How do I get more reviews on Yelp

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How do I get more reviews on Yelp



How to Obtain Reviews on Yelp

When it comes to Yelp, you'll want to have a lot of reviews overall, as well as a lot of good ratings specifically. This gives the appearance that your establishment is popular and busy, which is a desirable quality for potential future guests because it demonstrates that your establishment is successful. So, how can you increase the number of reviews you have on Yelp? To encourage clients to submit online reviews of your company, the following are some suggestions for actions to take as well as those to avoid taking.

1. Don't Solicit or Attempt to Shape the Opinions of Your Clients in Any Way.

Authenticity is essential if you want to see an increase in the number of reviews you receive on Yelp. You want clients to share their honest opinion of your company since that honesty is what will convince other customers to patronize your establishment. This is why you want customers to give their honest opinion.

It is not encouraged to directly solicit favorable reviews from clients on Yelp by urging them to do so. If you do this, you run the risk of discouraging some of your clients from leaving a review at all, or even worse, from returning to your establishment in the future.


How do I get more reviews on Yelp

You should never add fake reviews or buy reviews on Yelp.

Yelp users who buy reviews or who have workers submit phony reviews on their behalf are subject to being punished by the website, which is an essential fact that you need to be aware of before using Yelp. When a review that is not genuine has been placed, the website and its community of devoted followers are able to detect it immediately. They are able to identify phony and paid Yelp reviews with the assistance of the algorithm that Yelp uses, in addition to other filters and algorithms.

The association of your company with reviews of this nature can have a detrimental effect on the reputation of your restaurant. If it is determined that you are purchasing Yelp reviews, the website will place a Consumer Alert banner on your page for a period of ninety days. This banner will inform your potential customers that your company was detected attempting to pay for Yelp reviews, which will undermine their trust in your brand. This banner will alert your potential consumers that your firm attempted to pay for Yelp reviews. Fake reviews on Yelp and sponsored endorsements are both violations of the rules set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which can lead to significant penalties or additional repercussions.



How do I get more reviews on Yelp

Yelp identifies as false or insincere reviews that have similar characteristics such as the following:

There is no image associated with the reviewer's profile.
The review does not go into much detail regarding the dining experience.
There are fewer than 135 characters total in the review.
The reviewer consistently produces consistently comparable reviews.
A review is either completely favorable or completely bad, and it often sounds overblown in either direction.
The reviewer has a limited or nonexistent history of leaving reviews for other companies.
The reviewer's profile lists a paltry number of "Yelp pals," if any at all.
There is no biographical information about the reviewer included in their profile.
The reviewer publishes many reviews all at once or during the span of a single day.
The reviewer gives the firm being evaluated five stars while giving the company being evaluated only one star.

Yelp's algorithm will err on the side of caution and filter out reviews that sound phony, even if they may be true. This will happen even if the reviews are genuine. Because of this, it is vitally necessary to publicize review choices for each and every one of your clients, and to encourage as many of them as is humanly feasible to submit an actual review of your company on Yelp.


How do I get more reviews on Yelp

2. Post reminders and Yelp-branded signage in your restaurant's eating area.

There are a few different ways you may let your consumers know that you are on Yelp and interested in obtaining reviews without directly asking them for their feedback. The Yelp review policy prohibits businesses from directly asking customers for reviews, but placing a sign in your establishment that reads "Let us know how we've been doing!" and posting it on social media is an effective approach to encourage customers to provide feedback on your establishment.

Stick an official Yelp sticker on your establishment's windows and doors to inform customers that you are participating in the online review platform Yelp and that you would value their feedback. Think about positioning these stickers at your front entrance or cash register so that they are the last thing your customers see before leaving your establishment. It's possible that having Yelp stickers around your business will encourage people to write a review about it when they leave and get back to their homes.

Yelp even provides the HTML coding that you need to incorporate a Yelp badge onto your website as well as the pages of your social media profiles. You could accompany the emblem with a message that invites them to check out your Yelp page and provides some samples of legitimate reviews that other customers have left for your business in the past. If this is the case, select reviews that have been formatted appropriately and can demonstrate to customers how to write a Yelp review that will pass muster with the Yelp review filtering process.


How do I get more reviews on Yelp

3. Communicate with customers after an experience has been provided for them.

After they have finished their meal, customers typically do not give much thought to writing a review. It is expected that only 15 consumers out of every 1,000 will make the effort to submit a review regarding a certain company. By following up with clients after their experience, you can significantly boost the number of customers who are prepared to share their feedback in the form of a review.

Face-to-face communication can begin with this conversation if your staff is trained to inquire about the quality of the customer's meal and overall experience before presenting the bill. If the consumer says that they had a good time, you should politely recommend that they post their comments online on the website that they use most often to give reviews. In the event that the encounter was unfavorable, you will have the opportunity to make amends with the client by posing additional questions and extending an apology in the form of a discount or a free gift of some kind. It is possible that a bad review will not be left on your Yelp business page if you do this.

With the assistance of websites such as, you are even able to contact clients after they have left your location and inquire about their experience. Think about including a spot on your receipt where customers can write down their email address or phone number so you may contact them for feedback. After that, you may enter their information into the system at ReputationStacker, and the website will immediately send them a short survey with a single question inquiring about their whole experience. As soon as your consumer responds, they will be directed to the review sites that you select, and you will be informed of any unfavorable reviews that require your attention.


How do I get more reviews on Yelp

4. Make exclusive discounts and gift certificates available only through Yelp.

Yelp Deals can be an efficient way to get customers in the door and leave reviews of your business. However, businesses shouldn't provide discounts or coupons in exchange for ratings, so this isn't the best way to go about it. Customers can easily display these discounts to their servers by printing them out or pulling them up on their cellphones. These bargains may come in the shape of a discount coupon or a gift certificate.

You can encourage Yelp users to visit your business by giving them a discount or coupon, and because they got the voucher from Yelp, there is a significant probability that they will write a review after they have done so. Customers who bring in a copy of their Yelp review during their subsequent visit could be eligible for a discount or other incentive, regardless of the star rating associated with the review on Yelp. Because of this, they will be more likely to become return customers and post positive reviews on Yelp.

How do I get more reviews on Yelp

5. You should respond to both favorable and bad reviews on Yelp.

It is unavoidable for customers to leave negative reviews on Yelp; nevertheless, just because a review is unfavorable does not mean that it is a terrible Yelp review. Because Yelp gives business owners the ability to respond to reviews, you now have the ability to change negative evaluations into positive ones for your company.

When replying to a poor review, you can use the following suggestions as a guide:

answered within the allotted time frame of two weeks after the initial review posting.
Before responding, make sure you read the full review.
In the beginning of the message, you should apologize and then thank them for reaching out.
Admit any mistakes that may have been committed by your company in regard to this scenario.
In your comment, include specifics that demonstrate that you have read the entire review.
Never disrespect the consumer or suggest that they are lying to you.
You should defend your company without coming off as defensive yourself.
Make an effort to propose a solution, or offer to speak with the consumer directly in order to continue the conversation and find a personal resolution.
Include contact information for the management, such as a phone number or email address.

You should make an effort to save public messages for remarks that will be of use to all clients. If you can contribute something to a favorable review, then you should publish it publicly; however, you should be aware that posting many public "thank yous" can give the impression that you are trying to manipulate customers into leaving reviews. When a consumer takes the time to write a review of your business, it indicates that they had such a positive experience there that they want others to know about it.

6. Ensure that your company's profile is always up to date

It is necessary for you, as the owner of a restaurant or bar, to claim your Yelp business page in order to verify that the information that is posted is accurate. Yelp obtains business data through licensing agreements with third-party data collectors and then publishes that data on its website. As a direct consequence of this, the information that Yelp posts on the page dedicated to your company isn't always accurate.

It is also essential that the menu for your establishment be posted on Yelp. This could be the deciding factor for a guest in deciding whether or not to try out your new dinner special or whether or not to go to their usual restaurant down the street. When out-of-town customers are seeking for a place to eat in the area, posting a menu will give you an advantage over the competition.

Yelp is an invaluable resource for inquisitive customers as well as company owners who do not wish to pay for reviews of their establishment. Restaurants can be held accountable for their activities, commended by satisfied customers, and offered helpful criticism to assist them in improving as a result of the existence of a whole community whose foundation is founded on providing open and honest feedback. If you want to improve the reputation of your company and receive additional reviews on Yelp, follow these easy steps.