How do you stand out at a farmers market: What is typically sold at a farmers market

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How do you stand out at a farmers market


The single most important thing you can do while you are preparing for a farmers' market is to put yourself in the position of a customer who is shopping at a market that is primarily comprised of farmers. It's daunting. When viewed from a distance, there is a great deal of similarity; for example, customers who are not familiar with the market may find it difficult to differentiate between the many booths. Therefore, if you want to have a great season selling your wares at the local market, it is vital to find strategies to differentiate yourself from the competition. Here are six different strategies to accomplish that goal. How do you stand out at a farmers market

1. Never go outside of the appropriate season.

How do you stand out at a farmers market

Hold on, what? The answer is yes, the key to success at a farmer's market is having goods that no one else does. Tomatoes that are sold first and last will always fetch a higher price and sell more quickly than tomatoes sold in July, when every other vendor is stocked up. In the middle of winter and summer, lettuce will always be in high demand, but in the spring and fall, lettuce supplies are typically not in short supply. Carrots grown in the summer are always in high demand. Think outside the confines of the season: Not only should you make an effort to obtain products earlier than is customary, but you should also make an effort to have your stock last for a considerable amount of time after the season has ended.



2. Make a mountain out of it, and then wave goodbye

How do you stand out at a farmers market

This age-old proverb is a farmer's go-to since it captures their experience so well. Customers are drawn to a table that is groaning under the weight of an abundance of fresh food items for whatever reason. Naturally, everything needs to have an organized appearance, and it shouldn't be stacked in a way that makes it difficult for buyers to get to the items they want. However, a market table that appears to be abundant is just as effective at selling products as any trained salesperson.

3. Display Visible Signs

At the market, one of the most common and potentially costly errors that farmers make is not bringing a sign that is legible from at least 20 or 30 feet away. This is true not just for the rates that are charged but also for the methods that are utilized in the cultivation of the crops on the farm. My farm has recently been awarded the Organic Certification from the Soil Association, however before we were awarded the certification, we had a large sign that read, "We are very pleased with the progress we have made! Inquire with us about the methods we use to develop our plants." That sign was successful. It helped us stand out from the rest of the pack and gave consumers the impression that they could trust us since we were upfront.

4. Utilize items such as tablecloths and tents made of canvas.



How do you stand out at a farmers market

Tablecloths and tent canvases are two examples of blank pallets, which the majority of farmers simply leave as is. You are not have to fill your space to the brim with signs, images, and logos; but, making use of these large surfaces to add a logo or an image will give your market table more depth and make it appear more professional.

5. Ensure That Your Surroundings Are Always Tidy And Organized

No matter the overall design you choose, the most important thing is to maintain it clean and orderly. The whole aesthetic is brought down a notch if withered flowers and leaves are left on the table after the meal. Items that have been damaged, such as tomatoes, should be replaced. Please pick up any garbage, paper, plastic, or anything that may have fallen. Customers will return if you maintain a clean environment throughout the day.

6. Encourage Employees to Customers

There is no simpler way to fail at a market than to hunker down behind your stall and ignore the customers as they pass by without so much as a hello. I can't tell you how many times I've come across farmers squatting behind their stalls, staring at their mobile phones, or just sitting with their arms crossed. How do you stand out at a farmers market I would see that a farmer would be exhausted at the conclusion of a long week of work, and for that reason, I would highly advocate having a few nights off before market to unwind. Because of the significant influence that standing and greeting customers can have on sales, it would be more financially beneficial to hire someone to stand and welcome customers than it would be to hire someone to sit down.

How do you stand out at a farmers market