How to Start a online Food Business

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Ecommerce is growing and ONLY getting bigger by the day. If you have ever thought of selling food products or your own food product online than you need o read on!

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So these are a few steps to keep in mind when you are starting an e-commerce business. 

  1. Secure a Domain name. You can normally get one through Weebly, Shopify, Go Daddy, and a host of other sites. Remember to make the name small short and easy to remember. 
  2. Find out where you plan on RUNNING the business. This is very important when selling food online. Selling food requires a different approach than most other types of physical products eCommerce business. If you start from home your very limited as to where you can sell your food and HOW you can legally sell your food. 
  3. Incorporate your food business. Create an LLC, C Corp, or S Corp. I started my food business and formed an LLC. These are the easier to maintain and for us taxes were better. Remember you can change down the road if you choose. You can actually incorporate in minutes from your laptop in ANY state! Use either INCFILE, or Inauthority 
  4. get a web hosting from your web site platform. Create your website or have one made for YOU! on


  5. Figure out if your selling food products you make or ones to resell. If you are reselling you will need the right permits and licenses. If your making your own food products you will need the right permits and licenses. These are 2 different types of food business models and you will need the right one!.
  6. Promote and market your website via social media! You will need to make either weekly or daily postings to promote your site.

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