Can I ship cake via USPS

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Can I ship cake via USPS



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 How to Send a Homemade Cake in the Mail

Even though you won't be able to make it back to your hometown for Grandma's birthday party this year, that doesn't mean you can't still make a contribution to the celebration. Find a method for demonstrating you care by mailing an unique baked good or a family recipe that will surprise the person who receives it and leave them with a grin on their face. You may do this by finding a way to demonstrate that you care. Mailing a taste of home using these straightforward techniques is as simple as sending a pie, whether you're sending it a few miles or across the ocean. In addition, your baked goods will arrive in the same delicious condition in which they left your kitchen. By following these instructions to prepare your box (and goodies), you can assure that your baked products have the quality of having just come out of the oven.


Can I ship cake via USPS

How to Get a Cake Ready to Send in the Mail

When you are getting ready to ship your cake, you will need to take a variety of different steps due to the size and style of your confection. The following are some general guidelines that apply to the most common varieties of cake.

Layer Cakes

Before you transport your layer cake, be sure it's frozen. When shipping cakes with frosting, exercise caution because many soft frostings do not travel well, and you want to prevent the cake from becoming squished while it is in transit. When it comes to the frosting, the stiffer the better. A protecting cake collar should be wrapped around the baked item to protect the edges before it is carefully covered in plastic. Best practices recommend this step. In order to create some space between the icing and the wrapping on the cake, insert several toothpicks or other similarly sized sticks at various locations on the top and sides of the cake.

cakes in the pound and bundt formats


Can I ship cake via USPS

Before shipping, the bundt and round cakes should first be frozen, and then the plastic wrap should be wrapped around them with care. Because of their strong shape and structure, bundt and pound cakes are much simpler to wrap in plastic. This is because the top layer of the cake is less likely to tear off when the plastic is peeled away from the cake. carefully protected by a layer of plastic wrap, then another layer of aluminum foil.


When mailing a cheesecake, make sure you follow the instructions for layer cakes, bundt cakes, and pound cakes. When shipping the cheesecake, take special care to protect the crust on all sides. As an additional measure of defense, you might also want to think about freezing the individual slices separately and storing them in separate freezer bags.

Can I ship cake via USPS


Put cupcakes in a container that was made expressly for the storage of sweets like these. Put one cake in each of the inserts and leave some space between them. If you want to make sure that each cupcake stays put inside the container, you may try adding a tiny dot of baking glue to the bottom of each one. By inserting sticks through the center of each cupcake, you can prevent them from collapsing against the top and sides of the shipping box while they are being transported. In order to prevent any damage, the stick should extend all the way to the top of the box when it is closed.

How to Send Your Cake in the Mail Assemble the Necessary Equipment

Your neighborhood postal service or delivery service site should have all of the suitable packaging supplies that you require available for purchase. After you have finished wrapping your cake, place it inside of a cake box and then inside of a bubble-wrap lined shipping box or a Styrofoam mailer of the proper size.

Check to see that it is airtight.

Material, such as bubble wrap, paper, or kitchen towels, should be used to fill any empty spaces that are present within the container. It is necessary to find a way to fasten the cake so that it does not move about while in transit. Think about getting some insulated bags made specifically for the purpose of keeping food cold.



Can I ship cake via USPS

Make Sure Boxes Are Sealed Properly

Tape of superior quality should be used to close the box. When placing it, make sure to tape any seams and smooth out any creases. It is important that the shipping box be airtight so that the cake can be preserved and kept as fresh as possible.

ensuring proper labeling of shipments

Put the words "fragile" and "perishable" on the outside of your package to make it easier for the delivery company to handle it. You want to also include an arrow that points in the direction of the upright position, that is, the bottom of the box. In most cases, the person delivering your delivery will inquire as to whether or not it contains perishable items and then affix a sticker to it if it does.

If at All Possible, Ship During the Night

Make sure that your mailing label is attached to the outside of the box in a way that is secure and then make the necessary arrangements for delivery. It is important to keep in mind what you are mailing as well as the destination of the package; things that need to be kept cold should probably be transported overnight.


Can I ship cake via USPS