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This is Damien from marketing food online and from my thumbnail you're probably wondering, yeah, right. How can you make 16,000 plus dollars in 30 days? I'm actually going to explain exactly how you can do that with this information. Give me about 10 minutes and I'm going to explain to you every step you need to do to make over 16 grand in a 30 day period selling food.

In the introduction, I'm actually really excited about starting a brand new series of videos and it's going to be all about concession style food businesses. I've actually gotten nearly 20 of them set in place and I'm going to be making these videos over the next few weeks. So if you want to stick around and check out the rest of those different ideas, I'm actually going to break them down and show you number one, how much the equipment costs. Number two, everything you need to know about your license and permits. And number three, give you some examples of how to price your product, how much it costs, and even down in the description, give you a link to a website that will tell you where the events are in your state. So that is everything that you could potentially need to start a food business. Only thing that we need from you is the drive to do it and your willingness to work and have it succeed.

 Here are some great small business ideas you can start!



So remember, every food business can either succeed or fail based upon your ability to work hard and make it happen. I am not guaranteeing that you're going to scratch off a magic lottery ticket here and make $16,000 in 30 days. That is not what this video is about and you won't become rich overnight. But I will give you the foundation for a truly honest to goodness profitable food product that literally costs pennies to make. And you could charge a fortune and upwards of almost 90% margin on it. How does this work? Let's get to it. Okay. So number one out of any business that you create, no matter what it is, make sure you get the right license and permit for a concession styled business. Okay? And by the way, the product that I'm talking about is right there. These are waffle on a stick.

Yes, believe it or not, it's a simple, easy to make product and it costs pennies to make. You can see some fantastic pictures there and these are waffles, autistic. And the funny thing is is that they appeal to everybody because you can talk to them with all kinds of caramels and syrups and powdered sugars and even crushed M and, M's. Everything you put on ice cream, you can literally put it on this product and when it's done and said, it's about 27 to 30 cents a piece and it sells for about \$3 a unit. How does this work? Okay, number two. So once you, by the way, get your license and permits, you get that done. On the high side, it's about 300 or so dollars for the total amount of permits. Okay? On the low end, it could be between 100 so I put about a to $300 for your budget because as I mentioned in the thumbnail that you saw plus the introduction, you can start this business for around a thousand dollars or less with what the what I'm going to show you on the board.

So licenses or permits on the high side, let's say it's 300 bucks, okay? Every state, by the way, state, city and County, it's different. Uh, but it shouldn't exceed any more than $300 for the permits that you would need. Okay? Number two, equipment. What kind of equipment do you need? Very simple and very inexpensive equipment. First of all, you get the waffle machine maker, and by the way, all of this information and all of this equipment and products that you'll need to put this together, I'm going to give you even also the links to do it where you can find it down in the description. You can check out those links. Each one of them actually will tell you what the product is. You could click on the link and see the price point. These are going to be the prices that around the medium price.

You could spend way more money if you want to go that direction or you could spend a little bit less. These are specifically are in that mid range so I can keep you within budget to do this for less than a thousand okay? Yes, there are so awful makers that are more than 130 bucks. You can buy some that are seven or $800 if that's the way you want to go. Obviously you're going to be above that thousand dollar budget, but that's up to you. You can also get some that are cheaper, but I honestly wouldn't get too cheap. You need something that's kind of commercial grade that you can take to these fairs and festivals and different events, which I'm going to get to shortly. So you've got your machine, the maker right, the one that actually makes it. Okay, great. 130 bucks you need to stick to waffle on a stick, so obviously you need sticks.






You can pick up a hundred pack of those for around $10 okay? Now remember this is your starting point. If you find a package that's 10,000 and it cost you 40 bucks or what have you down the road, as you start to make more money, go ahead and buy that. I'm going to break it down so you stay within the budget of a thousand dollars next up powder sugar shaker. Now obviously that's kind of a cool thing. You can see these products as I post them up here, you'll see them pop up here on the screen as I talk about them. Powdered sugar shakers about $5 that's the shaker that actually looks the powder powder sugar on the product and the waffle mix. This is going to be I think a three or four pack. You see it right there. That's going to be around 23 bucks for the BICS and then squeeze bottles.

These are gonna be for chocolate syrups, the caramels and all the other toppings, right? Because once you make it, your customers are going to spray some stuff on top of it if they like. Okay, so these five things are literally the five things that could get you up and running. And of course, as I mentioned down the road, you want to get into more toppings. You want to do cherries or whatever it is that you want to do and you want to add on, feel free to do that, but you don't need that right off the bat. These five things all set to go, $478 including the high side of your license. So your license and these five items to get going, 478 bucks, that's actually less than $500 okay. Alright, what's next? How much does it cost to do a Damien? How much is each unit? Ever needed a small business , business plan?





How much do I charge? Good question. Make it simple. The cost per unit is around 27 cents. It could be between 27 and 30 cents. Okay, and that's breaking down what this cost per unit, how much you can get out of the package of the mix and all that. Okay. 27 cents that retails for $3 now you go to any fair festival, you popcorn. Sometimes five, six, $7. It's way more than this. This is the price point. I'm just giving you as an example. You could charge $5 if you want and you'll make even more money. But keep it around three between three and five is good. You go above that, you're kind of pushing it, but $3 is going to give you $2 and 73 cents per unit. Now how do you make $16,000 in 30 days? Here's how you do that. $2 and 73 cents a unit. So the average group of people, let's say it's a husband and wife and two kids, it's four people.






Four people come up to your stand and they want to buy four waffles for waffle sticks. Now you take that and you figure out how many is it? Is it going to take how many transactions? Not individual units, but how many transactions is it going to take for you to sell 200 units in a day at \$2 and 73 cents profit, which would make you \$546 in a day and that's profit. So 50 transactions with four people or four individual waffles sticks being sold and that transaction you only have to sell 50 transactions. Now you go to an average festival, farmer's market, whatever it may be, music festival, art festival, whatever it is. If you can't sell 50 transactions with thousands and thousands and thousands of people, well then you're not going to make $546 which is actually honestly kind of a little ridiculous, but 50 transactions is very doable.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a business plan.




When you have thousands of people at an at an event and all you're selling is four waffle sticks per transaction, that's gonna give you 200 sticks sold. So 206 in a day at two 73 gives you a $546 profit. Now the 30 day equation, now you're probably thinking, well Damien, I've worked at job. I'm not going to be Monday through Friday. I'm probably not going to be in the middle of the week at some fair festival. Here's how you can make this work. I said 30 days. I didn't say 30 days consecutively. If you invested 30 days of your time, if it happens to be on the weekend and you can do it, great. If you're working, then what I would suggest you do, because by the way, you got your license and your business and you're a full, legitimate business, is you need to schedule out events where you can hire one person to go to the event and maintain that Monday through Friday.



There's always going to be a fair, far a festival farmer's market. There's events all the time. They're not just on the weekend. This is where you are going to have to come in and take the rain and plan out your events. You need to look ahead and figure out where you can be and calculate 30 days worth of work in 30 days at $546 a day does give you $16,380 now, here's a really quick bonus tip. Don't rely on one single location. If you can invest $400 $478 and all of this for one location. Let me ask you a question. What if you were, I had the opportunity to have three locations, three separate units working at the same time, pay somebody just to be at an event for whatever they made the day may be if it's minimum wage or maybe give them even 10% of the sale or if it's $10 an hour told whatever you decide to do.

What it is like owning your own business?

But what if you had three people that you had working for you at three different events? Now you can see how much this Mo, how much more money you could potentially make by doing this. This is not a gimmick. It's not some fancy idea or some dreamland hope that this might happen. You can sit down and plan it out like any legitimate business. You could definitely make $546 a day selling 50 transactions. Of course you could, and if you were in three locations, let's say on a weekend from Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, there was an event or festival and you could be there three days consecutively with three different locations at three different events. This turns into way more than $16,000 in a 30 day period. Do you see how this works? This is a simple food product, guys. This is not rocket science and this is not some ploy or some pyramid scheme or some silly idea.

This is a legitimate food business that you can make some money. Why is it so profitable? At the end of the day, it's profitable because the product costs 27 30 cents to make. That's it. And making these, by the way, that uh, right here, the equipment, that one piece I showed you here, it makes multiple units at once. Why is that important? Because your customer's not going to be standing in line for more than just a couple of minutes while you make them fresh and hand it to them and then move on to the next customer. This is also a very fast producing product. It doesn't take five 10 20 minutes to make. It takes only a couple of minutes with those, those presses, those waffle presses. So take a look at this. Take a look at what I showed you. Give it a shot. Take a look at the links I've good down below so you can actually price them out and see that you can get all of this stuff.

By the way, in one order, one shot, invest about 500 bucks or so. Try it out. I'm telling you you'll be making way more money than you're making at your nine to five job. And this by the way is one product. I've got 20 videos with 20 different food products. Yes, 20 coming up. So you definitely want to stay tuned. If you're not subscribed, you're going to check out the next handful of videos and you'll be shocked because this is one food product. I actually have a way that you can incorporate a second or even third type of food product at the same time you're making these and it would make you even more than this. So if that was helpful and you guys got some great ideas, please do give me a big thumbs up if you've got questions about this. As always, let me know down below and I'd be more than happy to explain it to you. I'll see you on the next video. So if you're looking to start your own food business, check out these videos for more resources, profitable food business ideas. How to start a food truck business. Learn all about care cottage food laws to create a home business for selling food and how to start a catering business from home. These and many more small food business ideas are all at your fingertips when you subscribe to marketing food online.


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