Is a Pie Business Profitable : Selling Pies Online: How Much do You Sell Homemade Pies For

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I'm about to show you, I'm going to give you the steps and pointers to get $10,000 a month selling pies online. Yes, it is completely doable. It's not some fairytale. I'm going to break down exactly how the numbers work, how you should actually sell them and the price point you need to be at and how to promote them for absolutely free on your website, even on eBay and Etsy. And I'm going to get into that video right now. Okay.


So as I mentioned back in the introduction, all about pies today on this video, and believe it or not pies are hugely popular, especially online, but there are a segment of the food category on e-commerce that is growing pretty rapidly. The reason being is due to last year, a lot of people were not able to see family members and friends.

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So pies are a great way to send messages. Like I miss you. I love you. And of course, hope to see you again. And they do it with pies. Now, why pies more than other baked goods? Because there is literally a plethora and almost infinite amount of different types of pies you can make from blueberry to cherry, to apple blueberry, and it goes on and on and on, but they're really great for shipping.


Okay. And that's one of the reasons why I wanted to do this video is explain to you how, if you are a brick and mortar bakery and you make pies, but you're always a little leery to go online or try to sell them through the internet, because you're not sure on how to ship them or how much you should charge online compared to your brick and mortar store. I'm actually going to break down all of those numbers for you and give you some examples because doing $10,000 a month is actually not as difficult or hard as you may think it is.

"Keyword" "pie business plan" "how to mass produce pies" "pie business for sale" "how to package pies for sale" "how to sell homemade pies" "how to sell pies online"

And we are going to get into that right now. So biggest question I've gotten, I'm looking down at the notes that actually inspired me to do this. Video is Damien is a pie business profitable.

How much do you sell homemade pies for and how do you, how to actually sell pies? So if you've got a brick and mortar, you're familiar with the concept, of course, I had a brick and mortar bakery, myself, my wife and I ran an Italian bakery. We had gelato and sandwiches and breads and cookies and canolas and everything in between.

So getting a customer to come into your store is the old fashioned traditional way. But the amazing thing is that the internet has opened up opportunities for food, business and food entrepreneurs, unlike anything that has ever been out there before, because you can reach millions of customers. So the first thing you want to do when you want to sell pies and you want to make it profitable profitable is to actually not only go on your own website, but go to eBay and Etsy.


I've always pushed these two platforms. These are the two that I started on. I've been very successful with. I've done over six figures on Etsy. I've been on there for about 12 years, 11 to 12 years now. And he may have been over a decade. Then of course we have an Amazon store, but that's a whole nother video. So start, start with eBay and Etsy because it's very simple, very easy to open up a store on these platforms.

The other reason why is that you've got millions of customers already built into these platforms, right? So they're already people that are going there that you have to drive traffic to your website, pay fate, Facebook ads, pay for Google ads and all those other expenses. You don't need to really do that at first. If you've already got a website and you have a brick and mortar bakery, that's great.

So you may be asking is a pie bueinss profitable? read on to learn more.

You can still add your pies and stuff to that. That's fantastic. But tap into eBay, tap into Etsy. And then from there, get a little bit of experience with e-commerce as far as dealing with customers, price points, shipping, and everything else that goes along with it. Okay. So start your store on those two platforms, right? So next up, how do I sell $10,000 a month selling a pie?

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Well, the average price, and this may blow you away, but the average price of a PI's online is between 28 and $32. Believe it or not. I actually went through over 12 websites and did some research before I actually opened this, did this video to find out some of the price points that other different retailers online are selling there's four. And that's actually before shipping, believe it or not. So between 28 and $30, now the average cost, this will be of course, very dependent on the type of pie.Remeber to also write a full pie business plan as well. 

And I know I'm gonna getting a lot of comments and questions about this, but the average cost to put a pie together because we actually used to sell some pies in our bakery was around 3 85 to 4 25. That is what it costs us to actually make a pie. Now, if you're doing a pecan pie, obviously pecans are going to be a little more expensive, but a basic apple pie, even blueberry cherry or strawberry or any of these other fruit pies, they are very inexpensive to make. And at $28 to $32 price point, the margins are ridiculous. They're amazing. So you want to keep your price point. How  to sell pie online keep reading !

I would suggest around $30. Now, if you want to go a little bit below that that's perfectly fine or a little bit above that. That's fine as well. Now, when I went to these websites and did a little research on the shipping, every single one of them charged for shipping, or they had a minimum, but their minimum, wasn't just $30.

The average minimum was 70 to $75. They threw in free shipping. Okay. So if you had a $30 pie and just so to now, this comes really important with what I'm about to tell you on how to reach that goal of 10,000 a month. If you sold two and the person I ended up buying a $70 worth of pie, and they got themselves a free shipping, you've already sold two pies to do $10,000 a month. By the way, the average pie, you would only need to have to sell for $30 and you only need to sell 11, this 11 pies a day. That is actually not a lot at all to tell you the truth. And I'm going to tell you later in the video and how you can achieve that and what you can do on social media, absolutely free in order to get that number.

But it's only 11 pies. So you probably think to yourself is a pie business profitable. Yes. At those margins considerably profitable. So what are the tips, Damien? What exactly is this video going to give me to give me an advantage over anyone else? Or if I want to start my own e-commerce pie business. Okay. Number one, variety. First and foremost, that is one reason why our Amazon store and our Etsy store has nearly 300 products in it. We have a ton of variety. Now, does that mean I've got 300 completely different products? No. Like for instance, we offer a line of pretzels, chocolate covered pretzel rods, and we have a huge variety of toppings and different flavors and even colors of the chocolate. So we've got about 20 to 24 of those listings just dedicated to pretzel rods, same thing with your pies. There is an enormous amount of recipes out there.

And if you're stumped, go to Pinterest type in the words, pie recipe, and I'll guarantee you you'll find millions of different pie pins. That'll pop up, get some ideas for a variety of pies. That's going to be number one, you need to have a variety. You can not really do a really good job with one or maybe two different types of flavors. You want to create a menu. That's really enticing something that you can build on something that you can even build later in my video, I'll talk about subscription business subscription business, where you've got a variety of pies available. Okay? Number one is variety. Number two, in order for you to reach that $30 per pie, 11 pies a day, you need to bundle your pies. Now, Damien, what exactly does bundling me? Okay. So I've touched on this a little bit. In some of my other videos, bundling is really a simple concept.

If you had five or six, let's say six, six different pies, and you took those and you had three of them that you put together at a three-pack. And there are a variety of flavors that is a bundle now. But what you're doing though, is you're creating a single sales single transaction that is not going to be just $30. It could go down and maybe give a 10% discount for three pies. And you've got about 25, 50, 75. That transaction alone is already selling three pies with about $75 worth of pies, right? So as you do a bundle, you want to also entice the customer with a little bit of a discount off your single pie count. So if it happens to be $30 a pie and you give them a 10% discount and you sell three pies in one bundle, you've already got three of your 11 pies sold.

And one transaction, you see how easy this is. Now, the bundles are super important. And it's something that you can sit down and brainstorm. If you've got six different pies, you can actually create one single flavor and give them three pies. Maybe someone who really loves apple pie and you put three apple pies together. You give them a little bit of a discount and get your getting that transaction up to about 70 to $75. You're already going ahead, above and beyond where you need to be for your goal of only 11 pies. A day. Bundling is really important. We do that a lot in what we do and it's definitely work. Number three is actually going to be subscription service. You can actually go to and I'll have some links for them down below is a subscription food business website. It actually subscriptions for all kinds of stuff, but I actually have a, an account there.

We sell chocolate pretzel rods and some other cookies that are subscription-based. So every single month someone's card gets charged or three months in advance. So in prepays for three months, that way you've already got your, your budget. You've already one transaction. If someone buys one pie a month and you're selling them $30 a month, they're going to pay $90 upfront for three months. Again, you've already got ahead of your goal of selling 11 pies a day. So subscription concept is something that is reoccurring cashflow, constant money coming in the door. And with the variety of pies, your customers will love it because they're going to get a different price every single month. Number four, this is something that's really, really important. Lot of people who start e-commerce businesses don't do this, but applying discounts, offering discounts for a certain percentage, same, let's say, if you get your a hundred dollars, you get 10% off of a hundred dollars.

Okay? If you reach a certain amount, maybe a hundred dollars, you get free shipping. But the idea is to get some, get a customer to drop more than just a single amount for one pie to spend a hundred dollars to spend 75 or even a $200, whatever it may be. But discounts and coupons and sales are something that's really important. And you can actually promote those on Facebook. Super, super simple. And I'll get into that just in one second. So take your website. You take a store on eBay. It was very simple to open up rig and then one on Etsy, combine those three avenues and you can easily reach those 11 pies a day. Now, is this going to happen overnight instantly? No, no, no. Don't get me wrong. Every business, my business is taking 12 years for me to get to where I am today.

It didn't happen overnight, but this is something that could happen in a couple of months. You can begin to generate those sales. As you begin to generate some exposure on social media and start promoting your products on social media as well. So that brings me to the next step social media. Of course, now I do not pay hardly ever do I pay for any ads on Facebook? I actually use Facebook and Twitter more than any other platform because it just works really well for what we do. You can easily with the right hashtags on Twitter. You can do a tremendous amount of business. Trust me, this works because I do it all the time. You can use hashtags like hashtag pies, hashtag apple pie, hashtag blueberry pie, hashtag bakery, anything that's related to yours, pies or baking, or even gift giving or a hashtag in front of it.

You're getting your product in front of hundreds of thousands of people instantaneously, absolutely free. Now the same thing goes for Facebook. We were not. When you create a post on Facebook, throw in about three or four hashtags on the bottom of the post. And again, it would be hashtag pies, maybe hashtag mother's day, hashtag father's day, any type of celebration, anything that you could think of, that you could give someone a pie to a hashtag graduation, anything of that sort, and then a little description of your product with a link, an actual link to your website or to your eBay store, or even to your Etsy store. These are very simple, very effective, and they cost nothing. And trust me, they do work. The great thing about it is that as that post stays up, it gets more and more exposure as it gets pushed into the Facebook feed.

Okay? So social media is gonna be super important and it's going to be super simple that you don't have to create some huge ad campaign. And of course, if you want to do that, that's perfectly fine as well, but it's not going to be any more effective unless you're willing to spend the money for it. And you know exactly what you're doing. So social media, so eBay and Etsy is great. Put your stores up there. The reason why I say that is let's go to Amazon really quick. Amazon is a great website. It's one of the best websites to take your business to a whole completely another stratosphere. Trust me, it's done wonders for us, but you have to get ungated. You also have to prove that you're you're in a commercial facility, that's being licensed. You've got a business license and you're insured. Now, of course, if you are that, and I recommend you really illegally, you need to have all that in place.

Anyways. If you're not familiar with e-commerce, don't go to Amazon just yet. It is a great platform, but they have really stringent customer service levels that you have to meet every single month, every single transaction actually. So you want to make sure you know, how to handle bad orders, orders that are damaged or defective orders that arrive late complaints, feedback, negative feedback. It goes on and on and on. So if you're not familiar with e-commerce, I always recommend to most of my clients and I do my consultations with don't go to Amazon just yet, but you can down the road, don't get me wrong. Get some experience for us, get your feet wet, understand how it works. And then from there you can see how to sell pies. So if that helps you out, definitely let me know down below. Remember it is not that difficult to reach a hundred thousand dollars a year business.

When you break it down by month, then break it down by day, just be realistic. What's the basic amount that I would need to sell. How much should that transaction be? And then shoot for that goal. You don't have to be a genius, honestly, to sell a hundred thousand dollars a year worth of products, even $10,000 a month in pies. So if that was helpful, please let me know down below with your comments. I'll definitely answer them as soon as possible. And I hope this gives you some great ideas. If you're not already in a facility and getting up and running, I would definitely recommend you do the research in your local city and county and find out what is it. You need to get that up and running, but PI's definitely something I would recommend big time. You can make a huge margin on them because they're very cheap to make. And they're not that difficult to make, to be honest with you, it's not rocket science. So I'll see you guys on our next video.