Dare To Launch: Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs - No Student Loan Required

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Dare To Launch: Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs - No Student Loan Required


 Is there a way to accelerate the learning process of a two-year master's degree in business administration (MBA) program?

This guide to entrepreneurship provides you with everything you need to get started, including:

Actionable advice from varied Silicon-Valley entrepreneurs

Your mindset must be altered in order to be able to take action, and strategic frameworks accomplish this.

Instructional templates that will save you time and help you launch and manage your startup.

The process of beginning a new business might be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be if you have a good adviser at your side. This must-have book walks you through the process of launching a scalable business, using the most recent approaches to come out of Silicon Valley.



Dare To Launch: Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs - No Student Loan Required

—Dorie Clark, author of the book "Entrepreneurial You" and a faculty member in the executive education program at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

In a world filled with out-of-date books on entrepreneurship and pricey MBA programs, startup founder Anne Cocquyt blends motivational examples of today's entrepreneurs with actionable methods that can be taken right away to achieve your goals.

Because of this launch, you will be able to:

Start and expand your business as soon as possible by taking the necessary steps.

Get yourself familiar with the most recent steps that have been proved to generate profitable businesses.

Maintain command of the enterprise that you intend to create.



Dare To Launch: Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs - No Student Loan Required

Your company can reduce its risk exposure by drawing inspiration from the experiences of other types of business owners.

Get familiar with the vernacular used in Silicon Valley.

Make a choice between the available financing sources.

Gain an understanding of how to locate potential investors for your firm.

Change your way of thinking to become a self-assured leader, and have the courage to begin your own company.

The author of this book on tactical entrepreneurship, Anne Cocquyt, recounts her experiences as both a serial entrepreneur and a pioneer in the establishment of unique startup programs for female founders within the book.

Dare To Launch: Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs - No Student Loan Required

"Dare To Launch delivers time-tested advise that is straightforward to implement from one of the foremost educators in contemporary entrepreneurship,"

—Denise Brosseau, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Thought Leadership Lab

Anne provides a synopsis of the most recent techniques developed at Stanford, the University of San Francisco, Berkeley, Y Combinator, IDEO, and the GUILDTM Academy for fast testing ideas, locating profitable target markets, and launching with a successful business model. This book is packed with actionable advice and examples from the author's personal career as an entrepreneur in a variety of different industries. In addition, it includes behind-the-scenes accounts from other business owners in Silicon Valley and beyond.

"""Everything you need to get your business off the ground and running, including funding.""

General Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and Nicole Quinn

A brilliant combination of the inspiring and the practical, ""Dare to Launch" is just what any person who is considering going into business for themselves needs. I met Anne a decade ago in San Francisco. She is aware of which approaches and procedures have a greater potential for accomplishment. Are you still hesitating? You can rely on Anne to get you to the launch.

Jonathan Littman is the best-selling coauthor of the book "The Ten Faces of Innovation," which he wrote alongside IDEO.


Dare To Launch: Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs - No Student Loan Required

An observation from the writer:

We require a fresh approach to the classic business book. One that is not filled with theoretical blah blah and case studies of white male founders with a boring, outdated SaaS startup that received funding thrown at them, but rather a book that is practical, that includes examples of female founders who are building relatable products and who are fundraising in today's startup world with ups and downs and so much wisdom to share.

This is THE handbook for any would-be entrepreneur who finds herself asking the following questions:

-How do I start?

How can I build this concept without the assistance of a technical team?

Who else has experience with something analogous?

Whom do I need to persuade to come along with me?

How can I make it through all of this without getting exhausted?

-Am I going to make any money?

- What should we do to reduce the danger associated with this?

Who, if anyone, will have faith in me?

Should I be Brave and Get Started?


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Dare To Launch: Mini MBA for First-Time Entrepreneurs - No Student Loan Required