How do I Get More Sales at a Farmer's Market?

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 How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?


So if you are looking to start a home-based business or local food business, and you want to sell through the avenue of farmer's markets, they can be extremely profitable and make you quite a bit of money if you know how to do it, but I'm going to show you six ways that you can actually implement very simple and very quick and easy ways to make more money at farmer's markets. When you sell your food, we're going to dive into those six right now.

All right. So, welcome back to marketing food online. In this video, I'm going to run down six ways to increase your revenue and make it more profitable for you to sell at farmer's markets. I'm going to go from number six all the way down to number one. Number one, being the most important aspect that you should implement in your farmer's market business. But before we do all that, definitely hit the subscribe button and the like, and turn on the bell notification to check out all of our brand new videos we upload every single week. Now stay through this entire video because at the end of the video, I'm actually going to give you two additional resources specifically for farmer's markets. There's going to be two additional videos. I'm going to show you at the end of this, you need to check out that will help you also increase your revenue as well.


How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?


So let's not waste any more time. Let's dive right into it. So number six. This is one that is a little tricky, but is a huge benefit. When you begin to sell at farmer's markets, more specifically selling food products, Now, the reason why I say it's a little tricky is that you've got to make sure that your cottage food law allows this to actually work and allows you to do this because, believe it or not, some states don't allow you to do this particular one. But number six is a sample. Now, a lot of people may underestimate the idea of samples or may not even think about them. But when you start to sample a product, if you've got a dry rub, a spice blend, barbecue sauce, a marinade, cookies, baked goods, whatever it may be, if you can give customers a small sample, a small portion of that product, you'll have much more success and likelihood of selling it.

If someone can actually taste it before they buy it, then you would, if you actually didn't. But the trick, as I mentioned before, is that some cottage food laws actually don't allow samples. So you don't want to go to a farmer's market, of course, and get caught doing that. But offering samples is a great way for the customer to try it before they buy it. Okay? But one thing you want to keep in mind is that you don't want to make your samples too big, because remember that all of these items that you're making are costing you money to make. So if you're offering, let's say, if you're selling cakes, an entire cake, you don't want to give someone an entire slice of cake because you'll be going through your cakes very fast. You wanted to make it a small amount, but let them try it.


How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?


You can do it in small cups. You can do it in small paper wraps. You can do it in any way that you feel free to do it, but you want to make it small enough. So you're not going to give away more than you're actually going to sell. But a lot of people underestimate the power of samples. When it comes to food products, number five, a lot of farmers' markets and vendors don't take debit or credit cards. They want to get cash in hand for every transaction. Well, that can be a problem because today, many people use credit and debit cards. You need to have this form of payment available for every customer that comes to your booth or comes to your farmer. Marker. Standing debit cards are fast. Yes, I know what you're probably thinking. Well, Damien, but they charge a fee for that. Here's the thing:

If you can appeal to an extra a hundred customers in a day using a debit or credit card instead of cash, guess what you sold an extra a hundred additional customers? Your product. And if they come back next weekend and the weekend after that, because they loved it so much and they love the convenience of having a credit or debit card, that is going to be more of a benefit for you. Even if you have to pay a little bit of a fee to have that transaction, don't sweat the fee. I mean, if it's like 30 cents, normally it's around 30 to 45 cents for a transaction with a debit or credit card. Actually, if you're paying more than that, you need to probably find a different processor. But here's the thing: If you're selling something for $5.99 and it costs you 35 cents to make the transaction, you know what to go to $6 and 50 cents go up and let the customer absorb that payment for you, as opposed to you absorbing it.


How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?


It's not a big deal. It's really not a lot of extra money, but it is a big deal when you offer these additional forms of payment. So number four, this one is a little bit hard to understand at first, if you're new to the farmer's market realm and you're kind of just testing it out and you're not very sure, but limit your options to what you offer. Now, I know what you're probably thinking. Well, Damien, I've gone to farmer's markets and I see, let's say, produce stands, and they have a variety of products. That's different if you're selling produce and you've got a farm and you're growing a lot of different things. That's one thing. If you're making a certain food product and you have 10 or 12 flavors, I honestly would not bring 10 or 12 flavors to a farmer's market. The more things that people have, the more you want to minimize your options because customers have a tendency to get overwhelmed a little bit.

When you have dozens and dozens of, let's say, cookies or dozens and dozens of different varieties of trail mixes or grans or whatever it is that you're making. If you're making seasoned nuts and you've got 20 of them on the table, it's a bit much sometimes. So, if you reduce the number of options from which people can choose, you'll be more likely to turn over more products and make more sales because people won't be as overwhelmed.This is something that a lot of newbies and people who start off at farmer's markets don't understand, and they flood their tables. They flood their booth with all kinds of stuff. and it's a bit much. So take it down a notch a little bit. Don't allow yourself to put everything on the table. You know, if you've got 12 varieties of something and you have a weekend coming up at the farmer's market, why don't you bring five or six?


How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?


And then the weekend following that, tell your customers who were there to say, "Hey, next weekend I've got six more flavors of my product." I've got six more variations on this. You want to come back next weekend? What that does is it brings the customer back again. And again, if you open up everything on the table and they see what's there and they're supposed to, they come every other weekend to that same farmer's market, and you kind of kill a little bit of surprise. Right? You kind of eliminated some of that surprise element, right? So you don't want to overwhelm them, minimize your options. Next, you need to keep your booth and table organized at all times. I can attest. I have been. You want to make sure you are always organized. This says a lot about multiple things. Number one, there's a lot about you as a seller at the farmer's market.

When it's in disarray, where people are picking through stuff and it's not organized, it's not kept neat and clean for the next customer to come over and buy it. Take pride in your booth. It shows and it reflects on how you run your business and the type of food products that you have. Plus, here's the thing: A lot of customers will judge the quality of the food based upon how organized your booth is. And a lot of people will be turned away. I've actually been to numerous farmer's markets, numerous flea markets, and tons and tons of local events where people are selling products. I've seen some booths that were never kept organized, and they actually look kind of gross.But if you're selling a food product, it's extra important that you maintain the neatness of your booth, and you will sell way more product.


How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?

When it's organized If you've got a group of people, they come through your booth, they buy a bunch of products, or they're kind of picking through things. Then after they leave, go back to the front of your table, go to your booth, walk around it, and make sure you clean it back up and keep it organized. Because first impressions for me, if I were to walk around the corner and see disarray and you're selling baked goods and food items, I'm going to be eating that or giving that to my kids. I'm not going to want to buy that. So the greater the need, the more money you will make.Remember, I'm definitely giving you quick and easy ways to implement your more sales concept. And these are ways that'll definitely bring in more business. So let's get to number two, pricing. This is something that a lot of people will overprice products. And unfortunately, a lot of the products just sit there on their tables and you don't sell them. You want to price your product to sell okay. Selling price

Here's what I mean by that. And I'm sure you're thinking, well, Damien, yeah, I have to mark it up a certain amount. I've got to make X amount of money. X amount. Yes, you do. But if you're at a farmer's market and there is a variation of what you're selling or there are multiple booths that have very similar products to yours and their price points are a little bit less, or even a lot less, I'll guarantee you that you probably won't sell your product. You want to make sure that you always go by what's known as the 2.0 or two and a half time markup. If you go and exceed that, and you're going into, if a thing costs you $2 to make and you're selling it for 12 or 15, that's going to be something that's gon na sit on your table forever. Do a little bit of digging around and find out what exactly the price points are in that farmer's market or even the area where products similar to what you're selling are sold.


How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?

Because you may have an idea in your mind for a certain price point, but in real reality, and realistically, it may not sell because of that. Always take a look at what's around; don't outprice yourself. So you don't sell anything. It's a little tricky sometimes when you do that. But remember, the things that are most important when factoring in the price are packaging, labeling, and ingredients. Okay? Also, a lot of people will tell you to labor at first and all that. But to be honest with you, when you're a small business and you're at home, don't factor in so much labor at first, because you're probably the only one that's making the product and it's not too important just yet. Well, if you start to scale your business and you begin to make a lot more money and you're hiring people now, it's costing you labor.

It's costing you money. That's different. Make sure you price it to sell. Lastly, number one, when you want to make more money at a farmer's market, I will guarantee you the booth that sticks out the most has an eye-catching, amazing, colorful, eye-grabbing signage table tent. There are companies out there who can create custom tents, and believe it or not, custom tables, table wraps, table cloths, and banners and signage. You need to stand out. And then the number one thing to make more money is having signage. That's going to get people's attention. If you're just another booth with a table and a white cloth, you need to stand out. You need to, obviously, you can't probably use a loud voice amplifier or something. Then yell. You yell and scream at people. Hey, come take out my booth. For a lot of people, you can't do that.



How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?

So you have to do it visually. So you need to do that through signage. You need to do that through your tent. There are a lot of canopies and tents that can be customized with certain colors on the front and have the name or brand of your company. You have a company and you have a name. If it's Damien's chocolate chip cookies, it needs to be in some huge, bright, colorful letters, because it's going to grab people's attention, especially on a bright sunny day. The last thing that you want to do is just have a boring white tent with a white tablecloth and some cookies and a little sign on the table. I'm not going to do it. Make sure that your signage is what's calling people to your booth. And if you don't have that, we'll look into it because it's only about you can even get some of the signage for anywhere from less than a hundred to a couple hundred dollars, but it's going to be an investment.

That's going to make you a lot more sales and a lot more money when it comes to your specific booth at the farmer's market. So how do I get more sales at the farmer's market? These six ways are definitely ways that are very simple and easy and quick to implement, and they should be bringing you much more money in sales and revenue. Now check out these two videos here. I'll put up a couple here on the side. Definitely check out these resources as well for farmer's markets. If you're looking to add additional resources to your plate and learn a little bit more about how you can make it successful and profitable, these are going to help you out big time. If you have questions or comments, let us know down below. I'll see you guys on our next video.





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How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?

How do I get more sales at a farmer's market?