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Want to start a Meat Jerky Business? 


I'm going to give you a step-by-step process on how you can actually get up and running a food business, a food business, like meat jerky. This is a brand that I found at the store, but you could create your own brand with a private label co-packing company. And I want to show you on the back here.


I know you can't see very well, but those are my talking points. I'm going to explain to you exactly how this works and if you're don't have a lot of money to invest in a food business, but you have a couple of grand, I'm going to explain to you how you can literally turn a $2,000 or even less into a full-blown business, but you do not have to make anything. And you can even get the co-packer or private label company to ship it to your distributor or to your customers.




And I'm going to explain how that works. So let me put this amazing bag down. All right. So on the back of here, I've got some quick talking points. Let me scoot you in just a little bit. All right. So here's how it works. So if you've got a couple of grand, the basic first things you got to do is you need to incorporate yourself as a business, incorporating yourself as a business. Of course it varies by state, but it's normally you're going to be about two, $300 going to be a couple hundred dollars in to the incorporation process. Now, why would you need to be incorporated? Well, even though you're going to have a company actually make this for you, you're going to DBT incorporated as a business. If you're looking to do business with retailers food wholesalers or distributors, which I'll get into that on this list right here on how to circulate and get your food product out there, there's going to be a couple of different variations.



So all of them will cost you money. And some of them won't necessarily cost you money. As far as getting a relationship started with a food distributor. And I'll explain how that works as well. So the first thing you want to do is incorporate yourself. You want to create a business. You want to have a name, you need to have some type of a brand, some type of name for your product. Okay? You can't just have a, co-packer make it for you. And then some random person tried to ship it to a retailer. Then you think you're going to make money.


That's not how it works. Okay. So here's how it works. So I actually have put together a sheet it's going to be a PDF listing. And this is something that I have available on marketing food, It's got 80 co-packers listed, and that's going to give you a huge variety of different meat, jerky co-packers or meat co-packers.

And you could check out that list as well as 2020 questions that I put on there that are going to help you get the conversation started with your co-packer questions that are really important about production, time, turnaround, time, et cetera, et cetera.

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Now, this video, I'm going to explain to you how this works. If you're looking to get the lists it's taken, it's taken me several months to actually put together a list of meat, jerky co-packers and private label companies. Check that list out. I'll have a link down in the description that you can click on to that and go to the site and see if that's something you want to get into. That's going to give you a list specifically of contact information of all of these companies that offer these types of services. Now, let me get into explaining exactly how this works, because I know there's a lot of you who want to get into a food business, but you're not really sure what type of food business to get into.

Plus you may be on a budget and you only have a couple of grand or less to actually invest. So let me explain this. So number one, right off the top minimum order, many of these private label, co-packing beef, Turkey companies and Turkey jerkies and all that kind of stuff. They actually have very low minimums.

There's about, I think there's actually eight or nine of them in particular from that list that have very low minimums for you to buy and it's a set amount. Okay. So it's going to be a minimum of $500. Now, obviously, if you invest more yourself over and above that minimum, if it's $2,000 or 3000 or more that you want to buy right off the bat, obviously this analogy or this example is not going to apply to what you're going to do.

So if you want to get just the minimum to get started, which I recommend you do, because that's going to give you an opportunity to test the waters and to see if this is something that's profitable for you.

Okay? And of course, as successful as this can become is solely based upon how much work you're going to willing to put into this and how, how much hard work and how much focus as well as how much time you're going to be able to debt to join this. Okay. All right. So number one, if you have a minimum of four, $500 right off the top, that's $500 for the minimum order amount.

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Okay. The next thing up is your website. Now you can either sell this product several ways right here. I'll go over that. Okay. If you set up a website, so, you know, it's between about 39 to $40 or so a month. Okay. So right off the bat, if you want to create your own website, there's plenty of ways to do that. Very simplistically using either Weebly and or Shopify. And I'll put also some links in the description.

So you guys, if you're not familiar with those links, check those links out and we'll explain to you what I'm talking about. Many of these website softwares applications are very easy to use so you can build your own. Okay? So you've got your minimum order of 500. You've got your website of around $40, okay. A month, a month, by the way, now to incorporate yourself, I record, like I mentioned, in the beginning, they have recommended you do this because you don't want to, we do this as just a person who wants to sell resell beef jerky, that's being manufactured.


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Do you want to have a company? You want to have a brand you want to have itself incorporated. So legally you can protect yourself as well. Okay. Incorporation costs between about two to $300. And of course, don't quote me on that. Exactly. Because in some States it's actually less some States, it might be slightly more.

So the ballpark is around two to three, a hundred bucks. Now 200. My place is to sell before you make a website, I would recommend is eBay and Etsy. Why? Because on eBay, it already has millions of customers built into the site. Now, if you're looking to sell jerky, meat jerkies or snacks, or even food items, E-bay is a fantastic place to do this because they've already got millions of customers built in. Once you create a listing and somebody goes to the search box and types in a beef jerky or Turkey jerky, or whatever, the type of snack they want, it pulls up all the listings related to that search, which would be obviously what you're doing is a meat jerky business. So you can create a store very inexpensively at around 25 bucks, one $25 a month. Okay. They have different different types of different tiers, a for business or personal seller or private sellers, that type of thing.

So around $25 to $30 a month, you can get a store up and running and start listing jerky. Okay. The next one up is Etsy create an Etsy listing. It is one of the cheapest and inexpensive ways to sell anything from my own experience, online 20 cents. And I believe it's for four months. So you're listing to stays there for four months. It can renew right, 20 cents next up insurance, even, right? So you're having a co-packer or private label company produced the product for you. I highly recommend you still get liability insurance, a business insurance, small business insurance for your jerky business. That's normally going to run you around 500, roughly a year. Most places, most insurance companies that sell insurance, like I'm even Geico believer, not all state insurance all of these companies have business policies and they could even write food business policies as well.

Check out which one you'd like to obviously look into that maybe work better for you, but you can get those payments broke up over the month. So around 40 to $45 a month, not 500 upfront, some of them do, but most all of them for small businesses, you can pay it monthly. So you don't have to put out that much money upfront. So that gets you, your insurance. Now you're probably thinking, well, dang, if you have a private label, co-packer pump company make a jerky for me, how, how would I get a logo? Or how do I have a designer? How do you break a brand? Really interesting. I did know quite a bit of research on this. And I found out that the majority of these private label co-packing meat, jerky businesses offer pre-made labels with different designs on them only needing your name or your product name, or business name on it.

So you don't have to come up with some logo or graphic that you have to invest money in. They have pre-made actually, if someone were really cool, to be honest with you, very cool looking labels that they go on the bag. So that's going to allow you the opportunity to simply just access their preexisting logos. And from there, you don't have to put money out for a logo or have a graphic designer create one for you. So $500 minimum. Yeah, you got $39 for your website. If you want to create your own about $200 or $200 or so to incorporate yourself, you got about $25 for the upfront, for the monthly fee for eBay. If you want to start selling it, okay. A $45 a month, the amount for the insurance and your, and your logo, if they don't have one and you want to create one, you can get one on fiber fiber.

You can get a really fantastic logo for even more for 15 to $20. And fiber is a, is a great place to get it contracted out, to have somebody to do it for you. So you're up to $828. That's actually less than a thousand dollars, including all of the minimums that you would need to create this and get it started. If you wanted to invest more into it, obviously you could. But if you're looking to create a food business, this can literally get generated and started for less than $2,000. Now I'm going to go over several different places where you can sell this aside for being online. Okay? So now let me get into some of the other avenues that you can start selling your jerky. So let me tell you another really quick tip as well. Once these co-packers produce the product, you tell them where you want it to be shipped.

Now there's a reason why I say that. Number one, you can actually team up with a food distributor food distributors are those huge gigantic companies, warehouses that will actually bring on board hundreds and hundreds of food products. And then they distributed to retail stores, grocery stores cafes, delis, wherever it may be that they're going to sell it, but you can actually get them to bring your product on board. When you start this process, you want to get a couple of sample bags from your co-packer. Take that sample bag and send it into a food distributor and say, look, my name is Damian's jerky company. I just started a brand new jerky company. Here's our product, taste it. And let me know what you think. Then once they say, you know what? We love it, let's get five or six cases. You can then get your private labeler or co-packer to produce those cases, ship them directly to your food distributor.

And you don't have to be making anything, not a zilch. And that is a way to get it into a food distributors hands. And from there, they will sell it to wholesalers retailers, wherever it may be grocery stores or cafes. As I mentioned, next one up is a food broker. Now, the only thing about a food broker is some of them, not all of them, some of them work on an advance where you have to pay them upfront to represent your product. Now you can get smaller family run food, broker businesses that just started up and those food brokers, normally don't ask for an advance upfront. They'll push your product and try to get it into retailer buyer's hands. And then from there, you get your food, private label, your meat, jerky, private company label to ship the product over to that retailer or that grocery chain and the food broker hooks you up and brings you the buyer from those supermarket chains.

So they're the middleman between you and a retailer or, or if it's a wholesale club, because they know how the business works and they know how to be salespeople, because maybe you don't, maybe you're just not a sales person and that's fine. That's why they come in and they can help you get your product into retailers. When you have it produced by your co-packer. You can say, look, I need you to ship cases XYZ to this warehouse, that warehouse in this warehouse, they're going to be distributed for you again, you're not having to make any of it direct to retailer. Now you, yourself, if you are, you're confident enough to do it. You can call up local retailers and you can generate a buzz locally. It doesn't have to be a national chain, but locally and some grocery stores in your area. Once you have someone give you a purchase order, once you have a buyer restore, we'll give you a purchase order or they're showing interest.

Your co-packer can actually produce it. Okay. And then ship it again to Damien's grocery chain in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or something like that. So you can literally get your product in a retail store and again, have your co-packer ship it directly to the retailer and you make the profit again. You're not having to make any of this. All right. The next big one is actually FBA by Amazon. So as you may or may not know fulfillment by Amazon is when Amazon allows you to ship a product to Amazon's warehouse. You created listed on Amazon and they fulfill the order. This is a great, great way to start a jerky business. And it's a great way to sell product to millions of people, literally by using FBA. Okay. What you could literally do is once you've manufactured shouldn't you have got your product up and running.

Your co-packer can then again, ship that for you on your behalf directly to Amazon, FPH their warehouses and have them do the fulfillment by Amazon for your on your behalf. And again, you're not making any of this E-bay as we discussed earlier, that would be something that, that you would do the fulfillment on your end. So if you created the store, unless you're using Amazon FBA or another fulfillment center, you can actually get your product into your warehouse or wherever you are and your commercial facility. And then you feel the orders as eBay buys an eBay seller buyers, byproduct from you, Etsy buyers, by-product front of you. You can ship it out that way. Now you can actually use FBA by Amazon, right? They are just a fulfillment center. So once you sell a product on Etsy or eBay, you just tell Amazon, Hey, I have on Smith, you bought it on eBay, please ship the product to them and they'll do it for you.

Okay. Of course there's fees involved with that, but it's still a way that you could sell. And then lastly, your own website, I do recommend you definitely having a website, but I wouldn't rely on that. Watch on sales because it's very challenging to get traffic to your own website. Okay? But once you get up and running though, with Amazon or some of these other, other businesses or other avenues, your own website, you will begin to sell because customers will want to know more about your product and they're going to go to your website and they're going to want to buy. Okay? So in a nutshell, that is a very simple way that you can actually get a jerky business up and running. You do not produce any of it. And yeah. And in most cases from here, you don't even necessarily have to sell it or do the fulfillment of it.

You have a lot of different avenues and choices to get your product out there with you out, not having to do much of anything. Okay? So that's one of the really cool things about creating a private label or having a co-packing company, make your product for you. And again, check out the list that I put together. It is 80 plus companies go through it, call, he calls me, as you possibly can see who is the right fit for you because they're all different. And then there's 20 questions on there as well. To help you get the ball, rolling with some ideas on figuring out what is going to be working for you. How do I get this up and running? And you can do it for less than $2,000. I'll see you guys on the next video. If you guys liked this video is always do, give me a big thumbs up. And if you had questions about this process, let me know down below, and I'll see you guys on the next video.


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