What is the most profitable things to sell at farmers market What food sells best at farmers markets

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What is the most profitable things to sell at farmers market What food sells best at farmers markets

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What is the most profitable thing to sell to a farmer? So in this podcast, which we will definitely upload onto our YouTube channel for all of our YouTube subscribers, this podcast, we're going to dive into that specific question and the five most profitable foods and why they're the most profitable foods. If you're looking to create a food business and you don't have a lot of money to invest in a big commercial kitchen or to build out some big facility, starting at home is the best thing to do, even if it's a side hustle.


If you're looking to create some additional revenue on the side, home-based food businesses are one of the hottest and most profitable ways to start any business. The reason being that you already have everything you need and, under cottage food laws, you don't have to build out some amazing kind of commercial kitchen. You don't have to build out a whole bunch of other facilities. You can actually start with what you have. So I had this question actually on our other channel marketing food online, which we'll have a link down below in the descriptions for that other channel. But on our other channel, they had a gentleman that actually asked us about this because he and his wife were looking to start a farmers market vendor booth, but they wanted to know what was the most profitable thing.

They wanted to see what the biggest margins were, so we delved into and dug into some statistics and some data. We went online and we actually found out some of the most inexpensive products to either buy and then repackage and just sell or products that you can actually make at home. So, welcome to marketing food online. It's Damian Roberti, founder and CEO of RV Food Online. I'm a food entrepreneur, and I'd love to give you guys food entrepreneurs' tips and tricks on how to start food businesses. No matter what you want to sell. If you have a question about your food business, Let me know in the comments because I like to create videos about you guys' questions and create some fantastic information to help you guys out now really quickly too. We have our brand new membership platform set up here on YouTube. If you look down below this video, there's a little button that says "Join."

What is the most profitable things to sell at farmers market

There are three different tiers, and based upon which tier you get, you get members-only access. There's actually a membership section within our channel too. But members only get additional perks and other benefits because you've signed up for them. Also, all of that money, those funds, and those fees that we charge for those different tiers help us continue to create video content, other resources, and then put out even more content that we have set up in line to do so. It does cost quite a bit of money to edit and create these videos. It's definitely something that a lot of people don't realize, but a lot of our videos are free, but it does cost us to actually upload and do them. So any additional membership helps you guys out. It's a two-fold benefit because we can help you out even more and get your questions answered and create content around what you guys really need. So definitely check out our membership section. So let's get into this. So what is the most profitable thing to sell at a farmer's market? Number five trail mixes, especially now at the start of spring and 2022 trail mixes, because a lot of people are out hiking or participating in a lot of outdoor events, finally, compared to what we were doing in 2019.But things are changing and a lot of people are getting involved.Trail mixes are great for multiple reasons.

What is the most profitable things to sell at farmers market

They can be loaded with proteins that can give you energy, and they're easy to put in the bag. If you've got a couple of kids and you're going to a soccer tournament or you're going to a trail and doing some hiking or biking, trail mixes are hugely, hugely popular. The marketplace will never be filled enough with trail mixes. To prebate and break it down, the average per pound bag cost to make or buy is $2.50 per pound.And by the way, I'll even help you out even further. If you check out the link down below, it'll take you to our website where I've got a list of all of the things I'm about to tell you about these five items. You can actually buy almost all of them except for one.



All of them pre-buy them in bulk, break them down, put your own label on them, and sell them. Okay, Now, of course, there's a lot of labeling things and stuff, but I'll get into that in another video. However, the average cost per pound for trail mix is $399.We actually have a trail mix on Amazon that we charged 1769 for. A pound and there's about a $14 profit margin on that individual pound, 399 It costs money to make the average trail mix. Of course, you have some on the higher end that have mixed nuts and cashews and maybe even macadamia nuts with dried fruits that are a little more expensive, and you have some on the lower end, but the average median price for one pound is $399. And you can retail that at farmer's markets for 1599. Now, in a minute, I'm sure you probably think to yourself, "Well, Damien, some of these prices for the retail sell are crazy." No one's going to pay that much.


What is the most profitable things to sell at farmers market

Yes, they will, and I'll tell you exactly why they will. Number four nuts, average price per pound. Of course, everybody knows nuts vary based on pistachios, if it's cashews, if it's a mix nut, but you can actually buy these in bulk again and I'll have the listing down below to show you the website you can do this on. You can actually get them in 4050 pound boxes, scoop them out, put them in a one-pound bag, label them, seal them, and sell them. The average cost for one pound of nuts is around 699. A pound cost some of them, like I said before. Some are going to be higher, so it will be lower, but 699, and the average retail price for a pound is 1499 to 1599. That's roughly about $10 a pound profit. Okay, and number three, one of the most profitable things, and you'd have to make these. This was the one I mentioned in the beginning. And I said, well, there's one item that you can't necessarily buy premade, but baked goods. When it comes to bakers, I'm talking about muffins or cookies. I'm talking about scones, I'm talking about the Scotties, even energy bars. These are all also allowed under cottage food laws. Cottage food laws allow you to create certain types of non-potentially hazardous food products. Every single state has some type of statute on the books about cottage food laws and what you can and can't make. Now, baked goods are something that is always popular and super inexpensive to make. It's easy to package.


What Food Sells Best at Farmers market 

By the way, these five particular items are also on our list because of how easy it is to package them, merchandise them, and sell them some products. If you're talking about salsas, you've got a pH level if you're talking about ketchup, condiments, or pickles. A lot of cottage food laws don't allow you to do pickling because of the pH. If it's not pickled properly, these are very simple, easy to package, easy to make, and easy to sell. That's the reason why I put them on our top five list. So, baked goods are one of them. And I'm telling you, anything you can come up with, if you can bake a chocolate chip cookie, then you can come up with 100 variations.


We actually have over 47 or 48 different cookies on our website that we sell online because we just have a huge variety like blueberry, white chocolate, cranberry almond, all kinds of stuff that you can put into cookies to make them unique. Make it. Stick out, make it stand out. Of course, bakers differ; making a bundt cake differs from making muffins and cookies, for example.But the average set of two dozen cookies on average costs either $2.85 or less. We make a two-dozen cookie that costs just under $2.02 per dozen.I charged 2699 on Amazon for them. Okay, now do you mean what can I charge for those baked goods at a farmers' market though? Anywhere from 19 to $22. And if you don't believe me for a moment, I'm going to explain why these amounts actually exist and why those price points are there.

What Food Sells Best at Farmers market 

Number two on our list of the top five most profitable items to sell at a farmer's market is popcorn, but not just popcorn. You need to have a variety of popcorn seasonings and allow your customers to customize the flavor of the popcorn. If you bake up just regular, traditional popcorn, you scoop it out nice and fresh and hot. Of course, you're going to have to invest a little bit in a popcorn maker, but they're not very expensive. I've seen him even on Amazon or Webstaurant for around $300 to $400. And that's not a lot to invest in in a food business. But it also applies to popcorn in general when purchased in bulk.And by the way, I'll even have a list of websites too that sell popcorn in bulk, so you can get a pound of kernels. When you pop it, it creates a ton of popcorn, which is unheard of when you pop it. But popcorn kernels are very cheap. Create it, but allow your customer to customize the flavor.



That's what's going to set your popcorn apart. Everybody on the planet that goes to a farmers' market, a local event, or a farmers' market loves popcorn, but the great thing is that kids eat popcorn. Adults eat popcorn, from senior citizens onwards. Teenagers love it. Everybody loves popcorn. Okay, that's why it's number two on our list; it's cheap to make. It's easy to package, by the way; you simply get yourself one of those disposable popcorn bags. Open it up, scoop it out. Let the customer put the seasoning on it and customize it. It gives them an incentive to take your pot and eat your popcorn. Instead of just scribbling salted peanut butter or cinnamon, salt and butter, and just the plain traditional flavors. Spruce it up, give it something unique. And the website you're going to check out on my website, I've got a link for you to show you. They have over 40 to 50 different popcorn seasonings.

What Food Sells Best at Farmers market 

You can package them, put them in a container, let them shake it on, and they'll come back for more and more. Okay, now the average cost of a serving of popcorn when it's popped, you've got a bag, you've got seasonings, etc. is around $1.10. And believe it or not, the bag that you're going to sell them, you can get anywhere from five to six for a jumbo bag of popcorn. That includes the seasoning that they can customize it with. All right, and then in a moment, like I said, I'll explain why these amounts exist and who they're going to pay. This product is already manufactured and available for purchase.And again, I have a website link for this as well for all of these items that I'm telling you about, except for the baked goods. How? I have a link for you to go and check it out for yourself. You can see how much this costs. spices. Yes, I actually went to a local farmers' market here actually. I believe it was last year, near the end of last year. I think it was in the fall. There was a guy who had him and his son start a spice business.



They had a spice tent, but they served it merely as a spice blend mix. It was a Dippy mix that you actually put in sour cream. They had like four, four, and five dozen different flavors. They were all over the place with these huge spices. The guy was charging $11 a bag, believe it or not. My retail is around seven to 10. The average four to eight ounces of spices, of course, varies. All of these have different ranges, but the average between four and eight ounces costs only $2.50. These guys were selling this four-ounce bag with a little clip on the top for 11 bucks, and they had people lined up. The way that they sold it, though, is that they had their tent with their sour cream already made with their seasoning blended up and they were letting people dip like little chips and crackers and try it, and they were buying two and three packages at a time. You're talking about $20 to $30 worth per transaction of spice mixes for this dip. It was, in a word, incredible.I was blown away.



So spices are number one. Now let me wrap this video up really quickly and explain to you why these prices are what you're thinking. Oh Paco, no one's going to pay five or $6 by Yes, they will. Here's why people love number one: People love to support local food businesses, especially today after what we went through in 2019. A lot of people, if you're in a small family food business, love to support small family food businesses, but when they go to local events, they are out for the day. They're out to have a good time. They're willing to spend money. I can tell you the one that I went to here. It was actually a wine festival. I took my wife, and we had a couple of our friends go with us, and my son came to hang out with us.


What Food Sells Best at Farmers market 

But at the wine festival, when people were doing a wine tasting, they were dropping $30-$40. just for a sampling of wine. And then there are people buying stuff that people have set up in tents, and foods and snacks, and people will spend at farmer's markets to support the local food business, the local family business that just got up and running, and they're selling and just trying to make ends meet. So get some people out there to try your product. They will spend this kind of money because they love to support your business. Okay, And the other thing is, when you create these gourmet batches of food products locally, they're called micro-batch food products, as they're called micro-batch food products. People love the uniqueness of it. The packaging has the story behind it. If your family is selling a product, one of the biggest selling incentives when you're starting out from home and you're doing the farmers' market or doing the festivals is your story. Make sure people know the story. If someone comes up to your tent and you start doing something, they try to say, "Hey, let me tell you how I started this business.""



They love stories. People love stories. And if you let them know that they're willing to part with $10 to $12 for their bag of spices, they're willing to part with five or six bucks for a gourmet bag of popcorn that has some type of bacon cheddar seasoning on it that's just out of the ordinary. Okay, all of these things lend themselves to your customers paying more, and you will make more money, and they're willing to do it. I've seen it at forest festivals and farmers' markets here locally. I always see people just lining up. We even spent them ourselves. This one guy had that spice with $11 for four ounces of spices. They cost around two bucks.