How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business

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How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business



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The initial investment required to launch a concession business is far less than that of a restaurant or food truck. Because of this, they are an excellent option for businesspeople looking to launch their careers in the hospitality industry. They are also an excellent method of conducting business if you just deal in one kind of food product. To start a concession stand, in addition to having a distinct menu, the appropriate equipment, and a detailed business plan, its location is the most important factor in determining how successful it will be over the long run. Continue reading to learn how to launch a concession business, as well as how to determine if this type of off-premise dining model is appropriate for your concept.

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How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business

Can you explain what a snack stand is?
At a concession stand, which is also frequently referred to as a snack bar, one can purchase a variety of foods, beverages, and snacks. Typical locations where you might find them are stadiums, amusement parks, and movie theaters. Some locations own and operate their own concession stalls, while others contract other parties to perform this function on their behalf. Concession stands typically sell a variety of snacks, including hot dogs, popcorn, and pretzels, among other things.

How much does it set you back each month to keep a food stand open?
The cost of a concession stand is determined by the size of the stand as well as whether or not the cart serving as the stand was purchased used or was constructed from the ground up. The construction of a new concession stand that is around the size of a compact automobile is estimated to incur costs ranging from \$11,000 to \$21,000. Starting out will be more expensive for you because the new stand won't have any equipment already installed.

How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business




Between \$6,000 and \$45,000 is the price range for purchasing a used concession stand that has already been set up. The pricing range for used concession stands is so broad because it encompasses both dated and uncomplicated stands as well as stands that have seen limited use but are nonetheless stocked with high-quality appliances despite having been used fewer times.

How to Get Your Own Ice Cream Stand Off the Ground
We take you by the hand and guide you through the process of beginning your own concession business, from developing a sound business strategy to publicizing the existence of your stand. For additional advice on how to organize your finances, have a look at our guide to profit and loss statements, which features an interactive spreadsheet.



1. Think of a notion for a concession stand, such as a mother and daughter waiting in line for cotton candy from a pink Carnival King machine. 2. Write down your concept. 3. How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business
Your menu and the concept you have in mind for your concession stand will tell you what kind of cart you need, how much money you'll need to get started, and where you should put your cart.

Concession booths typically offer a diverse range of food options on their menus, including everything from ready-made snacks to imaginative and gourmet fare. A food booth that offers pre-packaged, easy-to-prepare meals has different requirements than one that sells freshly prepared, high-end waffles.

2. Compose a comprehensive business strategy for a food stall.
Once you have a basic concept of the kind of concession stand you want to run, the next step is to write out a business plan. Your business plan should be viewed as a strategy for expanding your concession stand in the future. It guides you in making sound financial decisions so that you can avoid squandering either your time or your money. A solid business plan will also make it easier for you to secure funding for your enterprise from third parties. It paints a crystal clear image for you and your investors of how well your concession stand is performing financially, as well as what its idea is, who its consumers are, and how the firm is structured. We provide a step-by-step tutorial that walks you through the whole process of writing a business plan, from the very beginning to the very end.

How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business

3. Raise some funds so that you can pay for your food stand.
Once you have a plan for your concession stand's business, you will be able to determine the amount of capital necessary to get the business off the ground. You can start a modest concession stand on your own if it is straightforward, but if you want to run a larger stand with a more intricate menu, you could require money from other sources. The following is a list of potential sources of financial assistance that may be available to you:


Investors: If you want to tell investors about your concept for a concession stand, you can use your business plan as a vehicle for doing so.
Loans: When it comes to obtaining a loan for their company, business owners have a variety of alternatives available to them, including small business loans, equipment loans, leasing, and traditional bank loans.
The concept of crowdsourcing refers to when a large number of people contribute a modest amount of money to the same venture. The majority of the time, this takes place on crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe, where you may outline your financial objectives for your concession stand, seek for investors, and keep them informed about your progress.
4. Invest in a stall that serves food and beverages.
mobile popcorn concession stand
If you have a business strategy and enough money, you can buy a concession stand that is the right size for you and falls within your price range. It is up to you to choose whether you want a stationary, mobile, or trailer-mounted concession booth. This will have an effect on the type of stand you purchase, where you position it, and even the legal requirements that you must adhere to.

How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business

How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business
A low-cost stationary concession stand is an excellent choice for you if you have access to a great location in which you can always set up shop, such as a stadium. If you wish to sell your wares at multiple street corners spread out across a few blocks, though, you'll need a cart with a short-range. You may purchase a concession trailer or consider whether a food truck would be more beneficial for your business if you want to be mobile and cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time.

Several varieties of concession stalls
There are three distinct categories of concession stands: those that are stationary, those that go from location to location, and those that are set up on trailers. Each of the several types of business models for concessions capitalizes on the ways in which their ideal clients spend money. Concession stalls that are permanently positioned typically see a high volume of customers during brief periods of time. Carts that have a shorter range tend to have slower but more consistent sales. Concession stands that are housed in trailers are able to provide services to events, attracting a consistent stream of consumers who frequently return. However, despite having the benefits of both stationary stands and carts with a limited range, the trailer variant is more expensive both to purchase and to operate.

Stationary Concession Stands: These stands are not very large, do not move from their designated location, and do not have a lot of space for storing either food or equipment. Typically, they sell a single ready-made food as well as snacks that have already been prepared.
Mobile Concession Stands Oftentimes, mobile concession stands have a home location where the sellers prepare their food prior to putting it on the cart, which typically features a holding unit.  How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business  These stands were designed for use on a temporary basis.
Concession Trailers: Concession trailers may go a long way, can be powered by gas or generators, and have room for a small kitchen with warming equipment on the counter and storage under the counter. Concession trailers are a convenient way to transport food from one location to another.
To recap, these are the top five. Obtain all of the necessary licenses and permits.
To operate a concession stand legally, one must obtain the necessary licenses and permits, just as one would with any other type of commercial enterprise. We will provide you with some of the most popular licenses and permits, but you are still responsible for researching and abiding by the laws of your community.

Permission to Collect Sales and Use Tax Certification for Food Managers, Food Vendor Licenses, Food Handler Certificates, and Employer Identification Numbers

If you operate a mobile concession stand, you should inquire with the agency that handles driver's licenses in your area to determine whether or not you are required to have a business license for your stand.

How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business

6. Select the necessary appliances for storing and preparing the food. The Grand Slam hot dog roller is located on the wooden table adjacent to the ketchup and mustard containers.
Your menu dictates what concession equipment you require. A generator or a propane tank is the most efficient means of providing power to the machinery needed to keep it operational throughout the entire day. Additionally, it is essential to keep in mind that certain pieces of machinery, particularly gas-powered machinery, require specialized connections such as gas connector hoses. To prevent things from becoming overly crowded and uncomfortable, we suggest utilizing appliances that fit under countertops or are of a half-height.

Some food booths have their food prepared at a commissary kitchen, and they just keep it warm on their carts using a few warmers. However, it is possible that you will run out of food very fast, which will be detrimental to your business's reputation and make it more difficult to maintain customer loyalty. You can address this issue by recruiting additional personnel to assist with restocking and moving the inventory.

Concession Stand Equipment
Both appliances for maintaining cooked food at a temperature that is safe and appliances for preparing raw food should be included on the ideal list of equipment for a concession stand. As you create your list, keep in mind the amount of room you have, and try not to jam too much onto it. The provision of more space ensures that the cramped and warm area continues to provide a secure environment for those who are required to work there.


How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business

The kinds of tools that you want will be detailed on the menu, however the following are some of the more frequently used ones:

Equipment for Holding and Warming Food Use equipment for holding and warming food to keep your food warm and ready to serve at all times.
Purchase a roller grill, a steamer, and a merchandiser so that you may cook, store, and sell hot dogs and sausages. These three pieces of equipment are necessary for making hot dogs and sausages.
Griddles: If you want to create some burgers or other hot sandwiches, you can use a griddle.
Fryers that do not have vents: Small concession stands benefit greatly from using fryers that do not have vents. Remember to account for any additional oil that may be needed.
Concession stands often have popcorn machines since selling popcorn is simple, doesn't cost much money, and is good for business.
Cotton Candy Machines: If you want to run a concession stand, you can use either a cotton candy machine that is counter-mounted or a cotton candy cart to make cotton candy.
7. Determine what components are necessary for your concession stand.
The type of cooking and serving equipment you choose with will determine the tools and supplies you require in the kitchen. Tongs and turners are wonderful tools that can be put to a wide variety of uses, however certain kitchen equipment require specific tools such as fryer baskets, ladles, or cutlery. In order to provide service to your customers, you will also require a variety of everyday disposable items such as cups, bowls, and trays.

Although the specific materials needed may differ from stand to stand, most concession stands require the following:

8. Recruit Employees to Work at Your Concession Stand. After you have constructed your concession stand and obtained the required permits, the next step is to find employees to work there. The number of employees you will need to hire will be determined by how much you anticipate selling as well as the items on your menu. For instance, a small concession stand that only serves a small number of customers and has a limited menu may not require as many workers as a large concession stand that serves a large number of customers and has a wide variety of foods to choose from.

How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business

What kind of salaries can one expect to get working at a concession stand?
The annual salary of a worker at a concession stand, commonly known as a "attendant," is anywhere from \$15,000 to \$35,000 on average. This can be varied depending on a number of circumstances, such as how often they work and where the stand located. It is essential to be aware that the majority of workers at concession stands are paid on an hourly basis, and that their salary can range anywhere from the minimum wage to \$18 per hour.

9. Make sure people know where your food stall is located.
Because of social media, you may begin advertising your concession stand before it has even opened its doors to the public. Take pictures of the dishes you create using your recipes and upload them to your online menu as you go. Take use of Instagram polls to engage with your target audience and learn which tastes are most likely to sway them to become paying customers. If you sell gourmet popcorn, for instance, you could pose the question to your audience as to whether they would prefer to sample a popcorn mix inspired by a Bloody Mary or a popcorn mix inspired by Nashville hot chicken. 

How to Start a Nacho Cheese Concession Business