Do you need a catering license in Georgia

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Do you need a catering license in Georgia


In order to launch a catering company in the state of Georgia, you will have to incorporate your company as a separate legal entity and acquire all of the required licenses, permits, and registrations. After that, you can submit an application to the Department of Public Health in Georgia for a food services permit, which would allow you to function as a caterer. In order to legally sell alcoholic beverages, you are required to first obtain a liquor license. If you have questions about starting a new business, you should get in touch with a local business development center in your area. Starting a business from scratch can be a challenging process.
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Establish a presence in the law for your company.
Before you are eligible to submit an application to manage a commercial food service operation, your company must first be established as a recognized legal organization. The following are some possible directions that your catering company could go in: Find out which option is the most suitable for you:



Do you need a catering license in Georgia

solitary proprietorship. Taking this form is going to be the least difficult option. You are required to register with your county as opposed to submitting documents to your state. On your standard Form 1040 for the IRS, you will disclose any profits or losses from your firm. On the other hand, you are personally liable for all obligations incurred by the firm. If someone gets sick from the meal you serve them and subsequently sues you, that individual may be able to obtain your personal assets.
limited responsibility corporation You can establish a limited liability company (LLC) in your state by submitting articles of organization to the office of the Secretary of State by calling (404) 656-2817 or visiting the website A limited liability company insulates its owners from taking personal responsibility for the obligations of the business.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia


partnership. When two or more people decide to manage a business together, this might result in the formation of a partnership. Even though you are not required to submit any paperwork with the state, it is strongly recommended that you have a partnership agreement. You are individually accountable for the debts and other liabilities incurred by the partnership, just like you would be in a solo proprietorship.
Corporation. Corporations are entities that are held by their shareholders and must submit their Articles of Incorporation to the office of the Secretary of State. Corporations offer the same protection from personal liability for corporate debts as limited liability companies (LLCs). It is unlikely that you will establish a corporation for your catering business until it is extremely successful.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia

2 Make sure you apply for a tax ID.

In order to be able to pay the appropriate taxes to both the state and the federal governments, you will need to obtain tax identification numbers. Your numbers can be obtained from the following sources:
You can reach out to the Department of Revenue in Georgia by visiting
Visit the website of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at the following URL to apply online for a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): If you run your business as a sole owner, you won't be required to have an EIN. You are welcome to use your social security number in its place.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia

3 Obtain a license to operate a business.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, you can get a license for your business from either the city hall or the courts in your local municipality.

You can acquire additional details by getting in touch with the Chamber of Commerce or the Development Authority in the county or city in which you live.
You should get a list of the requirements from either the courtroom or the municipal hall. This will allow you to fulfill all of the prerequisites before applying for your license.
Each year, you are required to submit an annual registration.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia

4 Organize a home base for your operations.

In the state of Georgia, it is illegal to run a catering service out of a private residence.

([2]Instead, you will be responsible for locating a kitchen that is in accordance with the state's health and safety regulations that are relevant to enterprises that provide food service.
It is possible that you will need the assistance of a real estate professional in order to locate suitable commercial space.

Get assistance from a center that serves small businesses.
Contact a Small Business Development Center if you need help on the next steps to take in your business venture. You have the option of participating in one-on-one counseling.
For a complete list of locations, please go to Within the state, there are a total of 17 locations. [3]
You may have to complete a business development questionnaire. After you have finished filling out the form, a consultant will get in touch with you.

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Complete a training program in the food industry.
In the state of Georgia, any business that serves food is required to have on staff at least one owner or management who has successfully completed a food safety training program and associated exam. The Department's blessing is required before moving forward with the program. It is necessary for the certified person to update their certification. [4]
You can search for food safety programs that have received accreditation at the following website: 

Do you need a catering license in Georgia

2 Submit an application for a permission to serve food.

You are required to obtain a permit from the administration of your city or town before you can begin operations. Get in touch with the local Department of Community Health and inquire about obtaining an application for a permit to operate a food service company. Complete the application to the best of your ability. Put a check mark in the "catering operation" box.
Additionally, the application can be found at the following location: files/site page/EnvHealthFoodPermitAppFSEstabMobileFSOperation.pdf.
The form, which may be found here: files/site page/EnvHealthContactInformation2015-10.pdf, should be submitted to your county office once it has been fully completed. You should save a copy of the application for the permission for your own records.
It is required that you apply at least ten days before the date on which you intend to open, so ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to finish the application.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia

3 Permit a tour of the location.

Your local health authority will not be able to grant a permit until they have conducted an inspection of your facilities to ensure that they are in compliance with all of the applicable health and safety standards.

You should become familiar with the state's Food Service Rules and Regulations, which can be downloaded here: files/site page/EnvHealthFinalFoodRules.pdf. The rules and regulations are available for viewing and printing here:
Have a conversation with other caterers to find out what to anticipate and whether or if there are any concerns that are frequently encountered during the visit.

Part3 Obtaining a Liquor License Article

Contact your local liquor board.
The local government of your county or city ought to have a board that is in charge of issuing liquor licenses. You are encouraged to stop in or give them a call in order to inquire about the process, which differs depending on the location.
Determine whatever kind of liquor license you need as well, if you require one. For instance, if you want to offer alcoholic beverages as part of your catering service, you could require a permit for an off-site event. [6]

2 Submit an application for the alcohol license.

In most cases, it will be necessary for you to fill out an application and have your fingerprints taken. You can also be asked to present documentation pertaining to your company.
In most cases, the processing of your application should be completed within a month. For instance, the approval process can take up to forty-five days in Savannah. 
Because you will need to send the letter of permission from your municipality to the state, you need get the local license first.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia

3 Obtain a state liquor license.

To obtain a state liquor license, you will need to get in touch with the Georgia Department of Revenue. You can reach them through their website, which can be found at
If you own a catering company and sell alcohol on occasion as part of your business, you will most likely need a license that allows you to conduct "special events for profit.""
You will be required to fill out some papers and make a payment. The cost will vary depending on the kinds of alcoholic beverages that you sell.

Do you need a catering license in Georgia


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