How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire

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How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire





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How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire So if you're looking to start a brand new food truck business and you're not very sure about some of the things as far as permits and licenses, well, you've come to the right place. So make sure you hit that subscribe button and check out all of our brand new content on our brand new YouTube channel, Food Truck Freaks. I'm going to get into those permits and licenses right now.

All right. So, hello, and welcome back to the food is Damian Roberti, founder and CEO of marketing food online, which is actually our larger YouTube channel. We have several food entrepreneur channels here on YouTube and Food Truck Free is a brand new channel, all dedicated to the food truck industry and getting a food truck started. We'll have a ton of great resources, including information on where to get equipment, licenses, insurance, and state-specific food truck information.So this video is all about everyone who is in the state of New Hampshire. So I'm going to go through nine specific things that you're going to probably need. The reason why I say probably is that a lot of cities and counties do have variations on permits and licenses, but the bulk of what I'm about to tell you is pretty much what you're going to need to get started.


How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire


And we're going to get a little more specific about the different types of sync licenses and permits.need to build out your food truck as well. So let's dive right into it. Number one, you're going to need an E I N. Now if you're going to have employer employees, and actually if you're going to generate business revenue, you're going to need to have an E I for your business, which is an employer identification number. Now you can actually get this for free at the IRS website. It doesn't cost you anything. You go there and spend about five or six minutes. There's hope you can fill out the information. And it's kind of like a social security number dedicated to your food truck business in the state of New Hampshire. So an EIN is something you'll definitely need to get as well. Number two, you need to create an LLC.

Now, the reason why I say create an LLC is that I've actually been in the food industry for over 30 years. I've been a food entrepreneur for over a decade. 12 years, actually. My wife and I operate our own food business. And when we started their food business, including our bakery, we actually did it as an LLC. I recommend it because it's a simpler form of business entity status, and it makes it very easy for you and very quick, by the way, to actually do this. And as a matter of fact, you can even do it online. We've got some resources down below this video in the description section. Open up the description section. There's a link there to help you do it online. It takes about 10 to even 15 minutes. But an LLC is a limited liability corporation. Okay? This will allow you to form a limited liability company.


How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire


It's going to allow you the opportunity to create a simple business structure. And normally, most food truck businesses are kind of like our business. My wife and I started it and we still run it ourselves. It makes it very simple for somebody who's kind of a sole proprietor, but a sole proprietorship is not something that you want to dive into when it comes to a food truck business. Why? Because all of the liability falls on your shoulders as a sole proprietor. And actually, most states actually require some entity status, like a C Corp or SCOR for an LLC. But an LLC is actually one of the easiest things to form. And it costs a lot less. And there are a heck of a lot of tax benefits too. Definitely check with your accountant on that. I'm definitely not giving you tax advice, but I can tell you, from my own experience, that LLCs have helped us out tremendously when it comes to taxes.

So number three, you need to get a business license. Of course, a simple business license that you're going to need to get normally from the city that you're going to operate in. Now keep in mind that if some states believe it or not, when you cross over to different cities or even go to a different county, you may have to actually have a business license to conduct business with your mobile food truck. The reason why it's so different than other types of businesses is that the food truck is mobile. So as you drive and you cross over those lines, you're technically operating a business in your entity, in another city or county. So be sure to double check with your city on that. If you have to have any additional business licenses, if you travel to a different county or a different city, and number four, you've got to have a valid driver's license.

How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire


Now you probably think to yourself, "Well, that makes sense." Obviously, I've got to have a lab driver's license. Not only yourself, but I strongly advise you to ensure that the people you hire or your friends and family, whoever they are, are going to be helping you out and assisting you.You need to make sure they too have a valid driver's license because there could be that one day when you have to be somewhere else and they may be with either your manager or whoever's in charge of the food truck. If you happen to not be there, they don't have a valid driver's license, and God forbid, they get into a car accident or hit somebody with your truck. That food truck is your actual business, and you need to make sure that everyone has a valid driver's license in order to operate it, believe it or not.





Even in some states, they have a specific type of license. in order for you to even drive a food truck. It has nothing to do with your actual driving license. You have to get a truck driver's license in order to operate it. So that's something you need to double check too, to make sure. Make sure that anyone who's driving your vehicle and your business is legitimate, is safe, and they know what they're doing. Okay? Because you can technically get a ticket for your truck. You can lose your license for the truck. You can even get your truck impounded. There are a lot of severe things that could happen if somebody's driving your food truck on your behalf and they don't have a valid license or number five seller permit. Now this is something that's really, really important. What exactly is a seller's permit? It's actually also known as a resale license.


How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire


Some states will allow you to go ahead and get one of these because when you buy your ingredients, make sure that you're not being taxed on them. Because what happens is you create all of these food products that you're going to make in your food truck. You're bringing together ingredients, bringing together proteins, your meats, whatever it may be. fried chicken or fish, whoever your suppliers are. You don't need to pay sales tax when you buy those items because you're going to collect the sales tax. When you make the transaction, Some states actually don't have any taxes based upon the types of foods or even food in general. So be sure to check with the state of New Hampshire. If you've got your sales tax and you have to collect it, don't get taxed twice. Okay, Next up, number six, is a food handler's permit. Now there's a company called ServeSafe.

Most of the time, a lot of these food handlers' permits can actually be done directly through that program. But sellers, I mean food handlers, actually end up having to go through a really brief course and get certified and actually teach everyone, from your employees or even yourself, how to serve the food, how to store the food, how to keep any leftovers that you've got properly, refrigerated sanitation, cleaning the food truck, daily processes, and all of that. So make sure that you double check with the county. They may require that, depending on the county that you are in. In New Hampshire, you may also need to get a food handler's permit. Okay, Number seven, of course, your health department permit, you will get inspected by your health department within the city or county that you're operating in, and you'll have to pay for that as well.


How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire

So keep in mind that the health department normally checks it off, and they're going to look through your truck before you even get the thumbs up to go ahead and start your business with your food truck. So the food inspection that will take place is going to be dumped by the health department. And you're going to have to have that as well. Now, that normally varies. It can be anywhere from about a hundred to about $150 for that. And that's also something that's renewed every single year. Next up, number eight, is your fire inspection. Yes. Believe it or not, The fire department, like any other type of restaurant, is actually going to come in and double check your actual food truck and make sure everything's wired correctly. If you're operating generators that have gas or even propane, make sure that they are secured on the truck.

Normally those are on the exterior and exterior parts of the food truck itself, but you've got to make sure that they are all wired correctly and they're operating properly, right? Including your equipment, because food trucks are such a tight space and you have a very limited amount of space. A fire breaks out, forcing everyone to get out of or off the vehicle.You need to make sure everything is functioning properly. So the fire department will come in, make sure everything is working, check it, make sure it's operating, turn it on. If you have ovens, if you have coolers, if you have overhead ventilation systems, all of that stuff needs to be checked to make sure that it's operating properly. The fire certificate is something you will definitely need to have as well. Number nine, and finally, most states, including New Hampshire, will also require a commissary letter of agreement or a commissary kitchen that your food truck will be designated to use.

How to start a food truck business in New Hampshire

Most of the food preparation prior to you going to an event will actually take place in a commercial kitchen. Not very many states allow you to do all the food prep prior to cooking on the vehicle itself. You'll have to have a designated commercial kitchen, and that's actually pretty cool to be honest with you, because you've got a kitchen that is really much, much larger than a food truck allows you to prepare your food. At the end of the day, you get rid of your wastewater. You get rid of any other additional scraps of food, your trash, all the sanitation wiping down. If you've got extra paper towels or things you have to dispose of all of that can get done at your commercial kitchen and believe it or not, what's really great about it is that most commercial kitchens will allow you to park your food truck there overnight.

Some places will charge you a little bit extra fee, but it's a great safe way to park your food truck and leave it there for the day. And it's kind of like your contact point between you and your customer. So make sure you double check. You may actually need to have a commissary letter of agreement. Now that agreement specifically is really, really simple is basically agreement between you and the kitchen stating that that is the one that you go to, you are paying for it and you have insurance on it, et cetera, cetera. So make sure you check out these from New Hampshire. And by the way, down below the video, I'll have a link right over to our blog and our website that I'll bring you to the state of new Hampshire's website to bring you their page with even more information and more specifics on the cost and the variations of permits and licenses as well. So if you're gonna start a food truck in New Hampshire, I just gave you nine really great tips and information to help you out. If this was helpful, give us a big thumbs up, make sure you subscribe. And if you know anybody who started a food truck business tell 'em about food truck freaks. We definitely appreciate all of our new subscribers and we're gonna have all kinds of fantastic content. So you stick with us. I'll see you guys on our next video.


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