ATTENTION: How to Start a Small Food Business from home and make money NOW!

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Cottage Food law allows anyone with states that have home-based food business laws to make food from home and sell it!

Did you know some states allow you to sell food made from home at Farmers Markets, local stands, special events, and more! So if you are a foodie or love to make food items or bake you should check out the video playlist below!

Check out the video playlist below to learn more about the food business world and how you can get started.

Always before anything make sure you are incorporated. Many states do not make it necessary but for your own protection in case someone falls ill, and gets sick you need to be incorporated. 

Did you know you can do this online in any state! Check out INCFILE.

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 Steps to get started and question to ask:

1. Make sure you are allowed to sell food from home by asking your local city, and county. Each state may have laws but the local municipalities are the ones who regulate the local laws. 

 2. Incorporate your business even if it is not required. You want to separate yourself from your business. For liability reasons, you need to also get insurance. FLIP PROGRAM is the best place to get started with food business insurance. 

 3. Perfect your recipe make sure what you are making is something your GOOD at. Why? because you will be making it very often and making something you not so good at or you don't enjoy will become a burnout!

 4. Find local places to start selling. One of the best places is the Farmer's markets. Why? compared to many other local venues selling food at Farmers Markets serves 2 purposes. One is shoppers get hungry, and YOU fill that need. It can be snacks, baked goods, etc. 

5. Most food can't be time or tempered sensitive. These are considered potentially hazardous foods. Almost ALL states do not allow these types.

6. So what type of foods do states allow? Items like Cookies, cakes, baked goods, Nuts, popcorn, trail mix, Seasoning, and others but you can see these items are NOT hazardous. 

7. Insurance makes sure you get food business insurance for ALL your products and equipment. Also Commercial Auto Insurance policy. This is one most people actually don't realize can be a huge benefit for the business and taxes. having an Auto Insurance policy for commercial vehicle use. If you are using your vehicle to get ingredients locally, drop of orders, set up at Farmers Market it is being used for business. Thus you should get a commercial Auto Policy. 


How to know what my state allows? Check out our playlist to find your state and info on how to get started. 



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