How Much do food truck employees make an Hour

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"How much do food truck employees make an hour" , in the top 10 cities in the United States make an hour? And what is a food truck manager's salary? These are some really interesting questions because you'd be kind of shocked to know how much per hour these positions will pay. In this podcast, we are going to dive into what it is specifically that they make in an hour and give you some ideas. You might be quite shocked, but one of the best ways to do that may be to be an employee for a little while, kind of get your feet wet. ""How much do food truck owners make" can also show you how much you as an owner make.

A lot of food truck owners start out working for food trucks as employees. In New York City, the average end-of-year income for a food truck and employee is $31,500. That actually equates to $15 and 11 cents an hour. California has more registered food truck businesses than any other state. But California is one of the largest physical landmass states in the United States. Depending on your state you may want to know "How much food trucks make in Florida", "How much do Food trucks make in California"". or "How much do food trucks make in Texas". 

A food truck employee in Ketchikan, Alaska makes about $15 and 29 cents an hour, while a food truck driver in Dickinson, North Dakota earns about $32,000. A food truck worker in Arlington, Virginia is paid about 44 cents per hour, which is not that bad. Cambridge, Massachusetts comes in at number five on Forbes' list of the best places for food truck workers. Even in California, their food truck scene has gained momentum in recent years. Manhattan, New York comes in at number four on our list of the highest-paying cities for food truck jobs.

In Williston, North Dakota, the salary for a food truck manager is almost $16 an hour. In Santa Rosa, California, the average for a fruit truck employee is $33,300 a year. Take a guess as to which city is the number one city out of the top 10? Sunnyvale, California tops the list at just over $35,000 a year. A lot of six-figure and seven-figure food truck businesses are actually located in California. You may be shocked to know " Food Truck Salary Reddit""

At nearly $17 and 20 cents an hour, almost topping getting that $18 mark, that's fantastic for an employee. The average food truck employee in the United States earns between $27,000 and $30,000 per year. If you're looking to start a food truck, these are great things to do prior to making a huge commitment. I don't think you can necessarily support an entire family based on those wages, but if you're young, or even your twenties, or your mid-twenties, and you want to get experience being paid in Sunnyvale, California, nearly $18 an hour.