What equipment do caterers use

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What equipment do caterers use



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 The Checklist for the Catering Supplies

What equipment do caterers use

Organization and planning are required in order to provide catering for an off-site event. Before your team hops onboard the delivery truck, it is important to perform a thorough inventory check of the supplies and catering equipment. This will guarantee that no items are forgotten. We have compiled a catering checklist in order to assist you in preparing for your event and to assist your workers in achieving their goals. This is a fantastic introduction to the materials you'll need for a large-scale event that takes place off-site, and it is especially helpful if you are just starting out in the catering business.

Click on the link in the following sentence to access a downloadable template for a catering checklist:

Download the PDF version of our Catering Checklist.

Table Settings

The kinds of things you'll need for the table settings are going to be determined by the theme of the event. Table settings at upscale weddings and other occasions need additional items, such as cloth napkins, charger plates, and stemware, in order to be considered complete. It's possible that all you'll need for a straightforward BBQ or picnic are dinner plates, water glasses, and cutlery.
What equipment do caterers use

Plates for the chargers
Various Shakers, Including Salt and Pepper Pitchers

Buy Everything You Need for the Tabletop.

Presentation and embellishment

You might raise the total balance of the event invoice by supplying some straightforward rental products for decorating the venue to your customers. Many of your clients would much rather pay your catering company to rent simple items such as vases and table numbers than to look for a separate company that offers rental services. Don't forget to bring display risers and stands with you so that you can showcase your meals and make the most of the vertical space on your food tables.

What equipment do caterers use

Towers, Risers, and Cakestands for Cupcakes
Candlesticks and candles with holders
A list of table numbers
Signs Written on Chalkboard

Your one-stop shop for all things related to display and decoration.
Catering supplies that are thrown away after use.




What equipment do caterers use

Using disposable catering materials can be more convenient for your customers as well as more cost-effective for your business. If you use porcelain tableware and classic glassware, you will need to unload the dirty dishes back onto the truck after use, and you will probably also need to charge an additional price for dishwashing. You may spare your customers the charge, remove the possibility of damaged dishes, and significantly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning by providing disposable cutlery, plates, and drinkware.

Cutlery made of plastic, napkins and drinkware made of plastic
Appetizer Plates
Cocktail Recommendations
Foil Pans Aluminum Foil

Shop for all of your disposable catering needs.
Transport Supplies

In order to transfer your freshly made meals off-site without causing them to lose their temperature, you will need catering transport materials. Because of this, insulated food pan carriers are a caterer's best ally in the kitchen. They can be filled with food pans of varying sizes and used to keep food at a certain temperature, whether that be hot or cold. Make use of outside coolers in order to transport ice and drinks. Food storage containers such as cartons and totes should be used for dry ingredients. What equipment do caterers use

Transportable Insulated Food Pan Carriers
Glass Shelving and Racks Outdoor Coolers Boxes, Lugs, and Totes for Food Storage

Shop for all of your warehousing and shipping necessities.

Appliances for Cooking and Storing Food

You will need to bring the necessary equipment and cookware with you if you intend to set up chef action stations at your event.

Induction cookers are an excellent option for crepe, omelet, or stir-fry stations due to their small size, portability, and lack of heat emission into the surrounding area. Set up grill stations with portable outdoor grills for catering events that take place outside.

Cooking Appliances That Use Induction Heat Portable Grills Outdoor Burners Holding Cabinets

What equipment do caterers use

Invest in Every Piece of Cooking Equipment

Equipment Used in Serving

You've put a lot of effort into preparing your event, but it's impossible for you to be present for every little thing that needs to be done. Prepare your team for achievement by supplying them with all they require to successfully implement your vision. Lighters are an item that are often overlooked, but they are necessary in order to light the fuel in your chafing dishes. Additional uniforms and aprons will guarantee that every member of your crew exudes an air of tidiness and professionalism.

Trays for Serving and Tray Stands
Chafers Chafer Fuel Serving Utensils
Food Containers
Aprons & Uniforms for the Servers

This is where you will find all of the smallwares and serving supplies.

Beverage Supplies

When you use insulated beverage dispensers, you are able to transfer hot and cold beverages away from the location where they are being served while still maintaining a consistent temperature for the liquids. Coffee chafer urns are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, making them a perfect addition to an elegant coffee station that you are preparing to set up. Remember to bring a sufficient amount of ice with you because it is common to go through more of it than you anticipated at first.

Ice Beverage dispensers
Chafing dishes for coffee
Coffee Kettles or Airpots

This location stocks all of the necessary supplies for beverage service.

What equipment do caterers use

Home furnishings and places to sit

By renting tables and chairs to your customers, you can turn your catering company into a one-stop shop for all of their event needs. When your consumers are aware that their event is being handled by one firm rather than having to hunt around for various rentals, it provides them with a sense of relief and peace of mind. In addition, you will require display tables for each of your food stations, as well as canopies or tents for any outdoor catering events you want to host.

Canopies as well as Tents
Benches Cocktail Tables Folding Tables and Chairs Cocktail Tables and Bars

Buy Every Piece of Furniture

What equipment do caterers use

Bring the necessary garbage cans, recycling cans, and liner bags with you to your off-site activities, as it is quite possible that you will be in control of the entire trash removal process. In places that do not have sinks or water hookups, you should remember to think about installing portable handwashing facilities.

Handwashing Stations and Garbage Receptacles
Antibacterial Hand Gel Disposable Towels and Gloves Hand Sanitizer



What equipment do caterers use