What should be in a plan on a page: What is the summary of the one page business plan?

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What should be in a plan on a page: What is the summary of the one page business plan?




What is the summary of the one page business plan?

Streamlining Success: Crafting an Effective One-Page Business Plan

Introduction: Imagine condensing your business's vision, mission, and strategies into a single, compelling page. Sound daunting? It doesn't have to be! A one-page business plan can serve as a powerful tool to succinctly communicate your business objectives and strategies. In this blog post, we'll guide you on how to craft an effective one-page business plan that gets straight to the point.

Understanding the One-Page Business Plan:

A one-page business plan is a brief and concise version of a comprehensive business plan. It distills your business's most critical elements into a succinct document. Designed for ease of understanding, it's especially useful for communicating your business idea to potential investors, partners, or team members.

How to Write a One-Page Business Plan

1. Business Name, Vision, and Mission:

Begin by clearly stating your business's name, its vision (the ultimate goal), and its mission (how you plan to achieve that goal). This section defines your business's purpose and sets the stage for the rest of your plan.




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2. Products or Services: What is the summary of the one page business plan?

Describe the products or services your business will offer. Highlight what sets them apart from the competition.

3. Target Market:

Identify your target audience. Provide demographic and psychographic details, shedding light on who your customers are and what they need or desire.

4. Market Analysis:

Show your understanding of the market landscape. Outline key market trends, the potential market size, and your expected market share.








What is the summary of the one page business plan?

What is the summary of the one page business plan?

5. Competitor Analysis:

List your major competitors and briefly describe their products or services, market position, and competitive advantages.

6. Marketing and Sales Strategy:

Describe how you plan to attract and retain customers. Detail your marketing channels, sales strategies, and customer engagement methods.

7. Organizational Structure:

Outline your business's organizational structure. Highlight key roles and responsibilities, showing who will execute your business plan.

8. Revenue Streams:

Identify your primary revenue streams. This could be from sales, subscriptions, partnerships, or other sources.







9. Financial Projections:

Even in a one-page plan, touch on your financial expectations. Provide a brief summary of projected income, expenses, and profitability.

10. Funding Request (If Applicable):

If seeking investment, state how much funding you need and how it will be used to drive business growth. What is the summary of the one page business plan?

Helpful Websites for Creating a One-Page Business Plan:

  1. Bplans: www.bplans.com offers sample business plans and planning resources.
  2. Lean Canvas: www.leancanvas.com provides a one-page business plan template based on the Lean Startup methodology.
  3. SCORE: www.score.org offers business plan templates and mentorship.
  4. Tarkenton GoSmallBiz: www.gosmallbiz.com provides business planning and other resources for small businesses.
  5. LivePlan: www.liveplan.com offers interactive business plan software.
  6. Upmetrics (www.upmetrics.co provides cloud-based business plan software.
  7. Enloop: www.enloop.com offers automated business plan creation.
  8. StratPad: www.stratpad.com; provides business planning and strategy software.
  9. Canvanizer: www.canvanizer.com offers a platform to create various types of canvas models.
  10. Smartsheet: www.smartsheet.com, which provides a platform for planning, tracking, and reporting


A one-page business plan can be an effective tool for communicating your business idea quickly and succinctly. Remember, the aim is to capture the essence of your business, sparking interest and opening the door for deeper conversations. Be concise, clear, and compelling, and you'll be on your way to creating a powerful one-page plan that paves the path to your business's success.

Additional Tip: While the one-page business plan is a great starting point, it's not a substitute for a comprehensive business plan, particularly when seeking substantial funding or planning complex operations. Think of it as an executive summary or a pitch deck—a snapshot of your business that captures attention and piques interest.