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All right. So today we're marketing it online and I've got a video for you. If you're looking to create an online coffee business, what if I told you that there is a way that you could create five websites for the price of one and ship nothing? You don't make your coffee, you drop ship, and I'm going to show you step-by-step how this actually works. And you can do this for under $300. Yes. You can create multiple businesses online selling coffee through five websites for less than $300. And I'm going to explain exactly how this works, and we're going to get into that right now.

Okay, So, as I explained, I'm actually going to walk you through it. We are here in my office, and I have the whiteboard up here on my dry erase board. Let me move that over just a little bit. All right. So here's how this works. And then after this, as I explained to you, I'm going to actually go over to my laptop and show you the website. So stay tuned to the end of the website. I'm actually going to give you a video tutorial on the website that actually does this for you and how that works. Now you are going to need a couple of things. Number one, a logo. You're going to need a logo because this is going to be a private-label coffee business. So on the bags, on the merge on everything, I'm about to show you. You're going to need some type of logo, something that's similar to what my shirt has now.


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Don't worry. Because if you're not a graphic designer, I'm not a graphic designer. You can actually get one made for you on Fiverr. I pushed fiber in a lot of my videos because I actually use Fiverr for my candy business and snack business. They've done a lot of logos for us. We now have, I think, nearly two dozen to date, as far as the different designs they've done for us, four different bags. So I recommend going to low checkout, five or four logos. Get a very cool coffee, obviously coffee, bean, coffee related coffee, business logo. That's something you're going to need for them to put that on the bag. And, of course, branding for your website. Secondly, a domain name. Now, when I show you the video on my laptop, they do offer that ability for them to secure a domain for you.


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It's around $30, but you can actually go to GoDaddy and you can actually get a domain name for a little bit less than $30. And then you can transfer that over to you. Okay? So let's walk you through this. So now that you have your logo, you have your domain. How does this work, Damien? How do you create so many stores using one as an actual fulfillment center? Okay, So this is the coffee website, the company that I'm going to show you, that's going to create your branded coffee business. This is the website, and here's how it works. And let me just move this to the side. There we go. All right. So it's one of 99 for this website. It's going to cost them $99 to make the coffee website. This is going to have your brand, have your domain.


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Everything that you do, this is you. This is where it starts from. Now, You're going to go over to eBay and you're going to create a store on eBay that sells your branded coffee. Okay, They're roughly on the lower end of the business world, with a store pricing per month of around $30 a month. So you'll have to put up the first first month of that for eBay, which is around $30. Now, Damian, why would I want to go to eBay and sell it? Well, here's the thing about your website being online. It's going to be a challenge for it to be found. Now don't get me wrong. This is not going to be an instant gold mine where people are going to find your coffee website and begin to buy from you instantly. Okay? So you're going to leverage E-Bay and Etsy. Okay? And here's how this is going to work.


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Ebay already has a million customers built into their website that go there every month. And a lot of them go there for coffee, tea, food, snacks, all kinds of stuff that's edible, all kinds of food products. I have two stores right now. On E-Bay we've been on there for over a decade. So these are going to be the two stores where you're going to leverage that built-in audience, if you will, that built-in customer base, because they're going to then want to go to your website. E-Bay gets probably millions upon millions of customers a month. And out of those millions, there's probably a few hundred thousand that go there and buy coffee, or they buy tea, or they buy something that they can drink. So you're going to open an eBay store and you're going to post pictures of your product and your price point on eBay, because that has the traffic.


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same thing on Etsy. Well, Damien, I heard on Etsy. You can only sell items that you make and items that you own.If it's yours and it's your brand and you make it, you can sell it on Etsy. Your brand and coffee shop need to be on Etsy. Okay? Having these three locations right off the bat, you're going to have access to millions of potential customers. Okay? This is not some imaginary number. It's a fact that these websites have customer bases in the millions. That's what you want to tap into. So you have three streams of revenue because I'm going to go to eBay and I'm going to find your brand of coffee. And I'm going to say, "Wow, that looks unique." It's a unique brand. It's got a different type of roast, whatever it may be. I'll buy it. When I get it, that website is going to have this website on your, your actual prebuilt website that I'm going to show you, that's going to have their website address.


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So I'm going to go there out of curiosity. You know what, man? I'm going to take down the website. And then I'm going to see that you have a lot of other roasts and different flavors of different cups of coffee. Then I started buying from you. That's called organic traffic. That's actually customers that you don't have to pay to advertise to through Facebook ads and all that other stuff. to get attention for your website. That's not going to be needed because people are going to be buying from these websites. Okay? This is actually how we leverage Etsy and eBay to bring more customers to our website. We have our own snack and candy business. Next up, create joy. This is going to be your fourth stream of income. On your own website here, on eBay, or Etsy. There are three. So why not have a subscription business with coffee beans?


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Yes, you can actually do that. You can go to Crate Joy, set up an account, and create a subscription business. So every month, if I love your coffee that I found here or your coffee that I found on eBay, I'm going to be, "Oh, you're going to put on that bag." If you're going to put it on there, go check out our Cratejoy shop. Our Cratejoy store. You can get a subscription every month on Cratejoy. They're also going to promote your subscription business that sells coffee every month. So that way, if you get people to sign up for that additional revenue every single month, you're going to get additional revenue because they're going to sign up for a subscription. Maybe they're going to send it to their aunt. Maybe they're going to send it to their mom. Maybe they'll send it to whoever they want, but every month you can send out a whole one-pound bag of unique coffee, maybe something Costa Rican blend or Colombian brand, a light blend or something, espresso, bean, whatever it is, every month you can fulfill crate joy by having a subscription business there.

So now you have four streams of revenue from this one website. Okay? Damien, So all of this sounds great, but how do you fulfill the orders on these other websites? great question. So I go to this website, and that's built for you, right? This is going to be a drop-ship style website. There's a company that's going to get notified of the orders. When they come through on your website, they're going to fulfill it. If you sell one of these bags on eBay, you're going to go to your website, place an order to fulfill that eBay order and have your company send it to them with your name on it. No one else's name, no nothing. So it looks like it's coming directly from your site. same thing on Cratejoy every month. Let's say the first week of each month. That's when you send out your one-pound bag of coffee.

So the fulfillment and the shipping, right? The logistics, the idea of filling the order each month, is that when you go to the website, place the order, and simply send it to that address. The person who signs up for crate, joy, just wants their coffee.They don't care where it comes from. They just want to make sure that you're going to send them their one pound of coffee, because that's what they signed up for. And that website will fulfill that order and send it. Of course, you have to supply the website address or the address for the customer. But every month you have that one. So that's one, two, three, and four websites. That's leveraging this one that is doing all the fulfillment and you are not shipping anything. You are not buying inventory. You are not putting out money for any of that stuff. Now, how does this work in gaming?

That sounds all too easy. I mean, just put up the website. I know, I'm not saying it's easy. This is where you need to come in. Watch. Now you're going to go to all of the social media platforms. You're going to go to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. And you're going to create a simple page dedicated to your coffee business. It's going to be a business page. Now why LinkedIn? LinkedIn is huge. LinkedIn is where you're going to go. And you're going to create a page dedicated to your branded coffee website because LinkedIn has a lot of corporate people and a lot of business. People also have a lot of people within the food industry. There are a lot of people within the food and beverage industry. Those are the people you're going to give exposure to for your brand. And you're going to drive traffic from LinkedIn all the way to your website.


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And by the way, it costs nothing. You're not having to run ads and all that. You don't need to create a profile, upload images of your coffee, or upload links to your website. And you're good to go. Several hashtags, such as #foodandbeverage,Trust me, that gets a lot of eyes on your product. Hashtag food, hashtag coffee, hashtag tea. When you start posting posts on LinkedIn, you're going to expose yourself to a lot of people, millions of people. In fact, we are marketing food online right now. We've got it over. It's nearly 8,000 connections within the food and beverage industry for marketing photo Lima, my YouTube channel. And we did that in a very short period of time; we created a profile, posted some videos, created some articles, and put links to your product. It is very simple. If you're willing to put the time in to do this, once you get this up and running and you've got these platforms going, then you're ready to rock and roll.

Okay? Facebook, same thing. Create a Facebook page dedicated to, you know, Chris's coffee, blend, whatever your, your company name is. And then from there, you're going to put links to here. You're going to put links from your eBay store. You're going to put links from your Etsy store and also a great joy. That's going to go on your Facebook page. You're already getting exposure to people without having to spend any money. So can you do all of this for less than $300, $400, or so? Yes, you can. These are the stores, and they're very simple to make. Make sure you put in the work for the social media. And as that begins to have momentum and some leverage, then you're going to see traffic pickup. Okay, So can you create multiple stores by utilizing one private-label pre-made store for yourself? Yes, you can.


If you love coffee, why not? Why go through the hassle of getting coffee, roasters, and learning how to roast? I mean, if that's what you want to do, go ahead and do it. You can get this up and running literally in less than a week. All of this, if you buy this store, and as you shouldn't at the end of this, I'm just about to transition over to my laptop and I'll show you the rest of the video. You get the store done. You can get it in about three to five business days. That's it. So, within a week, you can have these stores up and running. In the meantime, you create your eBay store, get your website up, get your Etsy store, and create joy. all right? So that is how you can create a private-label coffee business online. And you can honestly do this, and you can do it for less than three hundred to $400. And that's it. Let me know down below if this helps out. Give me a thumbs up. If you have any questions about how this works, let me know.

All right, guys. So here is the website after I've explained on the board how this works and how you can literally open multiple stores with number one, without having to ship any coffee that has your brand on it. Number two, you don't have to have inventory or put out money and invest it. And number three, you can access your website and utilize that drop shipping method to fill orders on Etsy, eBay, and your own website outside of this one. So I am showing you basically four streams of income, including the idea of having a monthly subscription coffee business set up through Which, of course, as I said down below in the description, there are links for all of these and they have a special right now. If you use that code 20, 21, they're going to give you 21% off and they can literally get your store up and going ASAP. So let me show you this.


All right. So here is their fresh coffee site. This is what they're going to build for you. It's one of 99. So again, you could build, literally let's see, create joy, on Etsy, eBay, your own store, separate from this one, and a drop shipping site from this website. That's five websites. You could get this up and running for less than three to four hundred dollars by operating five businesses online, selling your coffee brand, and not shipping anything.Okay, So let me show you a drop ship for sale. This is their store here. Okay, Yeah, Number one. As I mentioned before, and to be open, go to and get your own domain, and you can transfer that over to this. Okay, Now, if you want them to register and install for you, they can do that for you. That's just an extra $30. Do I recommend that you don't necessarily need to? You can pick one up for very little at GoDaddy and have it transferred, but if you just want to have it all done at once, go ahead and do that. Just click that box.

And you can

Add that on. Okay, So here's how it works. So this, of course, is just the generic name for it, the fresh coffee website. So as you scroll down, let me show you the live demo. So this is how, in essence, your website would look, but of course, your name, your brand, is going to go here. Your name is not going to be on the target for coffee, whatever it is. Okay, If you're Chris, you know, Chris is coffee, or whatever that's going to be here. Okay, Remember, as I mentioned in the other and the other half of the video, go to Fiverr, pick up a logo, have a logo made for you with your coffee logo. Let some creative freelancer do that for you. Okay, That's going to be up here and then you scroll down. Okay? And then you're going to see this shop now, and it's going to show you, so your customer comes here and they purchase what they want.

If they want a 60 pack of the cups, they have the K-cup type thing available bagged, whole bean, crushed or ground coffee in the bag. They have different brews. They have cold brew, coffee, and Mexico. And again, these will vary based on the side that they're going to set up for you because of the brand. Okay? So this logo, again, looks a little different because your logo is going to be on there. So these are all the varieties of coffee. They have decaf, Costa Rica, I mean literally tons of coffees to choose from. And they have pages and pages and pages. Okay, So now let's go back up here and see if we saw the demo. So this is how you start your own coffee brand online. So basically, here's how it works. So the customer buys the coffee from your store and the order is automatically sent to the supplier.

Number three, they make the product with your branded logo, and then they ship it to your customer, and it provides, of course, tracking. That's it. And of course, you make the margin when they view Mark it up, you get that markup, that margin, that percentage of profit for you, for each transaction. And that's how it works. Okay? This is the website from which you can place orders for your other stores.So you go onto eBay. As I mentioned, you create your eBay store and you put images of your coffee with your logo and your brand, which will be found on your website. So, for instance, here's an example: If this was your coffee, you should download this image. You can upload this to Etsy, eBay, and your own website. Aside from this old one here, you want to create your own website because you can have multiple websites selling your own coffee brands.


Okay? So in that way, this is the image. You'll see that you create the price point on eBay. Someone places an order on eBay, and you simply go to your website, place the order, get their address, and have it shipped to them.They don't get anything. There's no other box that shows another company's yearning. It's only your brand logo and your label on there. So it's not going to come from, you know, Jr. as well as our coffee distributors, with your name on it.No, it's actually your name. So that way, all of these products, as you go through here, can all be found in your stores, all multiple, all of them, eBay, Etsy, your own store, even on, where you created your, you know, bag of the month coffee club subscription. And every month you're going to send out a fresh, unique blend of coffee through your Cratejoy subscription business that generates constant revenue every single month. Okay? So from there, that's how it works. It's very, very simple. And, as I previously stated, your investment is $199.Now let me show you another type of coffee store. They have If you want to kick it up a notch, and you have a little bit more to invest, it's really cool because you're going to have even more stuff to sell on eBay. On Etsy, of course, your website, as I mentioned, and even potentially on Cratejoy, let me show you this.

What if I told you that you could not only create a store like that, but you could also get one with a merge? That's right. They can actually create the exact same website, but with merchandise like coffee cups and, well, you know what, let me just show you that this one is four hundred ninety-nine. Okay, Watch this and check this out. So here is your website and again, not to be redundant and repeat, okay. This would be your logo. Okay, So just imagine this is your website, all set and ready to go, ready to go with your logo, right? You want to shop for coffee? Look at this. Look at this. How beautiful this website is. This is basically how it's going to look. And this is four hundred and ninety-nine.And again, just imagine this is not your only website. You're going to go. And you're going to create a separate website of your own.



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You're going to make this one and you're going to have one on eBay, Etsy, and your Cratejoy hats and hoodies. T-Shirts What about that? What about coffee? Mugs? Check this out, guys. This is awesome. And again, this is a sample website of what it could look like. So you have your logo and they have a variety of mugs. Why not sell Birch and make even more money? You've got the enamel ones.You got a bunch of mugs with your logo on them again.And more so than that, t-shirts. Hey, somebody loves your coffee and loves your brand. Everyone might like that logo. Why not sell t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, shorts, slurred, or whatever else you want to sell?Of course, that's four 99 hoodies and sweatshirts. Check this out, guys. How cool is this? To have a website set up with your brand and everything on it, pre-made and pre-done.

And again, you, you're not making the sweatshirts, by the way. Nope. And you can add those to your website. You can do it on eBay if you want. So this is how you can create your own coffee business online and literally have a line of coffees and even merge them to generate even more sales. And you can do it for $499 for them, for the bigger store, of course. And then if you don't, well, you can do the one 99, if that works for you. So anyway, that will wrap it up. As I explained in the whiteboard explanation of how this works, this is a drop ship for sale. And of course, I'll have down below the description, the discount code for that, and you can get yourself signed up. All right. So we'll see you guys in the next video. If you love this video, you have questions.

Let me know. I really do appreciate the comments and the questions that I get from them. As soon as I can, if you like this, this is a way that you can literally sit at your house. If you're looking to make some money online and not have to make anything, anything, the only thing that you really need to do to work at, and I'm not going to lie, is to promote this. Now, once you have the website, you need to use social media. Create a Facebook page for your coffee business, promote it through Facebook, and come up with, promote it through Instagram. If it's Twitter, wherever it may be. And then, this way, you can promote this online and get additional sales through that. Okay, All right, guys. So I'll see you in the next video.

Thanks for watching me market food online. And if you are looking to create your own food truck, start a home-based food business under the cottage food law franchise, a food operation, start a packaged food business, private label, your own food product, sell on Amazon. Get your own online store or sell food online. Take care. Remember to subscribe and check out these videos for more resources.

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