What are basic functions of eCommerce software?

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"What Are the Basic Functions of eCommerce Software?"

 If you want to start an online business, then you want to understand what are basic functions of eCommerce software. The reason is simple, proper ecommerce software is not only very efficient and professional, it also delivers an extraordinary value to the user. Plus, this type of software has to convey specific features that customers are interested in. Here are some of the main functions any ecommerce tools need to check out.


Website builder

When you are wondering what are basic functions of eCommerce software, then a website builder is pretty much a must-have. You do want to be able to create your own website and customize it the way you want. The simpler the entire process is, the better the software becomes. You want the ecommerce software to guide you through and provide a seamless way to create your own website.

Central database

This software also needs to have a database where it stores all the customer data, product info, product listings, customer data, payment and shipping information, among many others. It helps immensely and you will be more than happy with the results in the end.

"What are the basic fubctions of eCommerce Software"

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Marketing tools

Having marketing tools is crucial, because it allows you to promote your business with great success online. These tools can also give you reports and all kinds of tools that make the process more convenient and easier to manage.


Ideally, the best ecommerce software also needs to make it easy to automate your business. You don’t want to be there to handle every simple task. Automating helps quite a lot, and in the end it’s the right idea to consider if you want a growing, yet sustainable business.

Reports and analytics

It’s a great idea to have reports because you want to see how well the business is doing and what’s selling, among many others. All this information is offered by analytics and reports, so these are a crucial aspect of any ecommerce software.

"What is Ecommerce Software" 


You always want to have tools that integrate with third party platforms. You will appreciate it and customers will appreciate that too. It shows you went the extra mile to make things more convenient for them, and that’s totally worth it in the long run.

Search function

Having a search function is crucial because you want to have access to all the content you want at any given time. You want to make sure that shoppers are able to find the stuff they need as well. It just makes the experience better, and that’s exactly why a search function is always a must-have in the ecommerce world.

"Examples of ecommerce software"

If you were wondering what are basic functions of eCommerce software, it’s safe to say that the ones above are some of the best. Of course, it all depends on the ecommerce website and what you sell, but these features are ideal and they can help you expand and grow your business in the long run. It can take a bit of a trial and error to ensure everything is working as expected, but the payoff can be second to none if you are able to add such features to your website!

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