Starting a vegan food truck

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Starting a vegan food truck


Starting a vegan food truck and 15 vegan food truck ideas Welcome to marketing food online. It is Damie Roberti, founder and CEO, and in this video, we're going to dive into 15 alternatives to a food truck menu, all about vegan recipes. We're going to get to that right now. All right. So, welcome back to marketing food online. So, in this video, we are super excited to bring you 15 vegan food truck alternatives for your menu. Vegan food is catching on big time in the food truck industry, and numerous food trucks are taking the leap and diving into many of these plant-based proteins and coming up with some amazing new vegan recipes, all based on plant-based food products. So I'm going to go through these 15. They're not in any particular order. They are just 15 random great ideas, and we're going to dive into why and how, so, number one, we're going to get into vegan Caribbean food.


If you're looking for a variety of spices and food blends, Caribbean food is definitely the route you want to go. Many Caribbean dishes have a ton of super spicy and also very, very healthy and high protein, high fiber, and Caribbean food under the vegan platform is something that you definitely want to think about when you come to creating a new menu item. Now, keep it in mind. What's really cool about these 15, by the way, is that you can incorporate one or two or even half of these or all of them, because many of them use very similar ingredients as far as the vegetation and the veggies and proteins that are conserved in plant-based proteins, and many of them can be overlapped and made into a variety. So you could keep a very big menu open with number two, vegan kabobs. That's right.


Starting a vegan food truck


So vegan kabobs: if you look at some of the plant-based proteins that are out there, many of them could be perfectly put onto a kebab stick and then incorporated with a variety of veggie veggies, such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, and so on, and just letting your imagination go wild with the vegan kabobs. This comes in at number two and is also kept in mind too. Most of these are very inexpensive to make, and being that they're vegan, you can really market these at a higher price point for customers to buy number three, vegan hot dogs. That's right. So, jumping again, back on the plant-based protein bandwagon, if you will, they have a Nu numerous amounts, tons of different variations of hot dogs that are all completely plant-based, have a delicious taste exactly like the traditional hotdog, but of course, all plant-based with a variety of spices and different toppings. So not only can you just offer them as hotdogs, but there's a ton of toppings, spices, sauces, and even different variations of sauteed onions, peppers, and vegetation that you can actually put on top of these to make them even tastier. Coming in at number four is vegan burritos. Yes. As a matter of fact, vegan burritos are one of the most popular vegan products because many of them actually incorporate only beans as the protein and not even plant-based protein products. Beans are enormously inexpensive and

It's very cheap and easy to get and supply, but there's a huge markup. When you start adding a few vegetables, you put a few cheeses and sauces on them that are also plant-based or vegan. Then you've got something that's very inexpensive and has a huge margin. Number five, similar to burritos and vegan tacos, Vegan tacos are available in a wide range of flavors.Of course, again, based upon your imagination, you can come up with hundreds of variations of vegan tacos, even including some plant-based proteins as well. Or back on the bean bandwagon, if you will, the numerous types of flavors, sauces, and spices can go on that, including salsas, ponzu, hot sauces, et cetera, spicing them up, but still keeping them completely vegan. Number six, loaded vegan fries, Yes, of course, fries are fantastic because they're potato-based. You can also offer a variety of different cheeses that are plant-based and melted over the top sauces that are completely vegan as well.


Starting a vegan food truck


and, or even just a variety of different toppings minus all of the plant-based proteins as well. Number seven, vegan burgers. Of course, everyone has probably already heard of many of the plant-based brand burgers that are in the marketplace. These vegan burgers already come in preseason. In most cases, they're very flavorful but are 100% plant-based proteins and make it to number seven on our vegan list. And again, these can be spiced up. They don't have to be boring. You could fill them with a variety of ingredients, ranging from avocados to barbecue sauces, chipotles, salsas and dips, corn, chowers, and other toppings.You can go crazy with these different types of vegan burgers; number eight, Indian food. Now, Indian food, predominantly, believe it or not, is actually vegan. They do not eat a lot of traditional Indian dishes.

Indian cuisine is not based on animal proteins. So if you're looking for something that's really spicy, you could literally comb the internet, find a handful of these amazing Indian dishes, and offer them on a food truck, creating something super unique. Now, with that being said, like I had mentioned earlier, you want to make sure that you cross over a handful of these different types of ideas, because here's the thing, when it comes to making extra money or an off season for your food truck, a catering business is a fantastic way to generate money and additional sales and revenue. So, if you have the ability to switch from making vegan tacos to making Indian or Caribbean food based on the fact that those different dishes are vegan, you could keep yourself busy all year.Number nine, vegan crepes, is something a little on the sweet side.


Starting a vegan food truck


Now, something more dessert-oriented, but vegan crepes, comes in at number nine. There's a handful of ways that you can stuff a traditional crepe with a lot of delicious fruits, even sauteed apples with cinnamon and such, fill it up with not necessarily cream, but you can do some vegan ice cream, even in the middle, top it on the top, or put a variety of sauces. But vegan crepes are something that's really unique. Number 10 loaded sweet potatoes. There are a lot of people who absolutely love, including my wife, sweet potatoes. If you take a sweet potato and you actually have them pre-baked, scoop out the middle, and you fill them up with a variety of toppings, or even blend in some winds with the middle part of the sweet potato, you have a ton of variations that you can create a really sweet, salty, and extremely healthy vegan dish.

And it's easy to eat on the go as well. When you're at these fruit truck festivals, having a sweet potato loaded with a whole bunch of different toppings makes a nice feeling. Number 11, of course, fruit smoothies. Everybody loves smoothies. And of course, fruit smoothies are 100% vegan. You have a variety of fruits and a ton of seasonal stuff. You can even source locally, helping out local businesses and small farmers locally. Fruit smoothies are a no-brainer, especially during spring and summertime. Number 12, vegan Thai food. If you like spicy food in general, And I, well, I'm a huge foodie myself. I'm a huge fan. Also Thai food. The Thai food recipes are almost endless and they're super simple to make, by the way, but vegan Thai food dishes specifically come in at number 12. If they're looking for someone who enjoys spicy food with a kick, kick it up a notch.


Starting a vegan food truck


You're gonna wanna go with Thai food as a Thai food. Number 13, this is really, really cool vegan ice cream. Yes. Believe it or not. There are recipes that you can make vegan ice cream, making a very healthy treat, an alternative to what's traditionally very heavy in fat sugars, traditional ice cream, of course, or even gelato is very, very high in fat. I used to make gelato myself as a matter of fact, where Italian bakery and I can tell you the fat content is extremely high, but vegan ice cream comes in number 13, number 14, vegan food truck pizza. Now this is something that you basically put a stone oven in your actual food truck. You can crank out two or three different sizes of pizzas, but create them all on a vegan idea. Basically your sauce, your toppings, even your cheeses can be vegan cheese, and you have 100% food truck pizza that is vegan friendly.

But this is one idea that is also a little more costlier as far as the initial investment because of the type of oven, but in the long run, you'll, you'll gonna make a tremendous amount of money when you get in the right demographic for vegan pizza. And even at certain events, vegan pizza comes in number 14, lastly, number 15, grilled cheese. Yes, not traditional grilled cheese, but vegan, grilled cheese, creating indulgent, really thick, delicious, melted, grilled cheeses that are based upon vegan cheese. Of course comes in at number 15. It's an item also. That's very simple to make. You only have a couple ingredients, a few ingredient for bread. You've got the different mix of cheeses and you melt it and you're good to go. And you can even serve that with a side of vegan soups, a variety of soups that are vegan based, and you've got yourself, a grilled cheese and a soup combo. That's a filling fantastic low cholesterol, low fat product. So this is 15 vegan food truck on menu ideas. And if you are interested in letting us know about your experience with your food truck, or you like to start a vegan business, let us know down below in the comments section. And we look forward to seeing you guys, our next video.


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Starting a vegan food truck