How do you make food go viral on TikTok

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How do you make food go viral on TikTok

If I had to guess, you've spent the better part of the last year or two clicking through different recipes on TikTok. Who hasn't done it? Then you pull out your phone to make one of your own, and, well, the procedure isn't nearly as simple as the influencers make it sound like it should be.
Getting a good photo of the food you make at home can be challenging for a number of reasons: steam can make your camera lens foggy, the sound of food being fried can be off-putting rather than enticingly crackly, and the lights above your range can cast an odd glare on a dish of pasta that you thought looked amazing. However, if you are adamant about posting your recipes on #FoodTok, you need not be concerned. We consulted industry professionals to learn how to shoot, edit, and publish cooking TikToks that are worthy of being shared. We can't wait until it appears on the page that's dedicated to you.
The Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Cooking TikTok

Keep it simple.

According to MacKenzie Smith, the founder of Grilled Cheese Social and inventor of the app, "Simplicity is crucial when developing food content for TikTok." Smith believes that in order to connect with a bigger audience, it is essential to have a recipe that is easy to follow, even though some home cooks feel obliged to take on difficult cooking challenges. ""My Baked Feta Pasta, which went viral earlier this year, is a good illustration of how fresh yet easy food fads can sweep over the social landscape, and it can simply be duplicated right in the comfort of your own kitchen," the author of the recipe said.

How do you make food go viral on TikTok

Show off one of your cooking tricks.

Before jumping into full-on recipes, you might want to explore showing off your cooking talents by shooting something unique you do in the kitchen or giving a useful tip that some viewers might not already know. Consider how you would explain something to a close friend, and then show it for the camera. (An additional pair of hands or a tripod will come in handy in this situation.)

Smith, who is working with the National Mango Board on the campaign, claims that she begins all of her films for the campaign with a demonstration of the best method for cutting a mango. She also believes that the hedgehog cut is the easiest way to cut the superfruit. "How-to material is both enjoyable and instructive for the TikTok community—everyone likes a good kitchen hack," she says. "How-to content is both amusing and educational for the TikTok community."

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How do you make food go viral on TikTok

film from a variety of perspectives.

If you have two cellphones or cameras (ancient phones would also work), consider placing them up on tripods or stands at different angles so that you may edit with a variety of pictures, both from above and from a different vantage point. This will allow you to create a more dynamic final product. Do you only have one piece of technology? No worries. Create a more cinematic experience by filming different aspects of the culinary process, such as chopping, stirring, and plating, from a variety of angles.
How do you make food go viral on TikTok.

Keep it to a minimum.

You are not filming a feature-length movie in this location. Maintain a time limit of between 30 and 60 seconds for your video to keep your constantly scrolling audience interested. "Long-duration videos can initially build suspense, but will soon bore viewers," explains chef Vicky Cano of ""Long-duration videos can develop suspense in the beginning." "For instance, when I first started out, I would create a series of videos for a single recipe; but, as the number of videos increased, the engagement I received from my audience diminished." After that, I reduced the length of my movies and began providing lists of recipes in the captions in order to see an increase in engagement.

Use your imagination when you're editing.

It's true that videos of food can be interesting on their own, but if you want people to keep coming back to your TikTok channel, you need to show off your editing skills. When you feel comfortable using the app, add transitions that are creative along with filters, music, and a voiceover. Captions can also be added. It would be fantastic if you could sprinkle in some humor as well. Just make sure you don't lose sight of the main point you're trying to make with your article. Cano believes that the audience should be inspired to actually prepare the cuisine seen in the videos rather than simply watching it.

How do you make food go viral on TikTok
6 Make edits using a different program.

It might be challenging to film and edit videos for TikTok. When it comes to editing your films, Cano suggests utilizing the program CapCut because it makes the process easier. She claims that this tool is simple to operate, possesses a number of filters and effects of a good quality, and offers a selection of music from which to choose. The application may be downloaded for nothing from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Spark Camera and Video Leap are two other editing tools that come highly recommended by TikTokers.

Keep things calm on stage.

Make sure that your kitchen is completely quiet so that you can record the best possible cooking sounds, such as ASMR-worthy slicing and sautéing. This means that there should be no running dishwasher in the background, no Zoom echo from your spouse's meeting in the other room, and no dog barking at your side (if you can help it). It is important that your camera captures sounds that are relevant to the cooking process. If that is too complicated to set up, try turning down the level of the recording and layering on some soothing music instead.

How do you make food go viral on TikTok

8 Make sure the lighting is just correct.

When it comes to shooting video content of food, capturing it in natural lighting yields the most delicious results, much like it does with food photography. If you only have time to cook at night or if your kitchen does not have a window nearby, you might want to think about purchasing a ring light, which is the most popular type of glamour light on social media. Put it above your cooking area so that it can help you decorate your finished food.

How do you make food go viral on TikTok
Don't play by the rules.

TikTok is a game in which, similar to cooking, the rules are there to be broken. Who knows what will go viral, what will become a trend, and what will, to put it bluntly, be a waste of your time? The most important thing to remember about social media is to be creative, to make whatever you want to do, and to see what kind of content is successful.

How do you make food go viral on TikTok