Private Label Beef Jerky Manufacturers What is a meat co Packer

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Private Label Beef Jerky Manufacturers



It is of the utmost importance that you find the most suitable co-packer for your jerky or meat snacks. Your packaging can be a direct expression of your brand, and it is the first thing that your customers will see before they even get access to the product. Your product must not only serve to keep the product safe but also make it easy for the consumer to obtain the product.

Because they assist to relieve pressure on the framework of the firm, co-packers can help you boost your profit margin while simultaneously lowering your labor costs. You have the option to reduce the size of your employee workforce or you are no longer required to grow it.

It is essential to prioritize sustainability, and expanding your business model can be accomplished by having co-packers take over the operations of your packing.

Private Label Beef Jerky Manufacturers

They may even be of assistance by providing user-friendly business solutions and improving the operational procedures of your company. They are able to assist you in the creation of various packaging systems and in the utilization of manufacturing without the need for dedicated packaging systems.

Find a co-packer for your jerky.
You need to find a happy medium between the amount of product that you are confident you can supply to the co-packer and the minimum order quantity that is required to make use of their services. After you have struck that balance, the next question to ask yourself is whether or not you are ensuring that you are not producing more than what you will be able to sell. When constructing your cost structure, you should take into account the costs of storage as well as the shelf life of many of your items. Investigate whether the jerky co-packer you are dealing with will store the goods for you and whether or not they can offer you tiered pricing.


Private Label Beef Jerky Manufacturers.
You and the co-packers will each need to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement in order to ensure the safety of any proprietary information or intellectual property that may be involved. In addition to this, you will need to have all of your service agreements prepared, signed, and ready to go. It is essential because it lays out expectations and obligations for everyone involved. You need to make sure that you ask about insurance policies as well because your co-packer might bring that to your attention.
It is essential to perform a cost analysis before employing the co-packer in any capacity. You most likely have complete autonomy over all aspects of production, including sourcing, labeling, nutrition prices, and any and all other factors that may have an impact on the manufacturing process.
If you want to get the most out of your products, you should think about hiring professionals to help develop them.

Private Label Beef Jerky Manufacturers

Absolutely World Class, Abilene, TX, 325-672-3000,

Blue Valley Brand, Diller, NE, 402-793-5820,

Country Ranch Foods, Marietta, GA, 888-653-5550,

Jerky Up, Show Low, AZ, 402-230-9296,

Monogram Foods, Memphis, TN, 901-685-7167,

Paxton Packing, Paxton, IL, 217-379-1705,

Siena Development Group Inc.,​ New York, NY, 347-828-2324, 

Stafford Meat Co., Rio Linda, CA, 916-991-3021, www.smcjerky com.

Turasky Meats, Springfield, IL, 217-522-3345, 

Western Meats Inc., Tummwater, WA, 360-357-6601, www.westernmeats.netWyoming Gourmet Beef, Cody, WY, 307-587-9841,