Waffle on a Stick business

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Waffle on a Stick business



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Waffle on a Stick business

Compared to restaurants and food trucks, concession stands require less capital to launch. They therefore represent a fantastic entry point for entrepreneurs into the foodservice sector. They're also an excellent business model if you only sell one kind of food. The location of your concession stand will determine its long-term success, but you'll also need to have a distinctive menu, the appropriate tools, and a well-thought-out business plan. Continue reading to learn how to launch a concession stand and assess whether it is the ideal off-premise dining option for your concept.

Waffle on a Stick business
What do snack stands serve?
A concession stand, sometimes known as a snack bar, is a place where patrons can purchase food, beverages, and snacks. They are typically found in venues like stadiums, amusement parks, and movie theaters. While some locations maintain and manage their own concession stalls, others engage outside parties to handle it. Concession stalls commonly sell foods like hot dogs, popcorn, and pretzels.




Waffle on a Stick business

What is the cost of operating a food stand?
The cost of a concession stand is influenced by its size and whether you purchase a pre-owned cart or have one custom-made. Building a new concession booth that is around the size of a compact automobile will cost between $11,000 and $21,000. A new stand won't have any equipment, so starting out will cost you more.



For between \$3,000 to \$12,000, you can purchase a used concession stand that is already assembled. Because there are both ancient, basic stands and stands that have been used just a few times but are still loaded with high-quality equipment, the price range for used concession stands is so wide.


How to Open an Ice Cream Parlor
Writing a strong business strategy and advertising your stand are just a few of the steps we help you through when you launch your concession stand. For more advice on how to organize your money, see our guide to profit and loss statements, which features an interactive spreadsheet.



Waffle on a Stick business

1. Create a concept for a concession stand, such as a mother and daughter queuing up for cotton candy from a pink Carnival King machine.
You'll know what size cart you need, how much money you'll need to start, and where to position your cart based on your menu and concession stand idea.

Concession stand menus typically provide a wide variety of items, from prepared snacks to gourmet cuisine. A stand that sells fresh, gourmet waffles has different requirements than one that sells basic ready-made items.




Waffle on a Stick business

2. Create a food stand business strategy.
Once you have a broad concept of the type of concession stand you want to operate, you must create a business plan. Your business plan is similar to a growth strategy for your concession stand. In order to avoid wasting time or money, it aids you in making the proper investments. You can obtain funding for your company from outside sources with the aid of a solid business plan. It provides you and your investors with a comprehensive image of the financial situation, concept, target market, and organizational structure of your concession stand. You can follow our step-by-step instructions to create a business plan from scratch.

3. Obtain funds to support your food stall.
Once you have a business strategy, you'll know how much cash you'll need to open your concession stand. A modest, straightforward concession stand can be opened on your own, but a larger stand with a more complex menu might require funding from outside sources. Following is a list of potential sources of funding:




Waffle on a Stick business
Investors: You can include your idea for a concession stand in your business plan.
Loans: For business owners looking for a loan, there are several possibilities, including small business loans, equipment loans, leasing, and conventional bank loans.
Through crowdfunding, many people can invest modest sums of money in a company. It frequently occurs on websites like GoFundMe, where you can define your fundraising objectives, attract investors, and keep them informed of your progress.



Waffle on a Stick business

4. Purchase a concession stand.
portable concession stand for popcorn
If you have a business strategy and enough money, you can purchase a concession stand that matches your needs in terms of size and price. You must choose whether you want a permanent, portable, or trailer concession stand. This will have an impact on the type of stand you purchase, where you place it, and even the rules you must abide by.

A cheap stationary concession stand is ideal for you if you have a nice location where you can always set up shop, like a stadium. However, if you intend to sell on various street corners over the course of a few blocks, you'll need a short-range cart. You may purchase a concession trailer or consider whether a food truck would work better for you if you want to travel around a lot and cover more land.

Waffle on a Stick business

several types of food stalls
Concession stands are in three varieties: those that remain stationary, those that move about, and those that are mounted on trailers. Every concession business strategy makes use of the purchasing habits of its target market. Concession stalls that are stationary frequently have busy periods. For carts with a short range, sales are slower and more stable. Concession stands in trailers can cater to events and a steady stream of repeat customers. However, even though the trailer model benefits from both permanent stands and short-range carts, it is more expensive to buy and operate.




Small, permanent concession stands that don't have much space for food or equipment storage are known as stationary concession stands. Typically, they just provide one pre-made item or pre-made snacks.
Mobile Concession Stands: Designed for short-term use, these stands frequently have a home location where the food is prepared by the vendors before being loaded onto the cart, which typically contains a holding unit.
Concession trailers: Concession trailers feature space for a small kitchen with warming equipment on the counter and storage under the counter. They can be powered by gas or generators and can travel a long distance.
To the Top 5 again Obtain the necessary licenses and permits.





Waffle on a Stick business

Like running any other business, operating a concession stand requires having the appropriate licenses and permits. We include a few of the most popular licenses and permissions for you, but it's up to you to make sure you abide by local regulations as well.

Permit for Sales and Use Tax Food Handling Certificate, Food Manager Certification, Food Vendor License, and Employer Identification Number

If you operate a mobile concession stand, find out if you require a commercial license from your neighborhood drivers license office.

6. Decide on the tools you'll use to prepare and store food. Hot dogs, ketchup, and mustard are placed on a wooden table next to a Grand Slam hot dog roller.
What concession equipment you need depends on your menu.   Waffle on a Stick business  The ideal way to power the equipment is with a generator or a propane tank if you want it to run continuously throughout the day. Additionally, it's crucial to keep in mind that some machinery, particularly gas-powered machinery, requires special connections like gas connector hoses. To prevent things from getting too crowded and warm, we advise using undercounter or half-height equipment.



Waffle on a Stick business
Some food carts have a few warmers on them and cook their meals in a commissary kitchen. However, it's possible that you'll run out of food quickly, harming your reputation and making it more difficult to keep clients. By employing more workers to refill and shift goods, you can solve this issue.

Gear for concession stands
The greatest list of supplies for a concession stand includes both equipment for preparing raw food and tools for maintaining cooked food at acceptable temperatures. Consider the available space when you build your list and try not to overcrowd it. The workers who must work in the cramped, heated environment are kept safe by the extra space.




Waffle on a Stick business

You may find out what kind of equipment you need by looking at your menu, but here are some of the most typical ones:

Use food holding and warming equipment to keep your food warm and prepared for serving.
Invest in a roller grill, a steamer, and a merchandiser to prepare, store, and market hot dogs and sausages.
Griddles: You can use a griddle to cook hot sandwiches and hamburgers.
Fryers without vents: These are excellent for use in tiny concession stands. Remember to make space for extra oil.
Popcorn machines: Popcorn is simple, affordable, and profitable for a concession shop.
Concession Stand Cotton Candy Machines: You can operate your concession stand with a cotton candy cart or a machine that is mounted on a counter.
7. Decide what your concession booth needs.
Depending on the equipment you select, you'll need different cooking and serving tools. Although tongs and turners are excellent equipment with a wide range of applications, certain appliances also require fryer baskets, ladles, or cutlery. You will also require trays, cups, bowls, and other standard throwaway things to serve your customers.

Although the specifics may change, the majority of concession stalls require the following:

8. Employ People to Work at Your Concession Stand. You must hire staff after setting up your concession stand and obtaining the required licenses. Depending on how much you intend to sell and what is on the menu, you'll need to hire a certain number of people. For instance, a small concession stand that serves a small number of patrons and has a restricted menu would not require as many employees as a large stand that serves a huge number of patrons and offers a wide variety of meals.
Waffle on a Stick business
How much money do concession stand employees make?
An attendant, often known as a concession stand employee, typically makes between \$15,000 and \$35,000 annually. This might vary depending on a variety of factors, including how frequently they work and where the stand is located. It's crucial to be aware that the majority of concession stand employees are paid hourly, with wages ranging from minimum wage to \$18 per hour.

9. Spread the news about your concession stand.
Thanks to social media, you can start promoting your concession stand before it ever opens. Post images of the meals on your menu as you try out your recipes. To engage with your target audience and learn what tastes might attract them as buyers, use Instagram polls. You could, for instance, ask your followers if they would prefer to try a popcorn mix inspired by a Nashville hot chicken or a Bloody Mary if you sell gourmet popcorn.


Waffle on a Stick business