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What equipment do you need in a food truck

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What equipment do you need in a food truck

Between 2011 and 2016, the food truck industry experienced an average yearly revenue growth of 7.9 percent. The typical food truck generates revenues of slightly under $299,000 per year. There are over 4,000 mobile kitchens that serve the public in the U.S. Food truck equipment can be purchased new or used. There are a number of common pieces of equipment that you will need for a food truck.

Some of the equipment is on the smaller side, while others are on the larger side. A refrigerator that fits under the counter will maximize the area available for cooling goods. The griddle is an essential piece of equipment and should be present in all food trucks. The ventilation system of the truck will determine whether or not a griddle can be installed. Sprinklers may be required pieces of equipment for mobile food trucks in some states.

Fryers are among the most hazardous pieces of kitchen equipment, but they are a good investment if your business sells fried foods. Food warmers that sit on countertops can keep all of your items in a hot state until they are ready to be served. Food trucks should also have a sign that glows in the dark or a window decal that indicates whether the truck is "open" or "closed". Equipment stands A-frame sign boards are a common choice, and can be placed outside of your food truck to advertise your business. The price range for commercial refrigerators and freezers is between $1,000 and $5,000. Equipment for a food truck may easily exceed $10,000 (much higher in many cases).

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