Cottage Food Business , and how states are Missing out on this industry. WHY?

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So I have been in the food business for the greater part of my life. I started in a restaurant when I was 16 and then a grocery store and then Retail, but never thought of being the entrepreneur on the other end until 2010.

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It was 2008 and my wife and I worked for national retailers. We were supervisors and made combined around $55,000.00 a year. Well, that one day came when we both got let go. It was the best thing ever ( actually at first we were shocked, but it was all the motivation I needed). I had wanted for a long time to own my own business, and for the "belief" was there but the WHAT do I do was not very clear.

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So I took a small amount of money and my wife and I opened our own Italian bakery, and it was exhilarating and successful, and scary, and well you get the picture. This was a great experience in becoming a full-time business owner, and the responsibilities were enormous, but again I had the beliefe and felt that was enough and it was. Fast forward 2 years later we had our son, and well running a business becoming a dad, and growing the business was a HUGE challenge. Why am I telling you all this?

Because the business of selling food from home and allowing food entrepreneurs the chance to become big food businesses has everything to do with what I am about to tell you ( and have told you already).

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So in 2019 11 years into being a food entrepreneur I have learned a lot. Being online now growing from selling food from home locally under the "Cottage food laws"", and now in a commercial facility, you get familiar with how all these laws work and how to start something from nothing.

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I now teach food entrepreneurship on my youtube channel Marketing Food Online ( with over 15,000 subscriber s and counting) ,and work one on one with numerous food entrepreneurs in many stages of their food business dream. I have learned tons about Cottage food laws ( the laws states set up to allow food business from home). The one thing I still don't get why states can't make this type of business a simpler, easier to understand idea?

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I believe there is a small business ( who can become big businesses). waiting to flourish if only given the chance. States should create a SIMPLE plan and avenue for home-based food produceres. Step 1 make the permitting and licensing simple easy to apply for and concise. Step 2 make it mandatory for each applicant to be food-safe certified. make them take a course explaining how, and why food safety is important ( every state does not make this mandatory). Step 3 ENCOURAGE small food businesses to start, grow and become as big as possible. Many states do not make this a priority nor use any money in marketing the idea. Step 4 TAX them like a business require sales tax ( when they sell at farmer's markets, events, etc. )

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Many states are annually finding shortages in budgets due to tax shortfalls. There are so many of my clients in my consulting business who have the dream of creating a food business but just need clear cut instructions, a simple application process, and direction.

States are leaving millions of dollars on the table by not promoting this segment of small businesses. SO as we grew and now have a snack and candy business online we generate tax revenue. We had that chance to start small and grow big, and there are millions of want to be food entrepreneurs like me, ( BUT THEY NEED A CHANCE)

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