CWM Commercial Faucet Wall Mount Pre Rinse Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Brass Construction Polished Chrome 26" Height Adjustable 4 to 10" Center...

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CWM Commercial Faucet Wall Mount Pre Rinse Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer Brass Construction Polished Chrome 26" Height Adjustable 4 to 10" 

Adjustable central distance from 4 to 10 inches (male G 1/2" thread); wall mount installation
You are the sole purchaser of all spare parts: Short swivel spouts of 5, 12, and 14 inches; black pre-rinse sprayer (B0794YX1WJ); 38-inch flexible hose (B07MT7GKCZ); 90-degree elbow brass installation kit (B07RVB6R4J); female M22x1 to male 1/2" NPT adapter (B07VBQTMRP). Never again will you be concerned about missing a component of your faucet!
Even if you are not a professional plumber, it is simple to install; a user manual (attached to the package) and an installation video (which will be emailed to you if you e-mail us) will be provided; there is no additional installation price.
Adorable Height for One or Two Compartment Sinks; For more information on finding a shorter or higher height faucet, see the product description.
Brass that is free of lead Construction that is safe for your clients' or family's health; chrome finish prolong the product's service life while also improving the gloss appearance.
Double-layer anti-leakage system (gasket seals the faucet) reduces leaking complaints; 18" flexible hose can bend over 100,000 cycles; 8" short swivel spout can rotate 360 degrees
Product Maintenance for 5 Years Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all products are guaranteed to be of factory quality.

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