How do I advertise food on TikTok

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How do I advertise food on TikTok



The moment you thought you had everything under control with your perfectly groomed Instagram photos and timely tweets, social media decided to add even more to your plate of responsibilities. You are well aware that the video sharing platform TikTok has emerged as the most recent trend in the digital world. But let's say that you're so busy at work that you can't even organize a synchronized dance or respond to some strange survey questions in order to participate in any social media promotion for your business. Is it possible to use TikTok in a straightforward manner in restaurants today?

If anything, the food and beverage industry is in a fantastic position to take the nascent social networking app by storm; alternatively, you can simply use it as a dependable tool to build your consumer base. Here are six helpful recommendations for using TikTok to sell your restaurant, including how to get started, how to differentiate yourself from the competition, and how to leverage restaurant TikTok to your advantage.



How do I advertise food on TikTok

Don't put too much thought into your appearance in front of the camera! In radio, there is an old proverb that suggests you should picture your audience to be just one person and then speak directly to that individual. Ready? Take a deep breath... Let's have some fun.

You might introduce your crew and give a tour of your restaurant using TikTok.

People consistently provide things such as food that is arranged well. TikTok's short movies move at a rapid pace, which enables users to explore a wide variety of additional creative avenues. After all, there is a lot more to running a successful restaurant than merely serving up dishes and beverages that are worthy of an Instagram post.

One simple suggestion: give tours of your establishment to the clients of your company. Introduce a member of staff, acknowledge the arrival of a new supply of food, or walk through the behind-the-scenes preparations for an upcoming party or special event. Videos have the potential to help humanize what you're doing, make you more approachable, and assist in starting a dialogue that can bring in new clients who were previously unaware of your existence. This is one possible illustration of what I mean by that.




How do I advertise food on TikTok

TikTok is an excellent platform from which to launch new products or limited-time offers.

Unsurprisingly, one of the most worn-out areas of creative potential in the industry is the announcement of the day's specials. Scrawls on a chalkboard shaped like an A-frame? Yawn. A hurried account provided by a busy waitress as they replenish the water glasses in preparation for attending to another table? Please? A sensational video with mouthwatering images, enticing audio, and a little bit of character? Now we're chatting!

TikTok is an excellent marketing tool that may be used to promote new menu items or offers. In addition to being a fun and engaging method to really show off what you're providing, it can also be a way to entice customers who haven't yet decided what they're going to do for dinner. Another peculiar added perk? Getting used to using TikTok to promote food can not only help you think of new and intriguing recipes, but it can also help you think of foods that will look as wonderful on camera as they taste. This is an excellent method to put the focus on the flavor of the food.




How do I advertise food on TikTok

Take advantage of the best moments in your clients' lives.

Customers bring their own unique element to the table, which then becomes ingrained in the character of the establishment they frequent, regardless of how good the food or how reliable the service may be. If you have felt the desire to be on TikTok, there is a good chance that you have at least a couple of clients who can make any timeline more interesting.

Take advantage of a genuine happy occasion, such as a proposal, a birthday celebration, or just happy pals enjoying each other's company, and share it with the people who follow you on social media. While enjoying a dinner or a drink with one of your most loyal customers, record a short dialogue with them. It's also possible that you'll attract some very driven consumers who are willing to assist you in recreating a TikTok dance. You'll demonstrate to the folks who are coming to lunch with you that you care about them. You might even take a picture of something wonderful, if that's even possible.

Demonstrate what it is that sets apart your cooking method or your kitchen.

TikTok did not come up with the concept of the "how it's created" video, but the app is responsible for their meteoric rise in popularity. If you own a restaurant, you are in the ideal position to make advantage of the platform to provide an insider's view into the processes that go into creating your most delicious foods.

When using blowtorched components, you have the ability to go large and flamboyant. Or, if you want to keep them captivated, you could give them an ASMR-style peek at how you make your delicious pastries. Do you make use of some strange appliance that is uncommon in regular people's kitchens? Turn it on, and make sure everyone sees it! The platform's rapid cuts can make it easier to keep people watching and showcase the flourishes that provide your kitchen a little of curiosity, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved. If the history of your dish is strange, let your customers know so they can become interested about trying it for themselves.

Utilize the influencers or themed accounts that are available on TikTok.

TikTok has been responsible for a great number of overnight sensations, which is one of the most alluring aspects of this app. It's possible that locals might give your company a significant boost by writing about how delicious your food is and sharing their thoughts online. As constant content providers, micro-influencers and verified superstars alike are searching for non-stop content. As such, these individuals may be prepared to collaborate with you in exchange for some access to the behind-the-scenes action as well as a few meals.



How do I advertise food on TikTok

You can reach out to themed accounts anywhere and invite them to do a cross-promoted post about your business, which is not dissimilar to an Instagram takeover. If you're having trouble finding people in your area who are willing to come by, don't sweat it: you can reach out to themed accounts anywhere. You should do some digging to find out whether or not an Instagram account that focuses on cocktails would be willing to repost a video of one of your signature drinks, or whether or not an account that focuses on first date ideas would be happy to mention your restaurant. There is a possibility that you will wind up with a video that has received millions of views.

Share a recipe or a method with the audience of your TikTok video.

It's possible that TikTok began as a lip-syncing software, but it didn't take long for users to recognize that the food sector was an excellent fit for the platform. Remember "TikTok pasta?" The recipe became an overnight internet phenomenon that transcended beyond the impact of the app to become one of the most popular things shared on social media over the course of the previous year.


How do I advertise food on TikTok

Learning is something that people greatly like. They are huge foodies. You also have more knowledge than they do regarding eating. Therefore, you should think out a way to educate your customers on a few different topics. It doesn't get much better than lessons and recipes when it comes to simple, easy-to-repeat ideas for TikTok videos that can be used in restaurants. It could be particular recommendations on how you cook your fish, or it could be the exact technique to make a classic Manhattan cocktail. Show off something that the clients will be able to try for themselves, such as a preparation that takes place at the table. It can be exactly what they need to see to get excited and share your post with their friends so that they can make travel plans to come see you.


How do I advertise food on TikTok