What equipment do you need in a food truck

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What equipment do you need in a food truck

The food truck sector in the United States is showing signs of growth. It is estimated that the industry generates revenues of $2 billion yearly, with the typical food truck generating revenues of slightly under $250,000 per year. In the United States today, there are approximately 6,000 mobile kitchens that serve the public.

If you are considering opening a food truck business, the first thing you should do is investigate the food truck possibilities available in your area as well as the local license requirements. Opening a food truck business in certain municipalities and states can be challenging, if not downright impossible.

But once you've done your research and determined that you have what it takes to start your own food truck business, it's time to begin purchasing the necessary equipment for your food truck.

You will, of course, require a vehicle for this. We will not interfere with your study in any way.


What equipment do you need in a food truck

The sorts of kitchen equipment that are required for a food truck are going to vary, but we are going to clarify the differences between new and used equipment, as well as discuss the other necessities for a food truck in terms of its equipment requirements.

Comparing New and Used Options for Food Truck Equipment

Used food truck equipment can be acquired, and some things, such as trays, utensils, dispensers, and equipment that doesn't have internal components, can be purchased without risk. Food truck equipment can be purchased. The functionality of machinery that has been left idle for an extended period of time is not guaranteed to be restored.

It is imperative that the espresso bean grinders and espresso makers, which can be seen in certain morning food trucks, be used frequently.

Because of the potential for these objects to lose their functionality over time, you will need to perform some maintenance on them if they have been stored away for a few months.


What equipment do you need in a food truck

When shopping for used equipment, you need to exercise extreme caution when considering purchases of any device that contains moving parts, including ovens. You will need to have the things inspected, and you will also need to find out about any warranties that may be active or that have already expired, if you are going to take the risk of purchasing secondhand equipment.

The assurance of a guarantee is provided by more recent pieces of machinery.

When you start a new food truck business with used ovens and heaters, you could be setting yourself up for future downtime and headaches.

When shopping for used machinery, you need to use a great deal of caution and discretion.

The Required Food Truck Equipment to Get You Started

There are a number of common pieces of equipment that you will need, in addition to the specialized items that may be required for a food truck.

Food Truck Mobile Equipment


What equipment do you need in a food truck

There are some pieces of food truck equipment that are on the smaller side, while others are on the larger side. We'll begin with the larger products, and then move on to some of the more minute food truck supplies you'll require after that.

Refrigerator that fits under the counter A common component that enables you to make the most of the space in your food truck. You will need to make the most of the equipment arrangement in your food truck, and an undercounter refrigerator will maximize the area available for cooling goods.

Griddles The griddle is an essential piece of equipment that should be present in any food truck. Eggs, hamburgers, and tacos are just some of the things that can be cooked using this device. When you're expecting a lot of customers, you'll want the most surface area that you can accommodate in your truck's interior, since countertop griddles are a terrific alternative for cuisine that can be eaten on the move.

Microwave There is no method of reheating that is more effective than using a commercial microwave. The equipment inside of a professional food truck needs to be functional, and having a microwave gives you the ability to rapidly reheat anything from coffee to sandwiches.

ranges. A range is comparable to a griddle; however, a range will typically come equipped with a number of burners that can be used for preparing food in a variety of different ways. Even more compact ranges are available with only a single, big burner on the top, making them an excellent choice for making beverages like coffee or bringing water to a boil.


What equipment do you need in a food truck

Ventilation The ventilation system of the truck will determine whether or not a griddle can be installed in the vehicle. Ventilation systems will be required if smoke from cooking fats or greases is produced, as this smoke must be directed away from the interior of the vehicle.

sprinklers Sprinkler systems may be required pieces of equipment for mobile food trucks in some states. These regulations vary from state to state. In the event that a fire starts, these systems will kick into action and prevent the fire from spreading further.


Fryers are among the most hazardous pieces of kitchen equipment, but they are a fantastic investment if your business sells fried foods like French fries or other similar goods. To determine whether or not you are permitted to utilize fryers in your truck, you will need to research the relevant local laws. You can be prohibited from possessing fryers if fire safety standards are strictly enforced in your area.

places to wash your clothes It will be necessary to clean the food plates and the cookware. There will be a need for a washing station, and these stations tend to take up a lot of room. It is important to keep in mind that even the largest cooking utensils must be able to fit into the sinks.

Refrigerator or freezer. It is possible that you will require a free-standing refrigerator or freezer, and you will need to consult the relevant state and local rules to determine whether or not your appliances meet the requirements. The precise dimensions will be determined by the amount of space that is available in your food truck for the cooking apparatus.

What equipment do you need in a food truck

A simple accessory that may be added to a food truck. During the transportation of food goods, these compact loaders will maintain a warm temperature.

warmer for the food. Food warmers that sit on countertops can be utilized to keep all of your items in a hot state until they are ready to be served. These will come in a variety of sizes, and they are constructed to maintain foods at predetermined temperatures.

coffee maker and brewer.

Coffee is one of the most popular items sold from food trucks, so having a coffee maker on board is a smart investment. There are other espresso machine combos available, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to provide customers with other types of caffeinated beverages.


What equipment do you need in a food truck

If you intend to provide consumers with sandwiches, you should give some thought to purchasing either a panini press or a sandwich maker. You can probably understand that this is the most expensive food truck kitchen equipment that is currently for sale, but all of the items are absolutely necessary for the functioning of your business.

Accessories for Food Trucks

You will also require a large number of minor goods in addition to the larger pieces of equipment and supplies for your food truck in order to be able to cook for and serve your customers. On the list of kitchen equipment for any food truck, the following items should be included:


What equipment do you need in a food truck

Cookware, namely, pots and pans

coffee to-go mugs and takeout containers

Cup carriers

Paper coffee mugs with matching paper lids

Paper cups

Plastic cups

Disposable plates

Disposable utensils


Paper bags

Cases for cakes



Cooking utensils

Platters for food

Dispensers for both cups and lids

Food pans

Storage containers

Gloves used for sanitation

Supplies for sanitizing

fans to prevent the inside from overheating

The register for cash


What equipment do you need in a food truck

Credit card reader that is portable

Condiment dispenser station:

Dispenser for individual serving packs

Cup sleeve covers

Towels made of paper


Extinguisher for fires

Equipment stands

Garments to be worn while preparing food

Aluminum foil

Wrapping in plastic

Guest checks

Shopping bags

Bin for trash

Boards for cutting on





Hand soap



Runners and mats for damp regions

What equipment do you need in a food truck

In addition, menu boards are an absolute necessity because they inform clients about the food that will be available for purchase. There is a possibility that these boards are chalkboards; therefore, you will want either a piece of chalk or an erasable marker, depending on whether you choose with a chalkboard or an erasable board. A-frame sign boards are still another common choice, and they can be positioned outside of your food truck to advertise your business.

The pricing of the various pieces of equipment for food trucks are extremely variable. The price range for commercial refrigerators and freezers is typically between $2,000 and $6,000, and the price range for a flat grill that is 48 inches to 50 inches is around the same: $2,000 to $8,000. This is only a portion of the total cost.


What equipment do you need in a food truck

The majority of the items on the food truck equipment list are necessities for your business, and the total cost may easily exceed $5,000. (much higher in many cases).

In addition, you will need a food preparation table; however, if you buy a food truck that has already been furnished, the table can already be included in the deal. As you can see, there is a lot of equipment for food trucks that is now out for sale, and some of the products are better off being acquired brand new rather than used.

It is possible that certain products, such as sinks, as well as some of the supply items, do not need to be acquired brand new. The likes of brooms, dustpans, bottles, and other similar items can typically be purchased secondhand due to the low likelihood that they would break or require replacement in the near future.

What equipment do you need in a food truck

Slicers, patty presses, and blenders are some of the additional devices that can be required, depending on the kind of food truck that will be used.



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What equipment do you need in a food truck