high-paying jobs you can do from home

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High-paying jobs you can do from home


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High-paying jobs you can do from home

Want to work remotely but have little to no experience? You've arrived at the proper location. Sinéad here. And later on in this video, I'll provide 10 jobs that you can hold without previous work experience and work from home. Oh, right.

Along with that, we'll discuss what each of these responsibilities entails, what each typically pays, and of course, I have some advice on how to acquire one of these jobs. And you should stay for the final position since it's an unanticipated side business that might really be worth your time. Okay, let's get going now.



High-paying jobs you can do from home

Customer support representative is the first remote position. Customer service representatives help consumers by phone, email, or instant messaging. So, thanks to technology, I received some real assistance only last week from a customer support representative via instant chat. Customer service representatives assist clients in resolving issues or queries so they can feel good about the business after the engagement.




High-paying jobs you can do from home

And don't worry if you've never worked as a customer service representative. Employers are required to offer an on-boarding training program to all new hires since different businesses have varied requirements for their products, services, and customers. Essentially, throughout this on-boarding training, you will learn the fundamentals of your role. Therefore, the only thing you actually need is a sincere desire to assist others in finding solutions to their difficulties. Currently, a customer support position pays an average of \$14.25 per hour.





High-paying jobs you can do from home

And if at all possible, I'd advise looking for jobs that let you work directly for an employer rather than for a middleman that coordinates work with many employers. Because they frequently take a portion of your profit, these intermediaries. So, how do you get this job? You should be prepared to demonstrate your proficiency in a second language, interpersonal skills, and dispute resolution abilities because this position depends heavily on effective communication.

I also strongly advise watching this video right here for more detailed guidance on how to interview for a call center or customer service position. If you've made it this far, please give us a like, subscribe to our channel, and of course, hit that notification bell to make sure you don't miss out on our weekly employment advise. Then I'll get into our second job that you can do remotely.

High-paying jobs you can do from home




The second remote position is a data entry clerk. For businesses in a range of industries, such as health care finance, retail, and transportation, data entry clerks add, verify, and transfer computerized data. Moving information across document formats, transferring product listings, or combining data from various sources into a single spreadsheet are all examples of data input.




High-paying jobs you can do from home
So, yeah, of course, having attention to detail is a requirement. Considering how much business depends on the veracity of this data. A data entry clerk typically makes $16 per hour in terms of income. The good news is that, if you have the speed—more specifically, typing speed—you can increase that pace even further.

So, how do you get this job? Data entry can be begun with just a high school diploma, some attention to detail, and computer proficiency. Now, if you do decide that you'd like to move up to more administrative positions, you might eventually think about earning a bachelor's degree or a specialized certificate.



The third remote task is transcribing. Consequently, transcriptionists or transcribers were responsible for documenting every word of a video or audio recording in the past. But in today's highly developed technology age, the majority of businesses employ software to transcribe audio data. However, as we are all aware, not all computers are created equal. Therefore, as a transcriber, your aim is to check automatically created transcriptions and fix any errors.




High-paying jobs you can do from home

Reviewing medical or legal text is a common task for transcriptionists or transcribers. However, occasionally they can include promotional or entertainment materials. The hourly wage for this position is typically $16.25, and most transcriptionists are employed on a project-by-project or contract basis. Of course, in order to work as a transcriptionist, you must demonstrate that you have exceptional writing and listening skills. A significant benefit is having typing experience, especially if you can type up to 50 words per minute.

Fourth remote position: virtual assistant. Professionals in business management receive administrative assistance from a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant position can be a wonderful fit for you if you are organized, self-driven, and have a variety of administrative talents. As a virtual assistant, you will be given a variety of tasks to support the work of your clients, such as planning meetings, making travel arrangements, and even just sending emails.

Additionally, you can be requested to manage more complex duties like editing data entry, proofreading, or organizing social media posts. Jobs as a virtual assistant can be very interesting and expand your network, which is a win-win situation. Let's talk about money now. An average virtual assistant makes \$17.76 per hour. However, this depends on the business and your level of experience.



If you think this job sounds fantastic, Indeed is a fantastic resource for job listings for virtual assistants. Additionally, you might look at other websites that provide freelance jobs. High-paying jobs you can do from home   Additionally, you could wish to make direct contact with professionals that you know might profit from working with a virtual assistant. If you lack experience, make the most of what you do have. experience in life. Showcase your organizational and time management abilities to a potential job by emphasizing experience, volunteering, or participating in a school committee.

Fifth remote job: graphic designer. For both print and digital materials, employers require visuals. Printed materials can be tri-folds, cards, flyers, magazines, or booklets. It's quite fantastic for graphic designers to create billboards that will be seen by thousands of drivers. Illustrations, video graphics, and logo design are all examples of digital projects.




High-paying jobs you can do from home

These days, a lot of graphic designers work on a contract or per-project basis, giving you more time and financial freedom. You might be the right candidate for a graphic designer position if you are creatively astute and can interact with clients in a way that fully understands and satisfies their design needs. The average hourly wage for a graphic designer in the United States is $17. Therefore, how do you become a graphic designer?

A bachelor's degree in graphic design may be the first step in this career path for some people. But education is not always absolutely necessary. Your portfolio will be your strongest supporter, as it is in the majority of creative careers. Create some sample products that allow potential employers to examine your skills if you are new to this field. Create a website on Wix, Squarespace, or even Indeed to showcase your design abilities.




Consider opening an Etsy account if you create digital art in order to sell prints of your creations. Basically, take advantage of whatever chance you have to help prospective employers see your skills since seeing is believing. Additionally, trying out classes from the Adobe Creative Suite is always an excellent way to learn new things or simply brush up on old ones. Let you be the creator of your career.

Sixth remote job: teaching English to non-native speakers. Speaking with students in order to increase their comfort with speaking and comprehending English is the essence of teaching English as a second language. Keep an eye out for postings that use the phrase "ESL," which stands for "English as a Second Language."




High-paying jobs you can do from home
Many internet businesses only seek individuals with excellent English abilities to assist pupils in practicing and learning the fundamentals. Now, bear in mind that many students are foreigners if you're considering a remote ESL teaching position. As a result, you must be prepared to teach at times that respect the student's time zone. ESL teachers are paid between $12 and $20 per hour depending on experience, credentials, and student level.

And speaking a second language with fluency can increase your rate. There are many internet businesses that hire ESL instructors, so be careful to check to see if they demand credentials and/or an undergraduate degree. Even though the majority do not demand either, you should be ready to prove your command of English and capacity to serve pupils as a mentor.

The seventh remote position is social media manager. A social media manager oversees and manages a client's social media networks and online persona. An influencer, a store, a major brand, or even a small company like a restaurant or a gym could be the client. Social media managers need to think about implementation as well as strategy.




High-paying jobs you can do from home

Then they produce and publish content that will generate business after deciding which channels to concentrate on, the best times to post, and how to interact with their audience. A social media manager often works as a freelancer, contractor, or occasionally as a part-time employee and makes about \$18 per hour. Keep in mind that your income will improve more frequently the more results you demonstrate throughout your work.

Although no prior experience is necessary to begin a career as a social media manager, the profession is quite competitive. After all, social media is widely used. Thus, the more you can demonstrate your abilities, the better. Make yourself known if you have a significant online presence, have completed courses, or have previously used social media management software for a business or in your personal life. To strengthen your application even further, write sample posts to send to businesses you are interested in.





High-paying jobs you can do from home

Accountant is remote job number eight. For people or businesses, accountants evaluate and create financial paperwork. Believe it or not, many accountants can work remotely in both entry-level and senior jobs due to the nature of their work. Additionally, this position has excellent stability and possibility for advancement. Currently, an accountant makes $17.10 per hour on average.

Additionally, if you're trying to get this profession, you should be aware that accounting is a terrific field for those with excellent analytical and numerical skills. Additionally, you must possess a bachelor's degree, preferably in economics, finance, or accounting. Additionally, expertise with accounting technology, accounting principles, and company law.

Many employers will ultimately favor applicants who hold either a master's degree or the CPA, or certified public accounting, qualification. Having stated that, be aware that there are numerous certifications and certificates available in accounting. Therefore, make sure to conduct your study so that you can decide what is ideal for you.

Copywriter, position nine online. The ability to write and edit is really valuable. If you're interested in working as a copywriter, you can be given tasks that encourage user experience, sales, or brand exposure. Copywriters frequently work on blog posts, promotional emails, ads, or even web pages.




In the US, a freelance copywriter makes an average income of $28.00. Naturally, this figure changes according to your niche and level of experience. Copywriters might operate as an independent contractor or as a member of an internal team.  High-paying jobs you can do from home  So if you excelled in English studies in high school, have excellent writing abilities, and are enthusiastic about this possibility. Start your search at websites like Indeed.com, Upwork, and freelance.com.

Now, if you want to work as a copywriter, a college degree and experience with several editing techniques, including AP, are helpful. Additionally, if you have never done this type of work before, you might want to think about taking editing tests, enrolling in copywriting or copyediting classes, or producing sample work to demonstrate your abilities.

If you have a profile on Indeed, you can take tests there that demonstrate to employers how excellent your writing abilities really are. Additionally, make sure you write a flawless resume that is free of any grammatical or spelling issues. As promised, we have one more remote work that you might not have thought of, so make sure to double-check your submissions before doing so.

High-paying jobs you can do from home

Tenth remote job: substitute mock jury. Before presenting their case to a real jury, some attorneys prefer to run it before a mock jury. Mock juries are provided by a plethora of market research and legal firms, allowing attorneys to identify areas of contention and improve their presenting materials. You can examine transcripts, pictures, videos, and other types of evidence as an online pretend juror.

You will next deliver your judgment on the situation and respond to the defense team's inquiries. What about the money for serving as a mock juror? It depends on the organization and the amount of time needed, but you can generally expect to get $20 to $60 per hour. Typically, the compensation for an online mock jury position is lower than for a role on a real mock jury. And how do you get this particular job?

Mock jurors don't need any prior experience, but there are several qualities they must possess. You must be above 18, a citizen of the US, and have no prior convictions. You can now register directly with mock jury firms online to find a part. The internet's beauty. Despite this, mock juries are not a fantastic alternative for reliable or timely pay due to their nature.

High-paying jobs you can do from home

Being in the pool is not a guarantee that you will be chosen, just like being on a traditional jury. However, even though it's not a full-time profession, serving as a mock jury. It's a worthwhile side gig because of the salary and complete absence of prerequisite employment experience. Okay, hopefully we've got your wheels turning now. Please click the like button below if you found this video to be useful.