Don't Do these 12 Things when you start a Food Truck

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Also, this video, I need to give you 12 things to consider. In case you're hoping to begin a food truck, obviously there are a million activities so as to make a food truck and simply make one as well as make one beneficial and effective a seemingly endless amount of time after year. Be that as it may, here are 12 things to remember whether you're simply beginning. What's more, I would prefer not to drive you off from your objective or fantasy about having a food truck, yet these are things that you can plan for and give a valiant effort to kill the potential outcomes of them occurring. 

Furthermore, the explanation being is that that these 12 things can truly put your food truck down and out and obviously bankrupt incidentally or even forever. So I will from number 12 right down to the main and I'll give you a smidgen of tips and a few pointers that you can really set yourself up with the end goal for you to be effective regardless of whether these happen to spring up. Alright? So number 12 destroying your food, demolishing what you're cooking. In case you're not preparing the food appropriately and on the off chance that you get derailed, you are somebody who can't zero in explicitly on every client and each request I'm over cooking or much half-cooking, the food can really prompt someone becoming ill. Or then again regardless of whether you're over cooking, it prompts losing your fixings, losing finance, losing time. What's more, clearly bothering your client who is hanging tight for their food.

So consistently be readied when you're preparing your food, remaining zeroed in on that each particular client in turn. What's more, on the off chance that you have a group with you, agent to them what they should do. Thus everybody is on the same wavelength and no one will demolish the fixings since you must remember this. Your food truck just has such a great amount of room in it. So when you have gone to either your grocery store or a business kitchen and arranged your fixings you have on your truck, essentially what you will selling. Also, on the off chance that you were guaging selling a specific measure of food and you start to destroy the fixings or overcook or course half-cook it, at that point that will restrict your winning potential for the afternoon. Also, obviously that can make your food truck bankrupt. Next up.

Number 11, various food trucks have them. Um, not every one of them do as a result obviously it relies on the kind of food you're getting ready. Be that as it may, one of the most perilous things is taking care of and going with a propane tank or more. On the off chance that you have even two propane tanks, uh, however with a propane tank that is not appropriately, or on the off chance that you are very brave of spillage or if it's not snared appropriately, these are things that you have to make an agenda for and ensure that they are working appropriately in light of the fact that that really is one of the most risky things to have on your food truck. What's more, obviously, in addition to the fact that it would destroy your food truck, yet there are clients by guidelines and even vehicles when you're driving. For example, if God restrict that really occurred in a propane tank were to detonate or even tumble off your truck since it's not made sure about appropriately, it could cause genuine harm.
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Furthermore, obviously that would be exorbitant. Furthermore, once more, it could make your food truck bankrupt. Presently number 10, this is something that is, um, not really only for utilized food trucks or possibly ones that are more established. They're obviously possibilities for new food trucks to have this issue. In any case, in the event that you have any electrical issues or electrical wiring that is not placed in appropriately or not refreshed or happens to be a short out circuiting or if it's not something that is originating from a more seasoned truck that has been kept up, um, electrical issues can be a colossal issue. Uh, it could prompt anything from one of your stoves or fryers not working appropriately or preparing the food appropriately. Um, it could likewise prompt electrical issues that would venture to such an extreme as to try and make fires inside the fi, the truck food truck itself. What's more, obviously that happens once more, that could, uh, could fundamentally frustrate the measure of cash that you're going to make at an occasion or even during a time or even a month.

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So ensuring your, the electrical wiring is a great idea to go. Ensuring that the circuit tester is authorized and protected and the, whoever's doing that within your office, within your, your food truck itself, ensuring that it's done appropriately. Uh, any sort of free wiring inside a little zone like a food truck can be truly risky. Furthermore, obviously, you would prefer not to get your laborers injured. In any case, the greatest thing is having your food truck go up on fire in light of the fact that the electrical is fouled up. Presently number nine, and obviously this is something that no one can anticipate, however remember when you are driving, you might get into mishaps or even um, running into structures. In case you're happened to be in a thin rear entryway or somewhere where your leaving your food truck, be careful of your driving since it's truly an eatery on haggles monstrous.

Your truck, uh, could have the capability obviously to be in, into a mishap and that would be something that would prompt money related issues and obviously protection issues and that could obstruct your gainfulness for your food truck. Presently, number eight, this will prove to be useful, particularly with any individual who is, uh, acquainted with taking care of food. Um, in numerous States, in numerous urban areas or even regions really require, uh, food grants, food licenses that really gets you through courses or projects so you get it. In any case, on the off chance that you are managing food that has not been cooked appropriately, considered appropriately or simply even cooked and arranged to where it is eatable, it could cause genuine disease for a client or buyer. Individuals can become ill and that would cause a gigantic issue for your food truck and inevitably put you down and out not winning any cash.

So ensure that your food is taken care of appropriately, not just in your grocery store or your new plug kitchen, however once you welcome that food ready for the food truck, uh, the real last arrangement of the feast for somebody to eat that is the most basic point. You need to ensure that the food is prepared appropriately and completely and dealt with. On the off chance that it's crude, it must be dealt with appropriately before it's cooked. Presently number seven, this is something that isn't talked an immense, a great deal sum, yet it is something that can be somewhat of a, not an irritation, obviously they're just attempting to carry out their responsibility. Be that as it may, if cops or the police are continually having you move from area to area on the grounds that perhaps you don't have the correct licenses or you don't have the, uh, the thumbs up to be in a specific aspect of a city or a County, uh, they can be not really irritating, yet they could just essentially make it hard for you to set up and get yourself going and setting up your food.

In this way, uh, the specialists will have certainly have a few issues to do with your food truck contingent on where you are and where you're going and where you will. So remember that just to ensure that you have the consent, you have the approval to be the place you are. And afterward from that point you won't have any issues. Presently number six, stopping. Presently the one thing obviously about food trucks, quickly sort of referenced what I said. Number seven, food trucks are moderately low, clearly enormous, uh, bits of hardware and they're similar to moving cafés. Presently in case you're setting off to a celebration or some place that is devoted to some kind of occasion, regularly they will a spot for you to stop. On the off chance that a few occasions are not assembled and sorted out appropriately, leaving can be a gigantic issue supposing that you are not given the, thumbs up to be in a specific territory or you don't have the foggiest idea where you can go, you can't set up your truck and clearly you can't serve except if you have yourself settled and you're going.



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So make sure that you are well aware of the parking, uh, where you can and more importantly, where you can't park. So once you get those doors open and you get the food prep and you get it set, you have no issues with parking. Number five, this is something that is a challenge for anyone's business. And I can tell you, even from my own business, when I had an Italian bakery, it was not a food truck at that time. It was not a food truck. It was an Italian bakery. But having the right amount of, of, of materials, uh, anything from like napkins to silverware, cutlery, dishes, uh, cups and drink and whatever it may be, making sure that you've got enough utensils, uh, bags or even, uh, plates for your food, whatever containers you're putting it in. Be sure to basically keep in stock as much as you physically can on your, on your truck to make sure.
Now, the reason why I say that is sometimes you may have a customer that ends up getting several napkins or a few few forks or maybe more forks and knives and they need, uh, maybe a more containers or an additional container for their kids. Now it may sound kind of silly and trivial, but it's not because at the end of the day, if you were set out to do 500 plates and you went through 500 plates of materials and utensils and you're already out, then your future customers that you're going to have for the next couple of hours aren't going to have plates to eat on. So you want to be kind of very, not restrictive, but don't ha you don't want to be handing out more utensils and you brought, and I guess this is what I want to say, be sure to have enough materials.
Now number four, this is something you definitely want to have a my opinion. You want to have a extra safe or some type of safe place. Make sure you have enough change to transact your customers who are paying in cash. Now, nowadays there is quite a few transactions. If not, I would say anywhere from 70 or 80% of the transactions are with cards. So you're not going to need to have a lot of cash on hand, but you need to make sure that you do have enough, uh, smaller bills because a lot of people will come in with tens and twenties making sure you have enough change and such to transact those people who do have cash. Um, that is a big, big, uh, uh, business hinder if you do
not have enough. And that could basically hinder your business from making additional transactions just because you don't have enough cash. And that's kind of,
and lack of a better word, that's silly for you to not have enough money on hand. You need to kind of gauge that and make sure you've got enough for people with cash. Number three, the biggest problem with having a food truck, um, is that it obviously runs off of a, of an engine of course. Um, or having a generator there that is operating some of your, uh, equipment or some of the features on your truck and your generator's not working, functioning right. You want to make sure you put that on your list checklist before you go to an event. You make sure that it's properly working and that you shouldn't have any issues.


So a lot of this, these 12 really quick side note of this, this, that I'm telling you about, things that you can basically check before you go to ensure that you're going to be successful at it.
It's not stuff that could be left alone and then just cross your fingers and hopefully it works. Check all of these things. Have yourself a checklist. The checklist are, are, uh, are fantastic to have. They're going to help you and your team, make sure that you're working, uh, at optimum level so you can make as much money as you can at each event. So number two, equipment breaking down. Now it could be anywhere from a fryer to a freezer. It could be anything from a steamer to a a blender. Even if you happen to have a cart that's doing smoothies or something of that sort, making sure the equipment is really working, functioning properly, and is ready to roll for the day. Again, put it on your checklist. Every single piece of equipment is functioning. You're going to have much more success, uh, at each event.
Now this is something you have to do every single time. You have to make sure every event that you go to these things are working properly. So number one, the biggest headache for food truck entrepreneurs is your truck engine. Now the functionality of your engine is the, the brain of your entire operation. Having a piece of equipment, getting to an event, maybe a certain piece of equipment, networking. And you can get by with that. That's one thing. Okay? The engine of your truck, you need to make sure that you're constantly on top of everything and the fluids are topped off. Your oil changes are fine, your engine itself has checks. I would definitely recommend because of the amount of stress put on it, because of how big it is that you do every three to four months, you've got to go into the shop just to make sure it's functioning properly.
And the reason why I say this is number one because it's also something that's going to be costly if you're going to factor into your food truck, the cost to operate it. Keep in mind that that engine is paramount. Having an engine working properly every single time you go to an event is of the utmost importance. Okay? So having that factored into the cost of what you're doing on a, on a maybe quarterly basis, every three months or four months, making sure you have money set aside to have it checked and it's operating right is going to be really a great investment for you. And of course you can write that off as a business expense of course. Read Eugenia Lebedynska's answer to How profitable are food trucks? on Quora

So number one is the engine. So those are the 12 most important things you really need to be aware of that could potentially put your food truck out of business and you want to make sure that those things are followed through with and they're being checked on and you've got checklists and everything else that you would need to make sure it works right. So you have a successful food truck. So if that was helpful, as always, please do give me a big thumbs up. And if you have any questions about that, please let me know down below and I will see you guys on the next video.