What can I not resell on Amazon?

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What can I not resell on Amazon?



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What can I not resell on Amazon

What You Can't Sell on Amazon
Some items can be sold on Amazon, but they might not qualify for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). This is because FBA products on Amazon have to meet certain temperature and expiration date rules.
Goods that are dangerous (Hazmat) can't be sold on Amazon.

Through FBA, you can sell things that are dangerous, like lithium batteries and things that are magnetized. Also, only a certain amount of flammable gases, solids, oxidizers, and other things can be sold.

The following categories or groups are not allowed for FBA:

What Cannot Be Sold at All on Amazon? So, what can't be sold at all on Amazon?
It is against the law to sell anything that is illegal, unsafe, or restricted in some other way, including things that can only be bought with a prescription.
The items listed below aren't all of them, so if you're selling something similar, use your best judgment.
Amazon won't let you sell alcoholic drinks unless it's wine sold by a seller who has already been approved. For example, if a store in their area sells wine, Amazon Prime members can get it delivered.




What can I not resell on Amazon

What can I not resell on Amazon
Items that are only sold to people over the age of 21 or that contain raw alcohol are not allowed to be sold on Amazon.




What can I not resell on Amazon

Animals and things that have to do with them
You can't sell animal poop on Amazon, sorry to break it to you. You also can't sell the following animals and animal-related items:
Marine mammals
Plant pests
Fur and feathers from animals that are endangered or threatened.
Check out Amazon's policy here for a detailed list of all the animal products that are not allowed.
Art – Fine Art
Before listing in this category, sellers must get approval from Amazon, just like they do for most high-stakes items they want to sell on Amazon.

You can't sell the following things on Amazon's Fine Art store: (or other 3D art)
Textile/antropological art (Navajo blankets)
Works that were made in large numbers
Art without an artist's name
Posters for advertising
The art in a limited edition must also meet certain requirements, which are explained here.
Art as Decoration
Sellers can't list copies of art that aren't authorized and break copyright or trademark laws. Copying someone else's work and selling it as your own in the Home Decor category is the same as selling a fake item.





What can I not resell on Amazon

If you sell authorized exact copies or reproductions, the word "reproduction" must be in the title and description.
Cars and motorized sports
As a seller, you might think it would be a great idea to sell things related to cars or powersports on Amazon! Batteries, gas tanks, catalytic converters, and a lot of other car parts are all fair game.




What can I not resell on Amazon

Cars and trucks that need to be registered
Products that are made to mess with police or vehicle safety features (license plate covers)
Used wheels
Seat belts in cars
Products related to airbags
Coolant for an engine that has more than 10% ethylene glycol in it
Mixtures of wood products
It is against the law to sell composite wood products on Amazon like these:
EPA standards for formaldehyde emissions are not met by products made with regulated composite wood.
Products with regulated composite wood that aren't labeled individually according to EPA rules
Cosmetics and hair and skin care
To list skin cream, perfume, lipstick, cleansers, and shampoo on Amazon, Sellers must meet standards set by the government and Amazon for ingredients, packaging, labeling, and language.

Also, there are some brands and ingredients that can't be sold at all on Amazon. These include:



Contact lenses, What can I not resell on Amazon
Latisse InStyler Claire's brand
Products from Obagi like Nu-Derm, Elastiderm, C-Therapy, or RX System
Products that have more than 5% minoxidil
Blowout in Brazil Acai Smoothing Solution for Professionals
Anything that has more than 12% hydrogen peroxide
Acetone in amounts that add up to more than 16 oz
Microbeads are found in body washes.
Halogenated salicylanilides
Methylene chloride
Vinyl chloride is used in aerosols.
Complexes with zirconium in aerosol products
Synthol, Synthrol, or Swethol posing oil
Cleaning and disinfecting tools for CPAP
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of making sure that medical devices are safe and useful.

What can I not resell on Amazon

The FDA has not approved a disinfecting medical device product that claims to clean CPAPs with ozone gas or UV light. So it can't be put on Amazon's list of things for sale.
Money, coins, money-like items, and gift cards
Amazon has a category where you can't sell collectible coins, precious metals, stones, or jewels. You need to be ungated or approved by Amazon to sell these items on Amazon.




If you want to sell gift cards or anything else that can be traded for money, Amazon has banned the following items:

Things that are legal tender but have been changed for reasons other than preserving them for numismatics. This includes holograms, overlays, cladding, plating, or coloring.
Banknotes, money orders, bricks, and certificates are all types of paper money.
Any fake currency, coins, or paper money that isn't clearly and permanently marked "COPY" in English
Medals for special events

What can I not resell on Amazon



Rounds made mostly of precious metal that come in "Unsearched" bags, rolls, tubes, jars, or hoards where buyers can't see what they'll get.
Fake bank notes, bonds, money orders, silver certificates, and gold certificates are used to buy goods.

What can I not resell on Amazon

Stocks and other investments
Tools that can be used to make fake items
Cash or cash-like instruments, such as money orders, traveler's checks, stored-value products like retail or open-loop gift cards, or electronic stored-value redemption codes (except for retail gift cards listed by pre-approved sellers)
Gift cards worth more than $2,000
Bullion that can't be bought or sold (precious metal which has been smelted or refined and has a value dependent primarily upon its precious metal content and not upon its form)
Help from the state or federal government, like SNAP, WIC, and EBT cards
Dietary Supplements
If you want to sell supplements that come in tablet, capsule, gelcap, or liquid form, make sure that the packaging, labeling, and language of your products follow FDA, FTC, and Amazon rules.




What can I not resell on Amazon

Amazon does not allow the sale of controlled substances listed in Schedules I, II, III, IV, or V. This includes CBD products, which are becoming more and more popular.

Also, you'll want to make sure that your supplements don't have any of the following ingredients:

Check out Amazon's list of supplements that can't be sold for a full list of products that can't be sold.

Drugs and things used to use drugs
There are two ways to explain what drugs are. The first is a substance that is used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent diseases in people or animals.

It goes without saying that Amazon can't sell prescription drugs. Things that can't be sold include antibiotics, vaccines, and so on.
Be careful if you are selling a beauty product and say that it is a "drug." For instance, a cleanser that helps with acne is a drug claim because it helps with a skin problem.





The second definition of a drug is a "controlled substance," which includes things like heroin, cocaine, and mushrooms that make people feel crazy. Drug paraphernalia is anything that can be used to make, prepare, or use controlled substances. Amazon does not allow the sale of drug paraphernalia.
If your Amazon listing is for a drug or something related to drugs, you can't save it by getting creative with how you market it. It is against the rules to use synonyms like "full-spectrum hemp oil" or "unwashed poppy seeds."
Products that aren't allowed also include:
"BHO" extractors and kits that use butane honey oil
Bongs and all the things that go with them
Dab kits





What can I not resell on Amazon
"Rose in a Glass" pipes and similar items made of metal, most types of wood, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic, or ceramic
Vaporizers and all of their parts
Cigarette papers with a twist
Crackers with Nitrous Oxide
Kits to test the purity of drugs
You can usually sell electronics that: (1) are legal to sell, (2) follow industry standards, (3) don't mess with other electronics, and (4) don't get around other technical controls like copyright protection.




What can I not resell on Amazon

But not every electronic device is allowed, especially if it steals content that is protected. Some examples of electronics you can't sell on Amazon because they are against the rules are:

What can I not resell on Amazon

Items whose serial number has been taken off or changed
Products like laser and radar shifters are made to block, jam, or mess with police radar, laser signals, or traffic signals.
Products that can decode cable or satellite TV or gain access to it without permission
Listings for information or guides on "how to" decode cable or satellite TV without permission
Programmed Smart Cards, What can I not resell on Amazon
Products that encourage or help people steal or get unauthorized access to copyrighted content, like DVD duplicators that get around copyright protections or Blu-ray players that have been changed to get rid of region coding.
iPhones that have been jailbroken, devices that unlock cell phones (like Blackberry unlock codes), and cell phones with bad electronic serial numbers (ESNs)
Standard-sized SIM cards were changed to make micro SIM cards.

Explosives, guns, and other similar things
Amazon won't list or sell bullets or bullet parts for assault weapons, black powder guns, handguns, muzzleloaders, pistols, shotguns, or rifles. Among these are:

What can I not resell on Amazon

Ammunition for guns
Assault weapons and parts to go with them
The bullets and shells
Gun powder
Fireworks and grenades
Knives and stars that can be thrown
Brass, plastic, or metal knuckles, as well as rings or keychains with spikes on them,
Billy beats or beats up
Here is an extensive index of all the items in this category that are not allowed.
Food & Beverage
You can probably sell most food and drinks as long as you don't sell alcohol, drugs, or items that don't meet federal food inspection or import requirements.






But if your product is organic, says it has organic ingredients, or has the USDA organic seal, it must follow all of the organic rules set by the USDA.
Here is a general list of food and drink items that Amazon won't let you sell:
Things that have horse meat in them
Products with any kind of meat from China
Thailand was the source of kaffir lime leaves.
Products like goat's milk formula, HIPP formula, and milk products that do not meet the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) pre-marketing requirements cannot be sold.




What can I not resell on Amazon

Products made with betel nuts or flavored with betel nuts
Poppy seeds that aren't one of Amazon's approved brands or come in packs bigger than 1 pound
Bets and the lottery
Items related to gambling or lotteries can't be sold on Amazon unless they are non-working, made as a display, or are toys. This means that the things on the list below are not allowed:

Drawing tickets
Slot machines that take coins
Slot machines that can be changed to accept either coins or bills
Things that could hurt or kill you
As was said above, sometimes Amazon will list dangerous or harmful items as products, but they may not be able to ship them.

These things are considered to be dangerous and hazardous, so they can never be put up for sale:
What can I not resell on Amazon
Products that have Bisphenol A in them (BPA)
Carbon Tetrachloride-containing items, like fire extinguishers, refrigerants, cleaning agents, and any other chemical that isn't meant to be sold to the general public
Explosives like black powder, toy gun caps, fireworks, party poppers, or gasoline.
Sky lanterns or floating lanterns
E coli or Escherichia coli-containing bacteria cultures or other products
Hydrofluoric acid, cyanide, and nitric acid

What can I not resell on Amazon

Neck That Blows Up Children's floats
Gas masks made for the military and the filters for them
Mercury in liquid form and in things like car switches, batteries, manometers, thermometers, and toys, among other things.
Wheel weights
Individual magnets and magnet sets that are sold or commonly used as toys or building materials, such as for solving puzzles, making sculptures, stimulating the mind, or relieving stress. The following brands of magnet sets are not allowed to be sold: Things like Buckyballs, Nanodots, Puzzle Spheres, etc.
Airbags and airbag covers for cars
Small, sharp projectiles can be shot from toy crossbows that can fire them.



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