What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck?

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What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck?



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What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

 Cooking facilities necessary for food trucks mandated by the law

Do your research and find out what the requirements of the local rules are before you start creating the equipment list for your food truck.

It is essential to conduct proactive and in-depth study because the legislation governing food trucks in many locations are distinct from those governing restaurants.

You will probably need to have in order to comply with health codes, fire codes, and other rules that you must have:

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck
a sink with three separate areas for washing plates, silverware, and pots and pans

a separate sink for washing hands is provided.

a fire suppression system integrated into a Type I exhaust hood

The installation of mechanical systems (such as plumbing, fresh- and gray-water tanks, electrical wiring/panels, gas lines, etc.) conforms to the standards that are in effect in the area.

Water heating system

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

In many areas, owners of food trucks are required to use a licensed commercial kitchen (such as a commissary or restaurant) for the purpose of storing and preparing their ingredients, as well as for the purpose of providing cleaning and sanitary support for their vehicles. If this is the case, you might require fewer pieces of cooking equipment in your truck and more pieces of equipment for warming and keeping food, such as convection ovens, hot boxes, and hot food wells.

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

Equipment & Supplies for Mobile Food Vendors

Your menu, just like the menu of any other food service business, will determine the kind of equipment you need. Selling burgers? You'll want a griddle or charbroiler. Selling pizza? If that's the case, you'll probably need a pizza oven.
What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck
Before making a decision on equipment, give serious consideration to both the concept and the operating processes. For instance, in order to prevent oil leaks or fires in mobile kitchens, fryers frequently call for extra safety measures to be taken. It's possible that you'll conclude that preparing "fried" items in a combination oven is the best option. Beverages from a soda fountain require the use of an ice machine in addition to storage space for carbon dioxide tanks. Drinks that are canned could be easier to transport.

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

Keep in mind that in order for certain pieces of equipment to function effectively, such as refrigerators, they require a specific amount of space between themselves and the walls, ceilings, or even other pieces of equipment. Be sure to work with an equipment professional like the product specialists at Central Restaurant Products, as only certain manufacturers will warranty equipment that is used in food trucks. If you are interested in purchasing food truck equipment, click here.

It is difficult to plan the arrangement of a food truck if one does not first determine which pieces of equipment are necessary. When you have the fundamentals nailed down, food truck manufacturers are excellent resources for assisting you in determining the optimal size of your truck and the best way to organize your food truck equipment for maximum productivity. The websites of the majority of manufacturers even include illustrative examples of floor designs.

List of Essential Equipment for Food Trucks

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

The inventory at Central includes thousands of individual pieces of food truck equipment. Depending on the idea you have in mind, the following is a short list of things that you might want to consider getting:

Cold food and ingredients can be stored in this reach-in refrigerator with a single door.

Refrigerator for bottled or canned beverages that can be placed on top of or under the counter.

a kitchen counter made of stainless steel

a flat-top griddle with either a 36- or 48-inch cooking surface that is versatile enough to prepare anything from eggs to burgers.

a range with either four or six burners, or a cooktop with a convection oven underneath

charbroiler has a 36-inch cooking surface for burgers, poultry, ribs, and other foods.
Pizza oven, What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck
Wok range
Salamander (cheese melter) (cheese melter)
Or a high-speed oven, if you have one.
Griddle, grill, or bun warmer.




What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

Cabinet for the storage of hot food
Rice steamer
a serving counter made of stainless steel
mobile credit card reader, cashier's station, or point-of-sale (POS) system

Check the rail to keep track of the guest orders and categorize them as they are prepared.

Ice making machine

Blender or shake machine

Prepared food machine

Dishwashers that fit under the counter or behind doors

Things to Think About Regarding Food Truck Supplies

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck
It is essential to not only have all of the necessary food truck equipment, but also a large supply of all of the necessary food truck supplies. The following are some of the recommendations that we have:

Disposables (plates and bowls, utensils, napkins, containers, etc.)

tools for cooking and many types of cutlery

Pots and pans

Containers for the storage of food

a sheet of parchment paper, some aluminum foil, and some plastic wrap

Janitorial supplies (mop, broom, buckets, gloves, sponges, scouring pads, etc.)

chemicals used in housekeeping (dish detergent, sanitizer, cleaning supplies, etc.)

Dispensers and racks for storing spices, as well as shakers,


What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck
The Power Requirements of Food Trucks
When it comes to providing energy to a food truck, you could be compelled to make use of a specific fuel source in accordance with the legislation that govern your area. To reiterate, before making any significant choices, you should conduct study into the laws that govern your region of operation. Other things to take into account are matters of both the operational preference and the practical efficiency.

In order to power the lights, HVAC/exhaust system, refrigerator, point-of-sale system, and appliances, you will need a generator as your primary source of electrical energy. The load that you need to create determines the size of the generator that you will need. To determine the load, add up the wattage of the most powerful appliance or piece of equipment that uses electricity that you have. You will need 9,200 watts of output if you have a griddle that is 3,000 watts, a refrigerator that is 1,400 watts, a microwave that is 1,200 watts, a water heater that is 3,000 watts, and lights and appliances that are 600 watts each; therefore, you need specify a generator that is 10,000 watts. (An introduction to electricity is also available here, if you're interested.) equipment is needed for a food truck

Gasoline or propane can be used to power generators, and many versions allow for easy switching between the two fuel types. Since your truck operates on gasoline, you might reason that you might as well get a generator that also runs on gasoline given that your truck does. Customers could be turned off by the odors and the noise, and many municipalities have EVAP (Evaporative Emission Control System) standards that need to be met. These standards mandate the installation of gas vapor capture components on the generator, fuel tanks, fuel lines, clamps, and other parts of the system. equipment is needed for a food truck

You may also come to the conclusion that you want certain pieces of cooking equipment, such as a stovetop or broiler, to run on gas rather than electrical current. If this is the case, you will need tanks for your cooking equipment, thus it may be more cost effective for you to get a generator that runs on propane.

What kitchen equipment is needed for a food truck

Components & Commodities Pertaining to the Vehicle Itself

Last but not least, do not overlook the fact that your food truck is, in fact, a truck. It is necessary that it satisfies all standards for commercial vehicle licensure and passes all inspections, including those for emissions. To prevent malfunctions that could end up costing you a lot of money, you will need to regularly service and maintain your food truck. You ought to take the following safety measures, so make sure you have them on board:

Spare tires
Extra fuses
Extinguisher for fires
Engine oil
Fluid for the windshield washer
Transmission fluid
Antifreeze and coolant for radiators
Distilled water (to top off the battery and dilute antifreeze)

During the process of planning, it is important to keep in mind that the operating costs of a truck are distinct from those of a restaurant kitchen. equipment is needed for a food truck