How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

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How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores



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 How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

 Here are 20 Pointers to Help You Sell Your Baked Goods in Retail Outlets
Note that conducting market research is an extremely important step in the process of starting a successful business. When you were just getting your business off the ground, you most likely spent some time researching your rivals and determining the needs and desires of your ideal customers.

Now that you are ready to expand to store shelves, the first step you should take is to visit as many local merchants as you possibly can. If you have the opportunity to do so, you should chat to the purchasers about the criteria they seek for in the products they sell at their stores as well as the commercial phrases they use. You could even want to think about conducting a market audit in order to have a more in-depth understanding of the market segment you want to sell in.




2. Distribute Free Samples of Your Product

There is no question that businesses, in addition to consumers, have an insatiable appetite for free swag. Take into consideration providing your store's customers with what they desire by distributing free samples. Customers are far more likely to make a purchase of an item if they are given the opportunity to test it out first. Who knows, maybe they'll give something a shot, find that they can't say no, and end up purchasing the whole thing.

3. Establish and maintain your brand image
Because of the thorough study you conducted, you will be able to design packaging that is both expert-looking and captivating to customers' attention, which will allow your products to stick out more prominently on store shelves.




Keep in mind that the packaging of your goods can often sell it much more effectively than any other aspect of it. Working with a designer who has experience can help you give the proper impression to both your customers and the people that shop at your grocery store. Be sure to give consideration to each and every facet of the image of your brand.

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

4. Provide Customers with Information Regarding the Nutrition Content of Your Products

It is a wise move to consider offering nutrition information for your breads, pastries, and sweets because customers are getting more health conscious all the time. This is especially important in the bakery industry. According to reports, over 61 percent of individuals in the United States utilize nutrition labels to assist them in managing their weight, and 38 percent of those persons believe that labeling products would assist them in managing their weight more efficiently.

Additionally, a large number of consumers tend to underestimate the amount of calories and fat that are contained in foods, and many have stated that they wish there was more nutrition labeling available when they eat outside of their homes.



5. Get in Touch with the Distributors
Make contact with the food wholesalers you work with and arrange a meeting with them so that you can demonstrate your wares. Always take the necessary precautions to guarantee that samples may be tried out by attendees as soon as they arrive at your meeting.

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores
You will have the opportunity to discuss the reasons why your product ought to be featured on grocery store shelves as well as what you can offer potential partners during this conversation. Keep in mind how important it is to pay close attention to the comments provided by your distributors, as they may provide helpful suggestions on how to expand your company.

6. Ensure the Availability of Healthier Options

Keep in mind that there is a growing interest on the part of customers in the availability of healthier solutions. One study found that there was a 28 percent increase in sales when foods were labeled as having healthy ingredients or properties, such as being low in sodium. This increase can be attributed to the fact that many chain stores and restaurants are now offering healthier food options, which has resulted in higher customer traffic and revenue.

However, it is important to keep in mind that "healthy selections" does not necessarily have to mean low in calories. Depending on the preferences of your target market, you may want to think about providing a wide range of solutions, such as those with low carbohydrate content, high protein content, all natural components, and so on. How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

7. Get a Website
Having a website for your bakery's business is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain any semblance of credibility when operating in the digital sphere. Bear in mind that customers who are looking for bakery products will have an easier time finding your bakery if your website is effectively optimized and professionally created in accordance with the standards of SEO.

When your clients are able to quickly and easily visit your bakery business, it will immediately enable you to increase the amount of money you make from those customers. It is not an easy effort to optimize your website to make it search engine optimization (SEO) friendly; hence, it is recommended that you obtain some professional assistance for this.

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

8. Approach Retail Group Inc.

As soon as you have gained the support of your distributors, you will be prepared to begin communicating with the purchasers of retail stores. The majority will express interest in "consigning" your product to their store. This indicates that they will not pay you for the product until it has been purchased by a customer. Clearly, this indicates that you are going to need to make an investment before you can expect to see a return on your money. Your product will be introduced to the market through consignment, which also provides you with the opportunity to evaluate how well it does there.

9. Engage others in a chat or conduct a poll on the topic.

Start a chat with these establishments or conduct a poll if you are unsure of what it is that they want from your bakery when you are in this situation. Once you have this knowledge of your best clients, you will be able to modify your services and products to fit the requirements and preferences of these companies, which will result in increased customer retention and satisfaction.

In exchange for their feedback, you may choose to reward your clients with a free loaf of bread or a discount on their subsequent purchase. When you pay attention to what your clients want, you will gain valuable insight that will allow you to develop more alluring products and services, which will encourage repeat business from your clientele.

Find Yourself the Appropriate Partners.




How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores
Take into account the fact that it is difficult to get your goods on store shelves. The encouraging thing is that you don't have to go through this ordeal by yourself. There is no shortage of individuals or organizations out there who are committed to assisting younger businesses in achieving their goals. As an illustration, an account management team will lend assistance in the process of negotiating trading terms with retailers. On the other hand, a label development company will assist you in the development of your private label as well as in making improvements to it.

Create a following on social media platforms.

Keep in mind that attracting and capturing the attention of the population through social media is an ideal technique to accomplish this. As a result, you should ensure that you have established business pages on social media platforms and that you regularly update and optimize those pages. You can also receive evaluations and feedbacks from customers on these pages, which will be of great use to you as you continue to hone the operations of your bakery business.

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

12. Cultivate Your Social Networks
Baked Goods into Retail Stores 
Despite the fact that it may take some time for you to master your method for getting your wares stocked on the shelves of your neighborhood 7-Eleven and Circle K, there is still hope. In the meanwhile, put your strategy to the test in a variety of other settings, such as a farmer's market, a trade show, or any number of retail specialty or grocery stores. Practice makes perfect!

It is important to keep in mind that in order to be competitive with other larger baked goods outfits, you will need to implement some of the strategies that they use. These strategies include offering significant discounts on the cases of your product, developing a team of sales reps, and offering cake samples to distribute at events.

Feature Different Portion Sizes

The practice of snacking is becoming more popular, and bakeries are positioned to play a significant role in this development. Over twenty-eight percent of people who buy cakes and pies indicate that they would be interested in purchasing individual portions, and twenty percent of those people say that purchasing miniature or bite-sized versions would inspire them to purchase more. This offers customers built-in portion control, which is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the food industry.

Integrate yourself with several online delivery platforms.

Taking into consideration the fact that the majority of your consumers would now rather order meals than go out to eat Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for your bakery business to provide its clients with the option to place orders online from the store itself. It also provides you the ability to negotiate better prices with the customers who shop at your store.

Not only should your restaurant be visible on these online delivery platforms, but you should also make sure that customers can place orders directly at your business through either your own website or the website of one of your customers. Because of this, the likelihood of you losing potential customers will be significantly reduced.

Perform Some Practice Throws

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

You will be able to prepare a pitch after you have improved the quality of your goods, strengthened your staff, and familiarized yourself with potential customers of your store. Keep in mind that you shouldn't make your presentation over the phone but rather in person. You now have the opportunity to demonstrate your dedication and passion by your participation in this. Additionally, this indicates that you are able to bring some samples along with you for the grocery store to try out.

Provide Baked Goods with a High Protein Content

It has become very popular for bakeries to offer high-protein baked items, and some bakeries have even specialized in providing only these products. In the past several years, 26 percent of Americans have reported that they have increased the amount of protein they consume, and 78 percent of Americans have expressed an interest in foods that keep them feeling content for longer.

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

Do not panic if your bakery does not specialize in high-protein foods; this trend is not exclusive to new bakeries that are attempting to specialize for the first time. To supplement what you already provide, it is not difficult to add a few items that include a larger amount of protein (for example, a rotating selection of a few high-protein cookies, muffins, and so on).

Concentrate on Sourcing Ingredients from the Nearby Area



Consumers place a high priority on the use of locally sourced ingredients; in fact, locally sourced products are rapidly overtaking organic or "all natural" products in terms of importance. According to some reports, sixty-two percent of consumers make an effort to buy local products whenever it is possible, and forty-one percent of consumers have stated that a retailer's offering of locally produced components has an impact on which businesses they choose to frequent.

How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores
Offer Allergen – Free Products

Research indicates that there is still a market for baked goods that are free of allergens, despite the fact that sales of gluten-free items may have decreased. In general, there has been a consistent increase, and will likely continue to be, in sales of allergen-free products. In addition, the prevalence of food allergies is growing, which implies that an increasing number of consumers will be looking for products that do not contain allergens.

To get started, conduct an assessment of what aspects of your community are lacking. Are there not enough options available for people who are allergic to things like almonds, eggs, dairy, and so on? Check out your competitors to identify any gaps in the market that you may address, or have a conversation with your clients to learn about any allergies they or a member of their family may be experiencing.



How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores

Offer Baker's Dozen Discounts

When you purchase a dozen of something at certain bakeries in the area, you may be entitled to a free bonus item. These establishments have their method of making sales down to a science. Consider the following: a price of "$5 for 13" doesn't sound all that appealing, but a price of "$5 for a dozen, and you get an extra one for free" is a far more alluring deal to consider. The offer is the same, but it has been rephrased somewhat differently.

In order to be successful in this industry, you need to devise strategies to increase the perceived worth of your items, which will allow you to provide customers with an even more appealing deal. What can you provide out to customers that won't cost you anything but will add a great deal of value to the products or services you already provide? Perhaps a coupon, a free slice, or an additional sample.


How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores
Establish a Strategy for Marketing It

When it comes to doing business with super shops, you need more than just a fantastic product in order to be successful. Keep this in mind. You should also let your shop know how you plan to help push customers towards their store and explain how you intend to do this. Take your time to get everyone on your team together and think about the entire branding and marketing strategy for your company. How to get Your Baked Goods into Stores