What's an alternative to DoorDash?

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What's an alternative to DoorDash?

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What's an alternative to DoorDash

 As a food business, do you want to make money off of upcoming food trends? Maybe you're the kind of foodie who's always looking for the next weird thing to post on Instagram?

People are always looking for new ways to eat, so 2023 will be an exciting year for foodies. Sustainability will be at the top of the list, there will be fruits you've never heard of, and #solodate will be the hashtag of the year.



What's an alternative to DoorDash
Over the past few years, our eating habits have been all over the place. So, if 2020 and 2021 were the years of home cooking and comfort foods and 2022 was a triumphant return to dining in, delivery platforms, and events, what food trends might 2023 bring?


What's an alternative to DoorDash

Will we keep up with our healthy habits? Will menus be filled with dishes that bring back memories? Or will fusion flavors and ingredients from far away change the way we taste? Let's look at the list and figure it out.

We talked to professional foodies, tastemakers, grocers, and market researchers to find out what flavors and trends will be popular tomorrow.

New Wave Seafood Made From Plants



What's an alternative to DoorDash
1. Other Foods Than Fish
Sustainable food options came out on top of all the trends we looked at for 2023. As the number of people on Earth grows, so does the need to feed almost 8 billion mouths. But if we want to make sure everyone has a good life within the limits of the planet, we need to promote foods that use the least amount of carbon. The carbon footprint of fishing boats and farms comes with the 6.3 billion pounds of seafood we eat as a country every year.

You'll forget that Ocean Hugger Foods' fake sushi, Sophie's Kitchen crabcakes, and New Waves don't come from the ocean, and you'll leave less of a "foodprint" on the earth.

What's an alternative to DoorDash

2. Foods for Mood
We've been moving toward food experiences that match our moods for a while now, but by 2023, this will be more common. In 2023, the Food Institute predicts that there will be a lot more meals with CBD, THC, and even drugs that make people feel high. With the legalization of cannabis and the use of CBD in many different types of food in the U.S., plant-based mood changers are becoming more accepted in the food and wellness culture.

The Food Institute says:

"People are more interested in THC, CBD's psychoactive cousin, because attitudes toward CBD have changed. THC has made its way into a number of menu items and consumer packaged goods thanks to looser rules and regulatory loopholes.


What's an alternative to DoorDash

We'll see drinks and cocktails in restaurants that use cannabis and its derivatives to help people relax, sleep better, feel less stressed, and do other things.

3. Spirits from Mexico
Since the Aztec Indians first fermented agave to make a ceremonial wine that we now call Tequila, Mexican spirits have been a big food trend. In 2023, there will be more versions of the Mexican hard alcohol art. What's an alternative to DoorDash

Mezcal is tequila's cousin that tastes smoky and salty. It went up a lot in 2022, and it doesn't look like it will slow down as 2023 approaches. Also, when Lenny Kravitz releases his Nocheluna brand of the spirit in 2023, Sotol, which is made by distilling a Mexican shrub called the "desert spoon," will be on every cocktail menu.

What's an alternative to DoorDash

4. Seamless Order and Delivery
The Food People think that people will keep focusing on easy food service. Food APPs like Save A Plate, Inc. (SAPi) will have to work harder than ever to make it easy for people to connect with local food businesses. In 2023, QR codes will be used more, restaurants will offer direct delivery, and maybe even drones will be used for deliveries.

Potato Milk

What's an alternative to DoorDash

5. Potato Milk
Remember when almond, oat, and cashew milks were something new? If you think you've thought of every way to make milk from plants, you probably weren't expecting potatoes to show up. The National News says that potato milk is the plant-based alternative that should have gone global in 2022, but we think that your coolest friend will post about it on social media in 2023.




Potato milk is low in fat and sugar, has no cholesterol, and is easier to make, which makes it a good choice for the long term. If you compare dairy milk to a drink made from potatoes, the potato drink has a much smaller effect on the climate. In fact, about 75% less damage is done to the environment if you use something made from potatoes instead. No, it doesn't taste much like potatoes, sorry to be a downer.

6. Repurposing Pulp
On Whole Foods' annual list of trending foods, repurposed pulp was called the next big thing for 2023. As a result of the pulps that are often wasted when plant-based milk is made, more and more companies are coming up with new ways to use them. By using byproducts like oat, soy, and almond pulp to make new products, like alternative flours, baking mixes, and sweets, brands are making new products for the modern baker. What's an alternative to DoorDash

7. Solo Dining
Country and Town House says that 2023 will be your year if you like going on "solo dates." As we move away from a restrictive pandemic and into the age of self-care, the number of people who eat alone is on the rise. As proof, hashtags on TikTok like #SoloDate and #DiningAlone have gotten more than 150 million views.

Restaurants have been making it easier for people to eat alone, and we'll probably see more people sitting at the counter.

What's an alternative to DoorDash

Foods That Are Good for Your Gut

8. Foods Good for the Gut
Delish, a tastemaker food magazine, says that foods that are good for gut health will continue to be popular in 2023. Tik Tok's analytics show that #guthealth is a trend because it has been seen more than 2.4 billion times and counting. With more people becoming interested in gut health, a new wave of gut-friendly biotics called "postbiotics" will start to appear. "Prebiotics" feed the good bacteria in your gut, which are called "probiotics." "Postbiotics" work with both prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy gut, immune system, and even mental health.

In 2023, more functional foods like kombucha, fermented vegetables, and living yogurts will have all the biotics.



9. Yuzu Industry APP Lova thinks that the Asian citrus fruit Yuzu will be the most popular flavor in 2023. In the past year, there was a 49% rise in searches for yuzu on the internet, which shows that people are getting more interested in the unusual fruit. Yuzu is the main flavoring ingredient, and it has a strong, zesty taste. In 2023, it will be used in a wide range of foods and drinks, such as drinks, ice creams, and marinades.

What's an alternative to DoorDash
10. Yaupon
The last place on our list is Whole Foods, which was suggested by food future sage. They think that in 2023, the only caffeinated plant that grows in North America will take over from coffee. Ok, nothing is likely to take coffee's crown, but Yaupon's mild, earthy flavor and unique health benefits will make waves in the coming year.

You can find it in kombucha, ready-to-drink teas, and craft cocktails all over the place.