How do I create a QR code for my food? How do I create a QR code for my packaging?

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How do I create a QR code for my food? How do I create a QR code for my packaging? So if you're looking to use a marketing tool like a QR code and you're not sure exactly how to create one or what they can really do and how they can benefit your food product, stay tuned to this video because I'm going to show you a tool online that you can use absolutely free, by the way. And it's going to show you what you could do with a QR code. We're going to get into those tips right now. All right, So how do I create a QR code for my food?

So this is a great question. And this is one that is a marketing tool that can be used by anyone, anywhere, and can help you drive more sales for your product without you having to go out and find the customer and show them a large advertisement.So these are some great questions, and I'm going to show you a great tool. I'm going to get up my laptop in just a moment, but I'm going to give you a few tips and pointers as to how a QR code on your food product, on your food packaging, and no matter what the food product is, can actually help drive sales once you've sold the product.


So QR codes are obviously not something that's brand new. They have been around for quite some time now, but they are a marketing tool, and they can help market and promote your online business in a big, big way. So if you're selling packaged food products or individual units of food items on Amazon, if you're selling online through your own website through Shopify or GoDaddy, or whoever may be you, QR codes are the little tiny squares, odd looking, black and white, that look like barcodes almost, little objects on the packaging that actually relay a lot of information about your product, your business, or anything you wanted to say. And you can actually specifically specify what that information is on the QR code to help drive sales.


So I'm going to run down really quickly a few things that you can actually do with a QR code, and then I'm going to go over to my laptop and I'm going to show you a website where you can create one, and actually how to create it and what information you can literally put on the QR code. So, number one, QR codes for food products can actually show nutritional information. Yes, believe it or not, they could be scanned and instantly take the consumer or customer directly over to a page that shows the nutritional information for the food product that they're buying. Now, the FDA does require that every single item that's prepared with food has to have a nutritional analysis on the packaging, but you could dig a little bit deeper and have additional information about the nutritional analysis and other nutritional facts through the QR code. Secondly, the QR code packaging is great for traceability.


What does that mean, Damian? Well, if there's any particular type of, let's just say fruit or vegetable, If people wanted to know where exactly they came from, or what the supply chain was like, or what the traceability of the product was, that information can actually be put directly on the QR code. And once it's scanned, the customer, the consumer, can read that item. So if you happen to be a local produce farmer, if you happen to be a farmer, and you go to a farmer's market, So you go to local affairs or events and you're selling your fresh produce and vegetables, but you want to give them more background or more information about where it really comes from and how you grow it. QR codes are a great source and way to market that information directly to your consumer.


QR codes for food packaging also drive social media. Yes, you can actually specifically send them to a Facebook page. You can send them to a Twitter account. When you're creating the QR code, you can send them to any social media page that you like. Well, why would I do that, Damian? What does that really do? Well, it drives people's traffic towards your website. Increases traffic to your social media page.It drives traffic, period. And if you get more traffic and eyes on your product, there's a very good likelihood you're going to sell more of it. Or they may recommend that to their friends or family, or even the social media page itself can be recommended to somebody else. All of that can literally be put on a QR code.


Next up, QR codes for food packaging can also help share contact information. You can literally accumulate emails. You can send someone to a landing page directly on your website for them to sign up for the email discount program or email information. And you can accumulate those emails. And then that email list that you created from the QR code can be used by some markets to send out even more discounts, and more sales, and more specials, and more information. So driving people from the product literally to scan them and bring them over to an email signup is genius. Next up, QR codes for your food packaging can also create a great way to get food reviews for your product, or even just people to say, "Hey, I have a page set up on the website and it's where you can send a review of your product." If you love my candy, if you love my baked goods, or if you love my produce, please let us know.


Give us some feedback. Let us know. " So QR codes can send people to a page where you can accumulate that information, which again, more information on that specific page only drives more sales because seeing other people's obviously giving feedback or great reviews, I would buy a product if it obviously had more reviews on the website page or on the website itself. And you can actually send them directly to the product. So, for instance, if you are at a farmer's market, let's say if you're a local seller, forget the retail and online for a moment. If you're at a farmer's market and you're trying to develop a business, if you have a home-based food business, and you're trying to drive more traffic, you're trying to evolve, you're trying to grow, you can literally send people to a page on your website for that particular product.


If you were selling blueberry muffins and they were gigantic, oversized muffins, sending them directly to the page where it is to have them fill out a review would only help you down the road as your e-commerce business develops. You can have all of those reviews from all of the farmer's markets that you went to or all of the local events. That's the way you can scale the marketing aspect of your food business. Next up, the QR code on the packaging can also display new products that you have coming out or an entire catalog of food products that you're already selling.


So the QR code would have a link directly over to a page that may be a page on your website that says, "Hey, these are all of our new products that are coming out." If you're a bakery or a candy maker, if you have a hot sauce line, it doesn't matter what it is. You're selling spices. You have four new spices coming out in the next two months. Send them to that page. If they bought it at the store or if they bought it online, the QR code can be scanned. And then from there, that link takes 'em over to your new products or an entire catalog of items. Again, driving sales, why? Because if a person spends their money on a product they've just bought, there's a good likelihood, obviously, that they're going to like it because they just paid for it, right? Right, so if you have new products coming out and they love the one they just paid $10 for, they're going to spend another $50 next month because you have new products. How do they know about that?

How do I create a QR code for my food

Because of the QR code Next up, QR codes for food packaging can also be used for creating recipe ideas. Wow, what does that mean? If you create sauces, you have a hot sauce line. If you have a line of spices, if you have a line of herbs, or something like that, well, people buy them, but then they're trying to think to themselves, "How many different things can I do?" Instead of sending them over to Pinterest or losing them to a Google search, have them scan the QR code and take 'em directly to a page on your website with an entire list of recipes on how to use the spice they just bought from you. Right? So once you do that too, you're also getting just general traffic.


How do I create a QR code for my food

You're getting organic traffic to your website. Once they're on your website and they see your recipes, they're going to probably click around a little bit. And if they like that spice they just bought, they're going to order five or six more because you have an entire line of spices. So the value of a QR code goes really far. And the fact that you can create them for free online with the resource I'm about to show you is all the more reason why you need to make sure you do this. This is a marketing tool that is so simple to use and so easy. It's not rocket science, guys. It's very simple, step-by-step.


How do I create a QR code for my food

I'm going to show you how this works. Now, if you're with me so far in the video, please give me a big thumbs up. We always appreciate the positive feedback. And of course, you are letting YouTube know that you love our content, so they will continue to send it to other people as well. We appreciate the help and the support as well, so if you're not subscribed yet, definitely hit the subscribe button, and of course, the bell notification, because we upload a ton of videos. Let's get to this program. Okay, so we are back over in my office, and I've actually pulled up my laptop, as I mentioned, and we are going to get right to it. So I've already told you how many different ways you can use this QR code to help you sell more of the food products that you're making: coffee, hot sauces, barbecue sauce. It doesn't matter what it is.

How do I create a QR code for my food

So let's dive into it. Let's take a look at this website. Now, I'm going to actually put the link for this, by the way, guys, down below the video to send you directly to the page I'm looking at here, so there's no need for you to spend a year and a half looking for the thing that I've actually already posted, okay? All right, fantastic. So we are using Shopify tools. Shopify, by the way, has an enormous amount of free resources and tools that help you run an e-commerce business. I love Shopify. Okay, Shopify's free QR code generator. So how does this work? You basically fill out the fields below to get started, okay? So, number one, what are you going to need to do? There are only three steps, super simple. So I'm going ahead. I'm just going to use marketingfoodonline. I'm going to use our email for that website to make it simple. I'm not going to use my candy website because it's really involved and all that.

How do I create a QR code for my food

So, marketingfoodonline@yahoo, you put the email in. Okay, the email is there for the purpose of sending you the actual image of the QR code. Next, select the data type. Now, I only use two data types: Website URL and Plain Text.Now, what's the difference? Why can't I use the phone for SMS? I've never really experimented with messaging, text messaging, or phone calls before.It doesn't give us a huge return. It's not really driving a lot of traffic, so I'm going to stick with the website URL and the plain text. So let me show you first, the website. Now, how can I use this, Damian?


Okay, so we're going to go over to our website, Marketing Food Online, and I'm going to use a specific page on our website where I want people to go when they scan the QR code. I'm not sure if you know, but we have a lot of online courses for food entrepreneurs on A lot of social media courses, food entrepreneur start-up courses, classes on learning how to grow online, a whole bunch of stuff, okay?


How do I create a QR code for my food


And that's a whole other video. I'll do a review of it later. But I highlighted the top portion here, right? So I'm going to click it and right-click to copy it. Then I'm going to go over and that's going to be the content website, right, website URL. That's going to be the page where I want people to go, okay? And again, you could create a specific page on your website that has customers, or people, or consumers, driven over to that page. Whatever it may be, if you've got a brand new product like I mentioned, you want to introduce something, maybe it's a discount code, but you want to drive traffic to the website, do that. So this will drive people directly over to my courses because I want to sell courses, okay? Just to be honest with you. So all of these are different courses, and then they can purchase what they want. Now you create the QR code.

How do I create a QR code for my food

Now hold on a second. Okay, now this will pop up, You do not necessarily need to fill this out at all, because what I'm going to do is take you over to our email in a second, and I'm going to show you what that looks like. Right now it's actually creating the QR code, but you can simply X this out and you're good to go, okay? That is there only if you want to literally start a brand new website with Shopify. Hey, feel free to do that. But that's not what this video's about. It's about a QR code. So let's take a look at our email. All right, fantastic. It's already there. It's right there. So you're all set. Your QR code is ready. So you will get an email confirmation that it's ready to go. So here is the image. Now it's a PNG image. So this is literally what it looks like.


Now, what do I do with that, Damian? Well, you're going to download that. You're going to download that on your computer, and then when you print your label for your food product, or if you're having custom packaging made, you're going to send that PNG over to your printer, or you're going to add that yourself to your own label and simply print it up on your printer, and then put it on your product. It's a tiny little square. When you're creating the label itself, when you add this onto it, you can adjust it and make it as big as you want or as small as you want. As long as it's completely on there.

How do I create a QR code for my food

Every little spec, every little dot, everything has to be there because that relays the information. So if somebody scans this on their phone, they're going to be taken over to the page I just showed you. How cool is that? Free, done, very simple. So if you have any more questions about QR codes and how they can actually drive sales for your food business, well, actually for any business, any product, any at all, to be honest with you, but we specialize here in food entrepreneurship, of course. Let me know down below if you have any questions. If you liked it again, please give me a big thumbs up. We appreciate you guys taking the time, and we will see you on our next video.




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