to attempt to identify just how to make it right, however at the end of the day, going to have those instances. So if you're really emotional regarding things, if you don't want to just toughen up and you can't do a company as well as essentially run a service, primarily wherefore it is as a service, then being online as well as running one is possibly not something you ought to study. Now, successive, the one point that you need to likewise see to it you're able to deal with is high degrees of customer care. Amazon expects some seriously high level of customer service, and you have to be on top of it. They will actually gauge you as well as you have to remain within the metrics. And also there's a particular amount of time to even address questions as well as react for customer comments, client questions, or e-mails from clients.
So you got to keep a high level of client service. So if you're wonderful with individuals that I would certainly state recommend you do it. If you're not really into getting back to individuals's inquiries or listening to some negative remarks or inquiries concerning items, don't obtain on the internet and do not go onto, all right? Next, you have to be pro active every day. You need to run your company. Being an economic situation owner, being a shopping business owner is not an established it, forget it and press the switch as well as you can walk away. Come back in a couple of weeks. You have to be aggressive. We are on our stores every day. We log in around six 30 to 7 and we do not log off till regarding 9 or 10 during the night. We are constantly running sales. We are frequently loading orders. We're publishing shipping labels and also we're making the product.
Our service is a bit different since every order we get, we in fact make the item just to order. So we have extremely little waste, nearly no waste for our organization, which is a distinct bottle compared to an Italian bakeshop that we utilized to run, where we had a great deal of waste. So if you have the moment and also you're going to commit to it, you got ta be online. You have actually got it. Log right into your account. You got ta have the ability to engage with customers, answer questions, make orders, ship things. It's got ta be really proactive. So if you can not be proactive, I would certainly not recommend you start any kind of sort of business. Now, the following point up is brand computer system registry. What are the advantages that we have? Since we are an authorized brand on Amazon. That provides us a lot of added devices to make some superb listings. There's a lot of other features that are open for you.
When you get onto the brand windows registry, instead of not being. So I would certainly suggest number one previously, Oh, you request the brand computer system registry. You require to have a trademark. You require to hallmark your item. That is something that you should start early because it can take anywhere from 6 to eight months for you to actually obtain a hallmark authorized. If you get it authorized. As well as if you do not, you go back and forth with the us PTO office. So it becomes a really tiresome and also time consuming thing. Yet in order to come to be brand name signed up, we really needed to show our trademark. Which is something that you need to do too. So with this being said, I wish to give you simply a handful of those ideas as well as reminders. These are some of the things that you would certainly run into getting on, however can make your service a success?
Yes. And a big, huge way. Is it not always fair to things don't constantly exercise in the proper way, also when you do the appropriate thing? Sadly, yes. Okay. Yet that's the danger you take and also nothing's assured. Okay. Nothing clearly in life is ever before assured. And also I can inform you that due to the fact that we were let go from our task and we needed to figure it out. So when we and also my other half put our heads with each other, we just decreased to it and just started our service and moved on. We made a lot of wonderful choices and we made some that we possibly can really learn from. Yet in conclusion, Amazon is a wonderful system to market an item. And it's a terrific location to develop a brand name. If you're wanting to do that currently, do I make $121,000 a year with no work at all?
Or just uploading a minimal quantity of effort? Never each and every single day prior to I do these videos late into the evening, I'm working all day long, developing our brand name and also ensuring that our customers obtain taken care of the reason that I reveal you these numbers once again, is you might do the exact same point. If you devote on your own to it, learn from the videos that I have actually offered, gained from various other video clips on YouTube concerning, develop your company on Amazon. It would certainly be a massive benefit for you. So if the video clip is valuable, do provide me a shows up. If you have any type of concerns regarding what I discussed, let me understand down below. As well as I'll be more than pleased to get to that as soon as I can. Many thanks for viewing advertising and marketing food online. And also if you are looking to create your very own food vehicle, begin a home-based food company. Under the cottage food law franchise business, a food procedure begin a packaged food service, personal label, your own food, sell on Amazon, get your own on-line store or sell food online. Keep in mind to subscribe and also take a look at.






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