Co Packer List Syrups Jams and Honey Private label OVER 40 Companies/20 Questions

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Why not pour out some sweet profits with a Co-Packer/ Private Label Syrup. Did you know there are companies that can private label your own pancake syrup? Do you have a recipe for an amazing flavored syrup or just want to have a company put your name on your own line?

Where can you sell syrups online for starters? Retail can also be a lucrative place, but the eCommerce business model can sell even more. You can use fulfillment centers to warehouse your product and fill orders as they come in! 

Why would you even think of adding a food product like syrup? I can give you $688,000,000 million reasons. This is the amount of syrup sold in the U.S. alone in 2018. over $600 million ( and that does not include the sale of Honey). 

So think of adding syrups to your private label line and selling online may be a no brainer, but a co-packer would be the better fit. Why a co-packer and what do they do?

Co packers are companies that can manufacture your syrup in bulk with your label on it and ship it to your retailer or online fulfillment center. 

Are there companies that actually do this? Specifically for syrups? absolutely. 


We actually put together a list of dozens of co-packers who specialize in syrups. We also have over 20 questions you can ask your prospective co packer about how to get this idea developed and underway.