Can I Sell Food on Shopify ?

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How many consumers found themselves at home doing shopping for everything  from snacks to home delivered foods and everything in between. With so much Commerce now happening online for food products and food delivery services it only makes sense to ask can I sell food on to better answer this question let's first start with what is Shopify.

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 Shopify is a platform that allows you to build a website and integrated with numerous apps and functionality that create an amazing website allow you to sell food to anyone anywhere online.

 From Shopify POS system setup for retail store fronts or even food trucks 2 website design and numerous analytics and features that allow you to create a website selling everything from granola the peanut butter.

 It was Shopify's free 14-day trial you can actually create a website and work with all of the different functions that they offer before you go live with the website online.

 So if you're looking to launch a food product and you want to use Shopify as the platform we're going to take a look at a few different features on how Shopify can make that very easy for you to do.

So many of the questions I get through our own YouTube channel marketing food online is this can I sell food on Shopify platform.

 why is Shopify a better alternative to all of the different website platforms out there. I personally have used Shopify to create our food Business website and it is very easy to do in comparison to many others like Wix GoDaddy and even

can I sell food on Shopify, Selling food on shopify, food selling websites , license to sell food online

 Step 1 make sure that you are following all guidelines in your community from your state county and City make sure that you are legally allowed to sell food from your home online. Many of the states have Cottage food laws which limit the amount of food that you can make types of food you can make and even where you can sell it. But there are a few exceptions many states allow you to resell already packaged products that you can purchase in bulk and you can break down and then sell online.

 Step 2 incorporate yourself make yourself a legal entity. You can create an LLC which is a very basic business formation entity which I highly recommend when you first start a food business.

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 This will limit the liability and the potential risk that you run from getting sued if someone gets sick from the food that you sell.

 Step 3 Food business liability insurance yes you need to get this even if your state city or county doesn't actually require you to have this believe it or not some states don't. It's best to always cover yourself and be sure that you have this coverage because your LLC can cover you so much but with food business insurance many of the other fees for potential litigation or legal fees or even compensation to the person suing you would come from that insurance policy.

can I sell food on Shopify, Selling food on shopify, food selling websites , license to sell food online

 Step 4 figure out what it is that you're actually going to sell so if you're going to resell a food product create a list of products that you want to sell in a particular niche. That could be gluten free products that can be all natural organic products that can be high protein products that could be health benefit products. create a list specifically in one line of products and then focus on them for instance gluten-free products at you sell on Shopify you can come up with over a hundred different types of products to resell.

 Step five make sure that you have an online presence on social media. You have to create a page dedicated to your food business whatever it maybe but has nothing to do with your personal page if you have one on Facebook. Instagram Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn and everyone else in between they all need to be part of your marketing plan online.

 Step 6 build out your Shopify store. Now comes the time to actually build your store make sure all of the steps I just mentioned above are done first before you begin to actually build out your store because if you build a Shopify store and you start selling food on Shopify but you don't actually have the food or any of the licenses and place you could run the risk of getting into a lot of trouble. Many people assume that they can create food businesses from home as a hobby and it's something they can do lightly. I highly recommend you do not do that the one thing that's different about food compared to selling other products and consumer goods is that people actually consume your product. Nobody's eating laptops and USB cables in electronics so if you sell those as a hobby on the side that's different if you can get to sell a product sick from not a good idea.

 Step 7 setting up your Shopify store to sell food on Shopify okay it may sound redundant like I've said this before but keep this in mind now you need to create the truly functional website that set for e-commerce. Every website is not e-commerce ready some people create blogs which don't sell anything you can websites that are informational that don't sell anything so your side has to be e-commerce ready. Shopify makes it very simple to integrate numerous apps to create a truly functional website to make sure they take payments for the products update inventory load pictures free descriptions titles key words and so on check out the link below to start your 14-day free trial for your own website. 

can I sell food on Shopify, Selling food on shopify, food selling websites , license to sell food online


So here are a few tips if you are looking for food selling websites online. Many of the oak food retail store websites like BJ's Costco and Sam's Club you can actually begin to buy products in bulk and resell. Remember he cannot alter or change the packaging or product within the packages that would be different you are legally not allowed to do that and still sell it under the label to Simply keep them sealed and we sell the product.

 Licenses to sell food online. I get this question asked very often on our YouTube channel marketing food online or do I have to have a special license to sell food online. No there is not a special license but in your county or city business development office when you apply for your business license you may need to make sure they know that you are selling online. I remember when I started my business I had to check  the little box that stated  I was an e-commerce business. I did not sell through brick-and-mortar I change my business from an Italian bakery to an e-commerce Food business so I actually had to make sure they knew that we were only. So what are some great food ideas to sell online well if you're looking to sell food online I recommend products that are not going to be temperature sensitive so you don't have to worry about packing with ice. What does this mean exactly do you mean well this means items like granola beef jerky snacks chips any product that would fall in line with not having to be packed with ice is better. I have a business right now that operates sells chocolate-covered items in during spring and summer are cost increased dramatically due to the ice packs we have to add to our shipping. Finding products that are heat deterrent  and do not require any special packaging with ice is always going to be cheaper to ship and always better when it arrives to the customer. Selling  prepackaged food online is always a better way to go and cost less when you start compared to creating and making a food product. Why is this because many of the times when you apply for business license to Simply resale pre-packaged Foods a lot of inspections that normally go into businesses where they make food are nonexistent. What are the best selling food products to sell online? There is a huge variety of products that you can resell that are food-related what are the best top selling or simply snacks. To tell you the truth when it comes to selling snacks there are literally almost unlimited amount of snacks that you could sell from Chips To Nuts and he's even to Health Foods there are numerous amount of food products that are the best selling food products to sell online.


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