What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree?

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What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree?



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What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

 How does working from home work?
Work from home (WFH), also called "remote work," is when you work from somewhere other than the office. Employees don't have to drive anywhere to get to work. They talk to their coworkers online using software programs like Viber and Slack. After the COVID-19 pandemic, WFH has become a popular trend among job seekers and employees.

Employees who work from home need to have their own computer and a good Internet connection. Most work on their own time.
What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree
How much can you make if you don't have a degree but work from home?
ZipRecruiter says that the average salary for a job that can be done from home is \$57,496 per year. This number depends on a lot of things, like the companies you work for, where you work, and how long you've been working. Content writers, digital marketing specialists, and social media managers are some of the best jobs you can do from home without a degree.




What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

In the tech industry, jobs like software engineer and web developer pay well even without a degree. Top coding bootcamps can teach you the technical skills you need for these tech jobs in just a few months.



How do you get a job that lets you work from home?
Some people who work from home are having trouble getting used to the new environment. They aren't ready for the changes in their work habits, which makes it hard for them to be productive. Here are some important work-from-home skills you need to have if you want to be successful as a remote worker.



What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

Tech Savviness
The first skills you need to work from home are hardware and software skills. Employers expect you to know how to use computers even if your job has nothing to do with technology or computers. This is because you won't have a technical support team to help you right away.

Excellent Communication Skills
Employees who work from home talk to their coworkers via email, chat, phone calls, and video meetings. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to talk and write in a proper way. When people don't talk to each other well, it can lead to fights and misunderstandings that affect the whole team.





What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

Ability to pay attention
Another hard thing about working from home is that there are a lot of distractions around you. Even if they are distracted by noise or other things, remote workers should be able to get their work done well. Some employers also look at where applicants have worked before. Having a quiet room set aside as your office will help you stay on task.

Skills for organizing
Employers look for people who can do the job with little help. Since there is a big difference in communication and time zones, your coworkers may take a little longer to answer. You'll be working alone most of the time, so you'll need to know how to organize things well to avoid problems. You'll need to be proactive and able to do things on your own.




Good Work Habits, work from home 
As an employee, you have to be honest and do the right thing even when your boss isn't looking. You must be disciplined and follow the company's rules and standards. You should also try to do a good job on every task you are given.

What do you need to know to be able to work from home?
Most remote jobs don't require a college degree. Most work-from-home jobs require you to have a high school diploma or something similar. A certificate of training may be enough in some situations.
What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree
The most common requirements for virtual jobs are technical skills, but having a college degree related to the job is a big plus. From the best coding bootcamps, you can get training and certification for jobs like web developer or programmer, which you can then put on your resume. For a job in customer service, the most important skills to have are good communication skills and experience in the field.

Why not everyone should go to college
Most students want to go to a prestigious university to make their dreams come true, but not everyone can afford this kind of education. There are a lot of reasons why not everyone can go to college, but money is the most common one. Other factors include not having a way to get around, having bad grades in high school, or being afraid of people.



What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

There are cheaper ways to finish school if you are committed and want to but don't have enough money. You can go to trade schools or take vocational courses in your field of interest. You'll be happy to know that many of the work-from-home jobs we talk about in this article can be done with just a vocational education.

Can a coding bootcamp help me find a job that I can do from home?
Yes, coding bootcamps can help you land a remote job, especially if you are pursuing a tech position. According to CIRR data, about 71 percent of bootcamp grads get a job within 180 days.

Many coding bootcamps offer high-quality courses where you can learn the most common programming languages and tech skills such as web development, cyber security, and JavaScript. These are popular skills in the tech industry. The best bootcamps offer excellent job placement rates and career training.

What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

How to Get a Work-From-Home Job With a GED
Look for the Right Training
Practical experience is one of the most common qualifications for remote jobs. Hands-on training is a great way to enhance your skills and get work-from-home jobs without a GED, especially for those who want to pursue programming or another tech job. Search for companies that provide quality training either online or on-site depending on your schedule.

Complete Your Course
Once you have chosen the most suitable course for your preferences, enroll and learn the technical skills you need to get a remote job. This will require commitment and determination. Most training institutions also offer career coaching and mentorship.

Prepare Your Application Documents
After earning your certificate, create a strong resume and portfolio stating your qualifications, skills, and experience. Make sure to include all your successful projects in your portfolio and describe the skills you learned from each project. These important documents will greatly affect your application. Those who fail to create effective resumes and portfolios often end up being rejected.




What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

Start Looking for a Job
Once you’re all set, start looking for job listings on websites that post remote jobs. You may visit the official website of companies that you would like to work for or use sites like LinkedIn, Upwork, Hubstaff, and Indeed. It is a good idea to add both work-from-home jobs and a high school diploma to your search criteria.

Practice Common Job Interview Questions
While you are still waiting for a response to your job application, you can practice answering some basic interview questions. To prepare for the interview, you can also review the job description to make sure you are familiar with everything that the job requires. Think of the interview as an opportunity to show off your excellent communication skills.

High-Paying Remote Jobs Without a College Degree
The highest-paying work-from-home jobs without a degree include social media managers, software engineers, and web developers. These jobs rely heavily on technical skills that can be acquired without a degree. Furthermore, these high-paying work-from-home jobs are ideal remote positions and are not impacted by a lack of in-person interaction.




Best Work-From-Home Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree: A Closer Look
A woman with her laptop open on a table.
You can earn a high salary with the best work-from-home jobs that don’t require a degree.
Social Media Manager
Social media managers use social media platforms to promote products. They create content, manage social media accounts, and respond to comments on social media posts. They identify current trends on the Internet, create social media marketing strategies, and implement digital campaigns.

Some companies may require a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Public Relations, or Communications for this position but several employers hire applicants with a certificate from social media marketing bootcamps or short courses. This is the best paying work from home job for non-degree holders.



What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree
Software Engineer
Software engineers design and develop software applications, games, and mobile apps. They analyze system requirements and create solutions to meet the needs of the users. Remote software engineers should be knowledgeable in the software development life cycle, object-oriented design, and programming languages such as C and Python.

Venus profile photo
"Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!"

Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot




What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

This position may require a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field but most employers look for candidates with practical experience in programming and software development. If you are tech-savvy and love programming and innovation, you may want to consider applying for a software engineer position.

Web Developer
Web developers are responsible for designing, maintaining, and updating websites. They manage the technical side of a website such as its performance, web traffic capacity, and speed. In-demand skills for a web developer include programming, WordPress development, and math.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is no longer required for this position. Employers consider applicants with practical training and experience in web programming. You can acquire this experience by enrolling in coding bootcamps or online courses.




What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

Virtual Accountant
Accountants monitor and analyze financial transactions and accounts payable records. They also prepare financial statements and write financial reports. The required skills for accountants are proficiency in financial statements, familiarity with accounting software tools, and numerical skills.

This is a great work-from-job that doesn’t require a degree as you can find entry-level accountant work such as accounting clerks or virtual bookkeepers with an associate degree or training certification. However, many companies require a bachelor’s degree for higher-level positions.

Content Writer
Content writers create engaging digital content or blog posts for websites. Content writing is a form of digital marketing that promotes a product or service through SEO-based writing. Some of the most important skills a content writer should have are adept grammar skills, solid research skills, communication skills, and editing and proofreading skills.




Applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, or Journalism will most likely stand out in job searches. However, applicants with previous experience in blogging or writing may also land a job. If you are interested in a freelance career, working as a freelance writer may be your calling.

Copy Editor
The primary duties of copy editors are proofreading and editing written materials to eliminate errors and improve the quality of the content. They check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, perform fact-checking, enhance the general quality of the writing based on the target readers, and ensure that the content follows the proper style and writing standards.





Copy editing jobs do not require a degree. If you have copy editing skills or if you have previous experience in writing, you may be qualified to work as a copy editor. However, earning a bachelor’s degree in a related field will help you stand out in the job market or apply for senior-level opportunities.
What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree
Digital Marketing Specialist
Digital marketing is a form of Internet-based advertising used to promote brands. The role of a digital marketing specialist is to identify a target market, create an effective marketing campaign plan, and maintain a brand image across digital platforms.

A digital marketing position often requires a degree in marketing, communication, digital media, or a related field. However, many companies also hire applicants who don’t have a degree. Certificates from online training, short courses, or digital marketing bootcamps can increase your chances of being hired.

Graphic Designer
Graphic designers create the designs you see in posters, magazines, infographics, cards, packaging, and logos. If you are creative and familiar with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Canva, and CorelDRAW, this is a career for you.

What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

Employers accept applicants who have design skills even without a bachelor’s degree. They assess the qualifications of applicants by giving sample tests and evaluating their previous experience. Your portfolio will also play a big role in your application so be sure to include your most creative designs and projects.

SEO Specialist
Your main goal as an SEO specialist is to increase the ranking of a website on search engines. SEO specialists work with an editorial team to create SEO-based marketing content. SEO experts should have experience using SEO tools, as well as skills in web programming, keyword research, and link-building.

While there is no specific degree required for an SEO expert, some companies prefer applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Marketing, or Information Technology. However, several SEO training courses and bootcamps can help you gain some practical experience in using SEO tools.

Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistants provide administrative services to remote clients. These professionals commonly perform admin tasks such as data entry, setting appointments and schedules, sending emails, making phone calls, booking travels, and handling customer service.




Applicants with a GED can be hired for these jobs but some employers may require at least an associate degree. Certificates from online virtual assistant training courses can also be advantageous. There are many cheap online training courses where you can gain the skills necessary for this position.
What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree
Best Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs With No Experience
You can use part-time work to earn money while you work toward your career goals, whether you plan on earning a degree or not. Furthermore, part-time work-from-home jobs that require no experience are an ideal way to earn some extra money as a side hustle. Some of the best part-time work-from-home jobs that don’t require a degree or experience include:

Data Entry. While data entry can be monotonous work, you can easily acquire a part-time position in this line of work with no prior experience. You can quickly and easily acquire data entry skills and start looking for work.
Interpreter. If you are bilingual, then you can easily find part-time work as an interpreter. This may require you to translate text or proofread already translated files.




What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

Tech Support. If you have strong technical, computer, or Internet skills then this is an ideal part-time remote job. This role involves troubleshooting with customers via phone call or video call. Good communication skills are required and an understanding of fundamental tech terminology is vital.
Tutor. Tutoring is a great way to earn money in your spare time if you excel in any particular area or subject. What’s more, you can tutor virtually, through platforms like Zoom or Teams. While no experience is required, you should be well organized and have strong communication skills.
Customer Service Representative. Customer service jobs are typically performed remotely. This role requires you to communicate with customers via telephone, online chat tools, or email. Keeping a calm demeanor is essential for this job, as well as typing and communication skills.
Companies That Offer Entry-Level Work-From-Home Jobs
Amazon. This company hires remote workers for customer service positions and IT roles. Amazon employees earn an average annual salary of $38,864 and Amazon is considered one of the best work-from-home companies.
Alorica. You will find several remote customer service positions at Alorica. According to reviews on Indeed, the company provides the equipment you need to work from home.



What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

GitHub. GitHub hires remote workers across North America, Europe, and Asia. You can choose to apply to various job postings in the engineering, technology, business, and customer support fields.
GoDaddy. Not only are many work-from-home jobs available at GoDaddy, but it is also a work-from-home company itself. GoDaddy hires plenty of remote workers for its tech department.
CyberCoders. This company received the Top Workplace Cultural Excellence Award for Remote Work. At CyberCoders, you can work as a virtual recruiter or in another tech-related role.
Where to Find Remote Work That Doesn’t Require a Degree
Upwork is a platform that allows companies to hire independent contractors from all over the world. This site contains many job openings across multiple industries, including engineering, writing, designing, programming, and marketing. Make sure to create a strong profile and portfolio when you join Upwork.

Just like Upwork, Hubstaff is a place where you can find great work-from-home jobs. Employers can also use some features of Hubstaff to easily manage their remote workers such as its time-tracking tool and payroll management services. Freelancers can look for jobs and apply for free.



What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree
This company is an online platform that posts remote jobs and lets users connect with different professionals around the world. It is a great place for beginners since it allows them to grow their professional network.

Consider a College Degree Later in Your Career
Many remote jobs that don’t require a degree offer a competitive salary and good benefits. You don’t need a degree just to get a job. Skills and previous experience are the most important qualifications when applying for remote jobs.

However, you may still consider a college degree later on in your career to advance your knowledge and increase your chance of getting a higher position. Many college degree programs will suit your schedule so you can continue to work from home while furthering your education.

Online degrees are designed for students who want to level up their careers while they are working. This is the best option for those who work from home since online programs offer a flexible schedule. Another advantage of online degrees is their lower cost. You don’t need to spend on housing or commuting.

What is the best paying work-from-home job without a degree

Work-From-Home Jobs Without a Degree FAQ

How can I get a job online with no working experience?
You can work from home with no experience by improving your portfolio and maximizing interdisciplinary skills on your resume. Most recruiters are looking for applicants with proven experience and skills, and your portfolio and resume are great ways to showcase your previous projects.

What are the benefits of working from home?
The most common work-from-home benefits is work-life balance, flexibility, and cheaper cost of living. Working from home means you don’t need to commute. Often, remote jobs allow employees to set their schedules.

Are work-from-home jobs in demand?
Yes, remote work has become more popular since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. To reduce expenses and protect employees, more companies are hiring remote workers. Some of the most in-demand work-from-home jobs include web developers and software engineers.