5 Ways to Sell Food on Linkedin

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I'm going to give you five ways, five tips on how to use LinkedIn to promote and expand and grow your food business, specifically your food business. I'm going to give you these five actionable, very simple ways to do it. I actually do this every single day with our business, and I'm going to dive into them right now.

All right. So it's Damien from marketing food online. And as I mentioned in the introduction, I'm going to give you five ways now, to be honest with you right off the bat, there's way more than five ways that you can actually sell a food product, tapping into LinkedIn and use you utilizing it and using it for your benefit. But I'm going to go over just five of them. Okay. Now I have grown marketing food online and YouTube channel.

Actually, this is going to be the LinkedIn profile. I'm going to show you right now and our account that we have set up currently for marketing food online, but the same things I'm telling you, you can do with your food products. And I'm going to give you an a demonstration, an example of how we do that. And as always, if this is your first video, welcome to marketing food online, we are YouTube premier food entrepreneur channel with over 900 videos to help you get your food business, food truck, or packaged food product up and running.


And we definitely want to bring you some information, useful information in all of our videos as always give us a thumbs up if this was helpful. And if you have questions as always let us know down below, cause we do also do subscriber questions, Q and a videos, and we answer your questions as soon as we can. And we hop on those. So let's get right into it. So Damien, how do I use LinkedIn? And why would I want to use LinkedIn? So really quick history. Linkedin is no longer the website where you simply just post like a job application or you're looking for a job, or if you're a business looking for an employee and it's really expanded over the past few years and grown into a hugely popular social media platform as well. So there's a lot of new features. There's a lot of new ways.

You can actually tap into what they offer on the platform to actually grow a food business. So I'm going to start off with number one, your profile. So let me click on here and I'm going to go over here. I'm going to show you really quick. Here is your how your, your profile. And here's why it's so important. This is how I set it up from marketing food. Of course you have your name. You could plug your, your dot com website with your banner. Then of course, I've created all this stuff on my own, creating these banners. And this is very simple for you to do as well. Of course you wanna put your name and the current business that you're in. And you can go down here and add tons of other photos. You can add information about your businesses or a business right here.


This is the featured section where we actually plug a lot of our videos for marketing food online. And we tap into this feature. This is fantastic. Cause these are all actual videos from YouTube that we put on here and you can simply hit the plus sign and you add the link directly to your video. Okay? So this is just building your, your profile to start. Okay, then I'm going to get it to some other really amazing ways that you can promote food on here. So as you scroll down, you see your activity. Currently we have 3,500, roughly 3,500 followers, and we have about 3,700 connections, which I'll get into in a minute. So we have roughly almost 7,000 food industry executives. You've got chefs, you've got people who are food buyers, food brokers grocery store owners, CEOs of, of food businesses. Basically everything that we do with marketing food is around food, obviously.

So we have huge amount of connections in a very short period of time on LinkedIn of people who are in the food industry. So you would also add your experience on here, and this is another great way to plug your food products. So within this description, you write a little bit about your experience, owning your business, and then even the name of your food product or your food business. As you scroll down, you put your education. Of course, I have a degree in marketing. So I posted that on here as well, and then interests and so on. So you want to build out your profile and talk as much as you can about who you are and what your food business is about. Now let's get into the really cool stuff. I'm going to go back over here to home. Now. Number one was the profile.

Food Truck Business!

Number two is going to be hashtags. The hashtags on hashtags that you use on LinkedIn are very, very powerful, extremely powerful. And I'm going to prove it to you on the left side here, let me scroll down. These are groups that I follow and I'm part of, and then these are followed hashtags. Now I'm going to give you a couple of examples. Hashtag India, hashtag ingredients. I'd follow right now, 135 different hashtags. But when you dive into these a little deeper and I'm not going to go through every single one of them, cause you can kind of get the idea. These are all the hashtags. So when you create a post and you put hashtag grocery in the post, and again, I'm going to give you a sample of that as well. When you do that, let me show you this. This is amazing. This will blow you away.


India is huge. Why is hashtag India? So big Damian? Well there's 68, almost 68 million. Yes. 68 million followers of that hashtag. That is huge because the moment that you add a product, a link or anything to this under hashtag India, you're getting exposure to 68 million followers. This is the feed, okay? This is where it gets fed. This is a feed. They call it and people post stuff on here and you post anything you want. You can like something. You can comment on it by the way, this is a fantastic way to also get exposure. If you'd like something and you can comment on it, Hey, this was helpful. Thanks for posting it.


That was great. Thanks for posting it. Check out www.marketing food online. Yeah, of course here is where you could potentially put your own and then you want to post it. You could put your own seed and this is actually a clickable link directly to your website. Now again, your food product. If you're selling a product on eBay, I don't care if you're selling on Etsy. I don't care if you're selling on Amazon, all of these platforms have URL links. You can put a link to your product and it's actually a clickable link. So you've commented on this. And as more people comment, they're going to see your product. Okay. So specifically, let me just say one thing like in India, for instance, let's just say as an example, you had a spice business or a sauce business or something related to like a marinade or a seasoning business.

This would be a great place to start and you can basically post, Hey, you should check out my new line of spices. And then right here, the link now, of course I don't sell spices myself in particular, but I would post that link right there. Okay. And then you would hit post and you could add some of these hashtags. So these are very popular hashtags that are associated with some of the posts that I've already created myself. So all of these hashtags have followers. Those are people who are going to see your product very simple, by the way, this costs nothing. Now let me show you this, for instance, hashtag chef life. Alright, discard that. Now let me go down here and show you that. So as you go through here, you can follow any of these hashtags. You wish I prefer, I would say to you BAS basically follow the ones that are obviously related to the food industry, chef jobs, for instance, chef talk, chef life.

Okay. There it is. That's the hashtag I use now that post I just created would be put right in front of 7,000 followers of that specific hashtag. Now obviously most of the people who are on here would probably be chefs. So let's say you had an ingredient or you had a product that a restaurant could use, or even a chef could use or culinary arts of any kind. This is where you could post it and you get instant exposure to 7,000 people. Right? And let me show you some other big ones real quick. And then I'm going to get into the rest of the list here. So followed hashtags. So by the way, so our marketing food, we do a lot of videos on starting food businesses from home. So I started to follow hashtag work from home. Why? Because I can post my videos and it can get it and put in front of 463,000 people.

So for me, my videos on how to start food businesses from your home, this would be a great place to do it because hello, it's work from home. Okay. Same concept. You can do this with your food product. Okay. So number three, number three, way of using LinkedIn to sell more food is groups right here. Here are some groups. And again, these are just a few of the groups that I follow. I'm walking into every single one of them. But again, marketing field a lot is about food business. So for me, it makes sense to be a member in a group called candy snacks and bakers, consumer goods and professionals, food and beverage network, restaurant network, and so on. And so on. Now I'll just scroll down a little bit, see all of these different food related. I'm a member in all of these groups.

So why would it not? It would just totally make sense for me to be a member of these groups, food manufacturing. So for instance, my actual candy businesses snack business, which I, I run as well. This is a perfect space space for me to do that. Okay. This has 60,000 members. So Damien, how do I use that? That, okay. That sounds great for you for marketing food, but how do I use this for my snack business? I have a trail mix business. Perfect. What do you make it? Do you have a private label? Well, you need to be part of this group because if you have a trail mix and you post it right here and you give a little link to your website, there could be a buyer in the middle of all of these members that says, Hey, I got, I saw you on LinkedIn, Damien.

I love the fact that you got that trail mix. I would like to incorporate that in my grocery chain, I got a hundred stores. They can find you here. That's why LinkedIn is so powerful guys. And it costs you nothing. It's literally cost you your time. Okay. So that's number three is groups. Number four is articles. All right, here we go. This is where it gets really fun. All right. So we're going to go back to home. Now. This is the area where I can create a post. I can add a photo from my, upload it from my computer. I can add a video. I can even add something, even a link over to YouTube. I can creating an event. If I've got like a new brand new food product, that's going to be on the market in January or something. I could post this.

I could write an article. This one is why I want to show you watch this. So let me upload a really quick picture. Let me just do this for instance. So it's going to be about a food truck. Now, this is just doing this as an example. So a food truck in Florida. Okay. So what's my headline is how to start a food truck in Florida. Now again, you can write an article about your food product. Again, let's go back to the trail mix. Hey, you can write in the health benefits of nuts in talk about how the eating nuts on a regular basis and trail mixes are very good for you. Very healthy snack. And then here's where it gets fun.


I just posted a new video on my,


My YouTube channel marketing About the typos guys, marketing food online, check it out. Okay. All right. So now you have that. Watch this,

See this little box right here. Again, when you write an article on here, it doesn't have to be like, you know, 600 page dissertation for college or something. It can be just a basic, very simple article. You can write a little couple of paragraphs. You mean a couple of sentences, but articles are very powerful because they get put into the feed on LinkedIn. People who are interested in following you or you're following other people are going to have an opportunity to see it. Here it is right here. So you did this. Now you can add a link and let's say you have your product on eBay, or you have your own website. Okay? You have your own link. You can add that link directly on here. And as a matter of fact, let me do this. Okay.

All right. So I'm going to show you a really quick way to do this. This is actually one of the websites that we run and we have six websites online. So this is actually one of our candy website. These are the things that we make. This is what I do during the day when I'm not making videos for YouTube. So let me click onto this one and I'm going to create a link and I'm gonna show you exactly how this works. Did you do? Let's go. All right, right here. No, I don't want to join my own mailing list. There we go. Okay. So this is the, this is actually a cookies and cream dipped, Oreo cookie. It's crazy. Crazy delicious. I'm going to take this link right here. I want to copy it. And then I'm going to show you what I need. Check it out. You also have this amazing cookies and cream

Cookie, just something basic. I just, again, this is just an example. This is how you can use this to promote your food products. So you have a link. Fantastic. Put your link right here, press enter watches, magical thing, bam. So you have a link that's clickable. You can actually click on this and take it right back over to your website. That is a way that you can use this to sell your food products and get exposure to potentially even buyers of your product on a much bigger scale. And that's it. You can take this and then hit publish. Okay. Again, this is just an example. Obviously the cookies and cream is not a food truck, but you create a very basic banner, very basic image. Give yourself a topic, write a little bit about it and then add a clickable link. And that's it does it very, very simple. That's an article now. Number five. Let me show you this one. This is going to be videos. Now you might be thinking well, Damien, I don't have any videos. I don't have a YouTube channel. I don't have it. That's fine. It's okay. But I would highly recommend you start looking into ways of creating very short videos that you can add to LinkedIn that you can add to Facebook that you could add to Twitter and so on. And let me show you this really quick.

So if you wanted to you click on the video here, you can select a video you want to share. This is just a really quick video. Oh right. Let's see. All right. So it's uploading right now. And from here, I simply say, Hey, again, check out our new food, video Food online.

And then again, you can create whatever it is. Of course, obviously this is just an example. Okay. So once this video uploads, it's ready to be played, you're all set. And that's it very, very simple. This is literally becomes a commercial, a video commercial of your food product. If you have a YouTube channel, that's even better because then you can actually add the link for your YouTube channel right there. All right. And that's very simple. These are five, very simple, actionable, easy to implement ways to sell a food product or promote your food business on LinkedIn. I'll go ahead and discard it. Now I'll throw in a couple extra bonuses. Let me show you this really quick. There's a few people that this is David Rose. He's an executive chef. Fantastic guy has a really great personality. So on here, this is a post, obviously.

Now you can share this. You can send it to a friend or you can like it. Yes, you can like it. And then you can also, again, comment. Now this is a great way as well, to get the attention of these executive chefs to get the attention of corporate buyers. If the attention of a CEO of a grocery chain, a health food store that may want to carry your granola bar, whatever it is that you may be, you can find them here. So from there you add a comment, Hey, great, post love the steaks, UWW dot again, marketing food, online.com.

So that would be the link you put on there for your product, and then simply post it. That's it. And then again, it's clickable. So by doing that in inter interacting, engaging in other people's posts, you get an opportunity to promote your food product and sell it absolutely free. It's crazy. I know. So these are five very simple, simple ways that you can implement these these ways to promote and market your food products on LinkedIn. And I do this day in and day out, by the way specifically this being of course for marketing food, but you can also do it for candy business or food business or barbecue sauce. It doesn't matter. So if this was helpful as always, please do give me a big thumbs up. If you had questions about how this works, let me know down below in the, in the, in the comments. And I'll see you guys on our next video and definitely check out martini Frito-Lay dot com. Our website has a ton of blogs that are fantastic. Additional information to get you started.

Thanks for watching marketing food online. And if you are looking to create your own food truck, start a home-based food business under the cottage food law franchise, a food operation start a packaged food business, private label, your own food product, sell on Amazon, get your own online store or sell food online. Remember to subscribe and check out these videos for more resources, take care.

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