How to start a Food Truck business 7 Permits Licenses you may need

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How to start a food Truck business 7 Permits Licenses you may need. What kind of license and permits will you need well you need to see why these are so important if your starting

First and foremost make sure you are incorpoarted! Many states will actually require this but is some it may not be neede, but is very important to cover yourself legally. Selling food from a truck is NOT a hobby. 

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We're going to get into the discussing what type of food permits and licensing you may need to have for your food truck. You want to get that taco truck up and running. And if you're looking for that used food truck, that's for sale, and you're thinking yourself well, if I get that, what kind of permits and licensing will I need? We're going to cover that right now. So let's jump into it. So, number one, one of the most important aspects of running any type of business, including a mobile food business, such as a food truck, you're going to need a business license.

Now this will be highly dependent upon the type of city and the state that you're working in, and it will be dependent upon what type of a food truck you're going to have. And what I mean by that is if you're having to create Kate, if you're doing catering jobs, if you're going to be going to events, there are going to be different types of business licenses that will be issued by either the city or the County that you're in. So make sure that you distinguish yourself as to what type of service you're going to provide when you are doing that. And in some cases, um, aside from the actual license fee itself, um, there is also some States actually have a percentage of the sales that you actually make are going to go to, uh, the state or the County, depending upon where you are as well.

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So that's something that a lot of food truck, um, newbies, if you're going to just be getting into the business are unaware of, but sometimes it's not only just that yearly fee, but it could be a percentage of what you make annually. So the business license is one potential license that you may need, of course, to have. Now the next one up, if you are going to operate a very busy food truck and you can't do it all by yourself, so you're going to have employees now in order for you to legally operate, uh, and have a handful of employees that you will be paying the IRS has, uh, identify, identify our number, which is the E I N.

Okay, that's an employer identification number, and that's going to allow you as a business owner to make sure that you're legally paying, uh, your employees, you're filing taxes and such.

So that's the number that the IRS would actually distinguish you as a business owner. Now, to keep that in mind, that is something that you would, I think you would need to really personally do upfront first with the business licenses to apply for EIN, because you know that you're going to be having, uh, employees, you're going to have some help on hand. Uh, so you want to make sure you do it and plus you do it within the, uh, the rule of the law is set up, uh, by the IRS and such as far as, uh, paying your employees.


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So make sure that you do that because you want to protect yourself when you're starting your food truck. Now, the other thing you want to keep in mind as you, as you listen to the rest of this video, um, permits and licenses from time to time, local municipalities, such as cities and counties, they'll update those laws and they'll kind of change.

And from time to time, there may be some permits that were no longer needed. Um, sometimes annually they'll review those types of licenses and such for food operators, food, truck operators, and you may not have to always renew them, or there may be a license that they've done away with.

So on an annual basis, double check, make sure you stay on top of what is required locally. Okay. Now the next one up the next one, going to be the vehicle license. Okay. So whoever you have operating the vehicle itself makes sure that they are properly licensed to drive the vehicle. Okay. This is ultra important, especially when it gets down to liability questions, because you are a business that is quote unquote, kind of on wheels, a restaurant on wheels. You may not necessarily, as the owner be driving all the time, you may have your staff driving the vehicle, but you, in some cases, and in some States, they actually require a commercial driver's license to operate a food trucks, which is something that, um, a lot of new food truck entrepreneurs may not be aware of.

They just think they can pick up their license and drive some States. You got to have a specific license because of the size. Okay. It may be the weight, the length, the overall weight of the, of the entire vehicle itself, uh, doesn't necessarily classify as a standard driver's license. So be aware that you may have to have a specific commercial license as well. All right. So the next one up, if you're looking to operate a food truck or a food cart, and you want to get that business up and running, you may need in some States and cities actually require what's known as a food handler's permit. Okay? So either you as the owner or the operator or one of your employees, um, during the time that you're actually, uh, transacting business on the food truck, one of them have to have that type of, uh, food safety class permit.

Now that's something that's required, not in every state, but you may want to double check with your state in your city or the County. They may require that. And it's a very simple opera. It's a very simple a permit to get the food handlers courses. A lot of them actually are done online nowadays, and it doesn't cost a lot. And it's normally just a onetime thing. You don't have to get it every year or renew it, but it's definitely something that you want to be aware of that the food handlers permit may be required. So that's another one that you may not have known about the next permit up is going to be the health department permit. Now, this is something that is very similar to what a restaurant is required to have. Of course, the health department, as you may or may not know, they inspect restaurants for cleanliness and the way that the hand handling the food, the food preparation, food storage.

So as a food truck, technically are kind of a restaurant on wheels, really. So you need to be aware that your health department, your local city or County health department will actually require that you have that permit as well. Now, in some States, of course, it would vary as to which department you need to speak with. But predominantly it's going to be the health department because of the fact that you are pretty much classified in the same realm as a restaurant on wheels, in a sense. So the health department is another permit that you may or may not have thought about when you want it to get into the food truck business. All right, last, but of course, not least, uh, this is one that, um, uh, a few friends of mine that actually started a food truck were unaware of when they, when they get got up and running and they did eventually have to get this done.

Fire certificates, okay, these are actually the local fire department will inspect or need to actually inspect your food truck to make sure that the equipment, a lot of them are not run of course, off of electric, but they're run off of propane or gas. So it creates a potential fire issue. Um, so the equipment that is on the truck itself would need to be inspected very intensely to make sure that it's hooked up properly by the fire department, because of course you don't want to go to an event and then have your, your food truck not set up properly in an issue happens. And, you know, God forbid someone gets hurt because it wasn't hooked up properly. So the fire department is a, is another one who will inspect it and they'll give you a certificate once they check that off.

And that everything is good to go. So I wanted to keep this video as short and sweet and to the point and give you really five tips on how the licensing and permit aspects of a food truck is actually handled. And in of course in many States and cities vary slightly. So double check with your County or city at first, and then follow up with your state laws and regulations and make sure that you are following all of those. So if you have any questions about food trucks, if you're in the market to buy that used food truck, and you want to get it up and running and make sure that it's legit and it's illegal and operating properly, uh, drop some comments down below, and I'll see you guys on the next video.


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