Where to Buy a Food Truck Near Me

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So if you're looking to get into the mobile food truck business, the industry is rough. It's very difficult and challenging to run that type of business, but of course it can't be done. You need to have a passion for what you do for money to invest in time to understand the process and patience to get it done. So down below, we're going to check into where to buy a food truck. Food truck freaks, we have begun a brand new channel on YouTube. This will be our fourth food entrepreneur channel dedicated to the food truck business. This will help me understand each state and how the market one!

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Where to buy a food truck near me

One of the best places to look online for where to buy a food truck near me is eBay. Next, Alibaba. Believe it or not, you can buy a food truck from Ali Baba and have it brought over from another country or even sellers within the US. Finally, make sure the buyer you're buying it from on eBay has really good feedback and the ability to contact you over the phone rather than just through eBay itself.Craigslist Craigslist is still a great place to find used food trucks, sometimes even new food trucks that are being advertised.

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"For sale used food trucks"

When it comes to buying a used food truck, you want to make sure that you inspect 100% that the person selling or buying it from is well-versed and understands used food trucks. They can be sometimes a great deal when you buy them because they're a lot cheaper than brand new ones, but if you have to customize everything about it, put in brand-new equipment, reelectric all the electricity, and rebuild it basically from scratch, then it ends up being as expensive as a brand new unit. If you have the ability to get a new unit, that's great.

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The problem with that is that a lot of times it can be anywhere from $75 to $100,000 and that could be very pricey. I would also not recommend Taking a loan out for an unproven concept for a food truck could be disastrous and a lot of money wasted in time. Make sure you test out the concept first before you delve into paying for a brand new food truck.

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"Used Food Trucks for Sale by Owner"

If you go to Google and actually type in that phrase "used food trucks for sale by owner," believe it or not, you'll find a lot of owners of food trucks within a certain radius of your home, maybe even within your state, which is great because it gives you an opportunity to actually go there and meet the person, the owner of the food truck, and see exactly how it works, what needs to be fixed, and kind of take it for a test drive, if you will, but for sale by owner food trucks is a better way to go than a dealer because a lot of the dealers who either resell them or brand new manufacturers have a premium put on the unit because they want to make a profit. Most of the people who actually sell food trucks by owner are simply looking to rid themselves of their

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Food trucks for sale on Craigslist

When it comes to buying a food truck for sale on Craigslist, like I mentioned before, make sure that you have an opportunity to look over the unit before making any offers or signing any contracts. Most of the vehicles that are sold on Craigslist are pretty reputable and most of the time the seller simply wants to get rid of the vehicle and there's not much of a scam going on.

"New Food Trucks For Sale"

When it comes to buying a new food truck, be sure that you're looking at something that is specific to the type of food and menu you're going to make. New food trucks are going to be a little bit more expensive, obviously, than using it once, but if they don't have the right equipment, it's not the right vehicle for you. It's kind of like building a restaurant that serves tacos when you want to start adding an ice cream parlor And it makes no sense, so be sure that the type of truck you're getting has all of the equipment necessary for what you're doing, or you'll end up having to build one from scratch. This is an option, but this is a bit more pricey because you're creating something from scratch and it's customized to your needs. Many of these can be arranged on a low budget of anywhere from $100,000 to 125,000. That's quite a bit of money when you consider that you may be able to get something used instead of a new food truck.

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