Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

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Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget



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Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

 There Are Many Varieties of Caterers (With Average Pricing)
Your choice of caterer should be based not only on the kind of event you're hosting but also (and this is more crucial) how you want your guests to eat and feel during the event. For instance, if you want your guests to mingle at your wedding or corporate event, you won't require traditional sit-down cuisine because your guests will be outside.

Consider providing one or more of the following five types of food for your event:

Catering to go can go anywhere from $15 to $25 per person.

Catering that is delivered to your location could be the most convenient choice for gatherings with 10–40 guests. Your neighborhood caterer who offers drop-off services will gladly bring the dishes you've selected from their menu.
All that is required of you is to provide a location where your customers may pick up their orders of food. If you are seeking to have a productive meal, breakfast and lunch can both be quick and easy options for you.

Be wary, however, if the visitors' enjoyment of the food is a priority for you. Because drop-off service results in the rapid cooling of hot food, this option is typically best suited for sandwiches and other similar types of meals.
Excellent for business gatherings as well as intimate private parties

Buffet Style Catering — $26-$55 per person
Catering in the style of a buffet can be an excellent choice for larger gatherings as well as for dining indoors.

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

You will need the space to set up the buffet, and you should think about whether or not you will need personnel to help serve the food or refresh it. In most cases, the catering company will be able to set up the buffet, staff the stations, and clean up after themselves.

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

Even though it is normally made off-site or in the kitchen of the venue, food can typically be kept warm. In most cases, however, the food is prepared off-site.
Events such as weddings, huge gatherings, indoor events, and corporate events are perfect for this.

Prices range from $25 to $30 per person for mobile catering provided by food trucks.

The term "food truck catering" can refer to the use of either a full-sized truck or trailer, as well as food carts or tent-and-table configurations. The fact that the meal is made to the customer's specifications in front of the customer's guests is the primary advantage.

Multiple food trucks can simultaneously serve a huge number of customers at large events like conventions held by corporations. A cart is an excellent option for catering to a crowd of fewer than fifty people or for use in confined spaces.

Food can be delivered or made indoors, although Catering from Food Trucks typically takes place outside in the fresh air. You will be responsible for ensuring that there is sufficient room for the caterer to park and set up their equipment.

Suitable for weddings, huge gatherings, private parties, large outdoor events, and business events that are less formal.

Price ranges between $50 and $120 per person for traditional catering.

You can also refer to this type of catering as full-service catering. Traditional catering is the type of catering that you would expect to find at a formal wedding or an event with a sit-down meal. The food is served to the guests in the customary sequence, beginning with the appetizer (salad, main course, and dessert).

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

In most cases, the food is made at the location itself, and the caterer is responsible for all of the set up and clean up. Traditional caterers will also collaborate with the host of the event to supply two or three alternatives for attendees whose diets prohibit certain foods.

Appropriate for sit-down dinners, formal occasions, and large gatherings

Private chefs and specialized catering cost more than $120 per person.

Employing a private chef can be the most effective course of action to take when you require bespoke dishes. Whether you're throwing a formal dinner party at your house or renting out a location for a black-tie affair, a private chef can handle every aspect of the operation as long as you have the necessary funds.

Because you and the chef will most likely collaborate on the creation of the menu, you should have a broad notion of what you want. One possible exception to this rule is if you hire a world-class or famous chef and allow them the freedom to surprise you with their cooking.

Events with a high budget and strict requirements for perfection are a good fit for this product.

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

Prices for Event Catering Broken Down by the Number of Guests Attending and the Type of Caterer

The following is a beginning budget for various types of parties, in terms of both size and type of caterer:
The total number of individuals that dropped off catering

Trucks Serving Food (carts for under 50)
Catering with a Buffet-Style Tradition
20 individuals
$240 $320 $500 $1,000
30 individuals
$350 $405 $720 $1,400
40 individuals

$480 $640 $1,000 $2,000

50 individuals

$600 $800 $1,250 $2,500
60 total individuals
$720 $960 $1,500 $3,000
75 individual(s)
$900 $1,200 $1,875 $3,750
100 individuals
$1,200 $1,600 $2,500 $5,000
150 individuals
$1,800 $2,400 $3,750 $7,500
200 individuals
$2,400 $3,200 $5,000 $10,000

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

What is the typical price range for wedding catering?

Catering for weddings is typically more expensive than catering for other sorts of occasions. If you want to have a sit-down meal, it will cost you an average of $70 per person for the food and $85 per person for the food and drinks together. If you have 100 people attend your wedding, the total cost will be $7000, and an additional $1500 will be added for the drinks.

Depending on the type of service you select, you might save up to $5,000.

If you have food trucks cater your wedding, you should expect to pay between $20 and $40 per guest. The typical cost of hosting a reception in the form of a cocktail will range from $24 and $60 per guest. Buffets, stations, and meals served in a family style setting often cost between $25 to $65 per person.

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

The Type of Catering Service

Average Cost per Person

Service with a Seated Patron (Traditional)


Catering from Food Trucks


A Service of Cocktails


A Buffet or a Series of Stations


Starting at $120 for a Private Chef with a Custom Menu

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How much does it cost to cater a business event?

The prices of catering a corporate party are comparable to those of a wedding in that they change depending on the specifics of the event. If you want to host a formal event for your company, you should expect the pricing to be comparable to that of weddings.

If you want to make sure that everyone has a good time at the party, you should consider using a variety of catering options because this will likely provide you more flexibility and allow you to save money. You will have no trouble finding an excellent caterer if your spending range is between $25 and $50 per guest.

The cost of having freshly made food prepared by a chef on site can vary depending on your requirements if you wish to enjoy that experience. It will cost between $20 and $40 per person to hire a food truck or a pop up restaurant to serve at your event. It will cost you between $1,000 and $2,000 to feed 50 people, whether they are staff, visitors, or both.

If you have fewer than 50 people eating at your establishment, you may be required to meet certain minimums. Typically, the bare minimum required is $1,000.

How much would it cost to cater a birthday party for 10 people?
The most price-conscious customers are typically those planning private events (such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, housewarmings, and the like).

If you have more than 50 people attending your event, you should budget between $20 and $30 per person for ordinary food. Food trucks and pop-up restaurants are possibilities that can help you cut money because their prices range from $15 to $23 per person (depending on the type of food).
If you have fewer than fifty people attending your event, rather than renting a food truck or trailer (both of which have minimum guest requirements), you might want to look into food carts instead.

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

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[PRICE TABLE] A Breakdown of Caterer Fees Based on the Type of Food

The price of traditional catering might change quite a bit based on the kinds of dishes that are requested. Lobster will have a higher price tag than pasta will. The more specialized something is, the higher the price will be. Catering costs for weddings can run as high as $180 per person and even higher.

Food served from food trucks and pop-up restaurants will also vary. The catering package you select will determine the price per person for a taco truck, which can run anywhere from $8 to $20. Burgers and barbecue might cost anything from $12 and $15 per person to begin. And if you order lobster rolls, plan on spending at least $20. Drinks will often add between $1 and $3 more for each individual.

Cost on average, per person, for the following types of cuisine:

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget

Style of Cooking

The starting price on average for each individual

Tacos $8-15

Burgers $12-20

BBQ $15-25

Pizza $14-24

Pasta (Italian) $10-20

Sandwiches $8-15

Asian $14-25

Indian $14-25

Mediterranean $14-25

Dessert $5-15

Coffee and smoothies range from $4 to $13 for a drink.

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Our previous interactions with food trucks and mobile caterers led us to arrive at these prices. If you want a typical caterer or a private chef who will design a menu specifically for your event, you may have to pay significantly more.

Additional Factors That Can Have an Impact on the Cost of Catering

These costs are intended to serve as both a starting point and an average. The following are some of the factors that may influence the overall cost of catering an event:

Additional items on the menu

If you need the caterer to provide drinks, sides, or dessert, the price per person will increase by anywhere from $1 to $10 depending on your specific needs. Make sure the caterer is able to prepare specific products such as hors d'oeuvres before hiring them for your event.

The personnel and the supplies

If the caterer needs to supply additional workers or equipment, such as tables and chairs, then the cost of the catering will include a rental fee or an hourly charge in addition to it.

Driving distance

If the caterer's service area does not include the location of your event, you will be charged an additional price. These costs can vary depending on the caterer and are often assessed per additional mile driven.

Event date (holidays)

The cost of the catering will be determined in part by the date of your event. The cost of attending an event on the weekend is typically higher than the cost during the week. The holidays will also have a significant impact on availability, which will lead to a rise in prices.

Extra time
Some caterers, such as mobile food vendors, will typically be present for a predetermined period of time (typically 2-4 hours). If you need a caterer to stay beyond their typical service period, you should expect to pay an hourly price for their continued services.

Expect to pay an unique price that takes into account the additional costs of food, preparation, and staffing if you want them to offer numerous meals throughout the day (breakfast and lunch, for example).

Catering for 50 Guests on a Budget