Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

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Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical




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 Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

 The Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Continuous Band Sealers (FAQs)

A continuous band sealer allows for the efficient application of a heat seal to a wide variety of pouches and bags. We have a wide selection of bag sealers, each of which may be adapted to work with the packaging system you use and your spending plan.

Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

What is the operation of a Continuous Band Sealer?

The band sealer machine can be operated manually or automatically, and bags or pouches can be passed through it. Before continuing on to other conveyors or collection stations further down the line, they are properly sealed with heat as they go through the machine as they proceed through the process.

When opposed to an impulse sealer or a bar sealer, this type of equipment can seal a greater quantity of bags in a shorter amount of time due to the fact that the operator does not have to wait until the next cycle of bags or pouches to be loaded.

Depending on the kind of sealer that was used, the amount of product that may be hermetically sealed in a single bag can range anywhere from 2 ounces to 110 pounds.

Take a look at this video to learn more about Continuous Band Sealers for Bags and Pouches (2 oz.-110 lbs)

Which kinds of bags and pouches that stand up can be sealed with these machines?



Continuous band sealers have the capability of sealing a wide variety of stand-up pouches and bags of virtually any size or length. Bags made of thermoplastic materials, such as polyethylene, plastic-lined, and foil bags, as well as gusseted bags, pillow-type bags, and barrier bags, can be sealed using these specially developed devices. Some sealers let the user to make adjustments to the height or width of the device so that it can accept a range of different bag sizes.

Coffee Grounds Enclosed in a Bag Made with Foil

What kinds of goods are typically packaged in bags of this kind and then sealed?



Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

Continuous band sealers can be used to seal a wide variety of products, including food items like coffee, snacks, biscuits, cereals, sweets, chocolates, cannabis, dried fruit, pre-baked goods, cake mixes, grains, pastas, wheat, emergency food supplies (MREs), peanuts, almonds, cashews, and more. They can also be used to seal agricultural products such as cattle feed, pet food, bird seed, and hemp, in addition to chemical powders, mortars, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and other products. Some examples of agricultural products include: cattle feed, pet food, bird seed, and hemp.

Putting the finishing touches on bags of bird seed weighing twenty pounds each



Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

I need to know what kind of band sealer I should get.

The type of band sealer that is required is typically determined by the following factors:

the appropriate rate of sealing
product necessities, such as vacuum sealing or nitrogen gas cleansing, that are already included into the packing line architecture.

Vali datable labeling
Types of bags and their respective thicknesses Cost



Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical
Utilizing our Express Contact Form is the most effective method for reducing the number of model possibilities and obtaining pricing information. A Tinsley sales engineer will come back to you within the next 24 hours or less with a selection of models and prices that are suitable to your budget.


There are several different band sealers available, ranging in size from little tabletop models to high-speed industrial models.

What are the key distinctions between a band sealer that operates horizontally and one that operates vertically?


Bags or pouches are able to remain standing as they travel through the continuous heat sealer elements when they are sealed using a vertical band sealer. When using a horizontal band sealer, the pouches or bags to be sealed are positioned horizontally on a conveyor as they pass through the machine. Some sealers have settings that allow them to seal in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, depending on the situation.



Sealer with a vertical band

Flexible loading options are also available for high-speed angled sealers, which are available. Bakery products, fruits and vegetables, poultry, periodicals, textiles, and paper are just some of the items that can be sealed using angled bag sealers. These bag sealers are also used for sealing other objects that need to be handled horizontally or at an angle.


Sealer with an angled band

Do I require a conveyor that is equipped with a band sealer that operates continuously?

If the total weight of the bag is less than one pound, the pouch or bag can be suspended from the continuous band sealer and dropped off the end of the machine into a collection point without the need for a conveyor to be placed below the machine.




Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

pouches in a stand-up format that are hung from a band sealer

Are vacuum sealers included in the category of continuous band sealers?

Adding a vacuum sealer to a band sealer is something that is not required but is an available alternative. They are designed to be attached to the front of a machine that uses a continuous band sealer and can come with a packing system that uses nitrogen flushing.



Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

Sealing with a rush of nitrogen gas after vacuuming

Before applying heat to seal a bag or pouch, vacuum sealers first remove all of the oxygen from the container. The product that is contained within bags that have been hermetically sealed as well as vacuum sealed is preserved because the absence of oxygen prevents the formation of mold as well as germs.

People who want to vacuum seal more than 15 bags per minute typically find that a continuous vacuum sealer is the most effective option for their needs.


These sealers have the capability of putting labels or codes that are pushed into the pouches or bags.

Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical
Yes, inkjet printers may be attached to a continuous band sealer so that a code can be printed directly below the seal on the pouches or bags that are being sealed. As the bag moves by the printer, a photo eye detects it and sends a signal to activate the printer. You have fast access to changing the code, which can contain more than simply alphabetic and numeric characters.


One further feature that can be added to a continuous band sealer is an emboss coder. The embosser is located on the end of the bag sealer that is opposite the exit. After the bag has been closed, the embossing step is performed on it.


Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealer: Continuous Band Sealer Vertical

In a normal line, the standard embosser wheel can fit 8 standard characters or 13 slender characters. Both of these use the same typeface; the only difference is in the amount of white space between the individual characters. It is imperative that you keep in mind that the type does not come packaged with the embosser and that separate pieces of type must be purchased separately.

What kinds of bag sealers are acceptable?

Any cleanroom or sterile packaging environment is suitable for the use of continuous band sealers of this sort since they are able to provide validatable seals on bags of varying sizes. They provide accurate management and control of the temperature, pressure, and speed, in addition to the quality of the seal.

All legitimate medical and pharmaceutical systems come equipped with visible and audible warnings in the event of temperature, velocity, or pressure fluctuations. Compression belts, which remove ambient air from the space, and vacuum or gas flush systems, which clean and protect the product even further, are two examples of common modifications.

Is it possible to incorporate a bag top trimmer into a continuous band sealer?


Yes, a bag top trimmer is available for purchase as an add-on accessory for all of the available sealers, and it has the capacity to handle trimming heights ranging from 1.5 to 4 inches. In the event that it is required, the bag top trimmer can also be fitted to a sealer at a later time.

Salt bags are sealed with a continuous band sealer that also has a bag top trimmer attached to it.

By utilizing the trim belts and the venturi vacuum system, it is possible to successfully remove the trimmed portion of the bag. This has been purposely developed to eliminate jams in the trim, and it functions most effectively with trimmed portions measuring between 1.50 and 2.75 inches.

What are some effective ways to clean a continuous band sealer?

Band sealers rated NEMA 4 and 4X are available to choose from if your application needs that the sealer be cleaned on a regular basis. Every surface has been engineered to be easy to clean in a comprehensive manner while also providing protection against corrosion. The framework and essential components are made out of 316 stainless steel and anodized aluminum that has been coated with a substance that is resistant to chemicals. Standard urethane or interlocking belts may be used in the construction of conveyors and belts.