What equipment is required on a food truck

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What equipment is required on a food truck



What equipment is required on a food truck? So in this video, I'm actually excited to bring you a list of specific food truck equipment that's required. Now, this is no matter what kind of cuisine food or sweets or baked goods or whatever it is that you're making. These are going to be pieces of equipment that are pretty much required across the board. And we're going to get into that list right now.

All right. So, welcome back to marketing food online. It's Damien Roberti, founder and CEO of marketing food online. And in this video, as I mentioned in the introduction, we're gon na cover a handful of required equipment. Not just random equipment that you need for your food truck, but these are pieces of equipment that are across the board going to be necessary in order for you to get your inspections, get signed off, and then get your food truck up and running. But before we do, I want to thank our sponsor, Click Lease.com. If you are actually in the marketplace and you need a food truck equipment list filled out well, then click leases.com will be the place that you want to go. So who is clicking leases? Well, they have approvals for 500 to ,000 for food truck equipment. All credit scores are welcome at click 'lease. And also, one of the great features of it is that customers can pick their own lease term agreement.









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What equipment is required on a food truck


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It's definitely worth at least checking them out. I would say go down in the description section, click on that link that we have set up, and then go to their website and see what they can actually do to help you get your food truck business up and running with the biggest expense. The equipment purchase is second only to the food truck itself. So this is definitely something that's worth looking into. And how do I recommend you take a look at that? And of course, you could touch base with them, reach out to them. If you've got questions, you're not very familiar with the process. If it's all new to you, they'll definitely help you get on your way. So let's dive into this list of required food and truck equipment. All right. So number one, when you're starting your food truck business, you are going to need a three-compartment sink.











What equipment is required on a food truck


Now these are, and they come in different sizes. They come in different shapes and sizes because every food truck is physically structured in different ways. Of course, that's easy to understand. You may have to figure out which one is best for you. They come in three compartments because that is specifically set up for a reason. Number one, the first part of your three-compartment sink is for washing. The second one is for rinsing. And then the last one is for, I'm sorry, the second one is for sanitizing. And then the last one is for rinsing. So those three compartments are actually set up for a process. Of course, your health department will tell you more specifically about that. So when you're washing and cleaning any of your utensils or any of the cookware, anything that you've got that has to be washed, rinsed, and sanitized, that is the whole method behind having a three-compartment sink.

Now the next thing that you're going to need to have, and this is a must, and this is actually something that we have even in our commercial bakery and candy business. The department of agriculture required us to have a three-compartment sink, a hand washing sink, and a mop sink. Now, most food trucks won't necessarily have a requirement for the Mo Sync per se. Many times, they'll have different types of sanitizing apparatus and accessories than you'll have because it's a different type that's configured differently on a food truck. But the hand washing sink is a requirement. That's going to be a separate sink that has nothing to do with the three compartment sink in order for you and your employees, of course, to wash and sanitize and clean their hands. And then, of course, some type of paper towel dispenser or something where they can dry their hands off as well.









What equipment is required on a food truck


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So, number one, it's going to be that three departments sync. Number two is going to be your hand washing sink, followed by shelves for storage. Well, of course, no matter what kind of food product you're actually going to make or produce or sell, you've got gotta have shelves, right? You've got gotta have shelves for any type of smallwares, any type of ingredients that may or may not need refrigeration or freezing, any type of pots and pans. If you go that route, keep in mind that if you're using she for some of your equipment, make sure you have them secured. Driving around in a truck all day is exhausting.not something that's easy to do. You have a stainless steel shelf. It's very slippery and has pots and pants and you make a left or right turn. I can guarantee you they're going to be on the floor.


What equipment is required on a food truck


So securing them safely on those shelves is a must. You've got to make sure that you have them secured, because otherwise every time you go to an event, you're going to spend an hour picking up everything off the floor, which obviously you can't do that. So make sure that your shelving that you have is secured enough to keep all of the small wares and things that you've got in them from going onto the floor. So next up, work tables and prep tables. Now, again, these are must-haves and required because no matter what you make, if you're making gelato, or if you're making hot dogs or tacos, you need to have some form of prep table. Now, depending upon the amount of space that you have, you need to check the marketplace. And by the way, I'll have a ton of links down below this video as well for all of these different types of pieces of equipment.

So at least you can begin your search and your hunt for some of this equipment and find out where you can get it from, but you also need to have those prep tables. So again, depending upon the space you have available, because if you have something that requires cooking and you have a gas grill or a gas range, and those are really big, big units, even for food trucks, and you've got a three-compartment sink, a hand wash sink, and maybe some refrigerators or freezers, your space begins to dwindle down. So make sure that you get the right size and the right fit for those types of prep tables. But no matter what you make, I guarantee you'll need to have some type of prep service or prep storage space on the top of those shelves as well. Next up is a boiler system. Now this is for hot and cold running water.

Okay, So if you've got any system set up where you've got to have running fresh water, which you will, and obviously in a food truck, it is an entire restaurant kitchen inside of your truck. You've gotta have hot and cold boiling water. So those boiler units, which you must have and ensure are in good working order, are where your three compartment sink, hand washing, and all of that water that obviously comes up through there.You need to have that boiler system in place as well. No matter what you make or sell, you're going to pretty much need either a fridge, a freezer, or a refrigerated freezer unit. In some cases, these can be together in a much smaller size or an apparatus, but if you've got ingredients that need to maintain their temperature and be frozen, if you need something that needs to be refrigerated before you use it and tap into it, if it's an ingredient, a refrigerator and freezer are a must.

So definitely take a look at that. And of course, depending on the size and how much volume of business you think you're going to do, the size of those units will be dependent upon that. Okay? But the idea of having a fridge and a freezer is something that is definitely a must. Now, the most important aspect of a food truck is to have power, obviously. So where do food trucks get their power from? They get it from generators. Now, these types of generators can be powered in a multitude of different ways. And I actually did a little research. There was a friend of ours who contacted us that actually transit transitioned his food truck to solar power panels, which was quite interesting. He's in. He lives in a state. He's actually quite inundated with the sun, but he uses solar panels. And it has actually worked quite well and saved him a lot of money upfront.

What equipment is required on a food truck



They're a little more expensive than getting a generator, but you can get a gas power generator, which is a must, or a propane generator. Now, the other thing is, of course, solar paneling. If you want to go that route again, check down below in the descriptions. I've got a few links to help you get started with the search on that as well. We put a few links for different solar panel generators as well, which get their energy from that. So their food truck is very easy as far as figuring out what type of energy you need. It's just depending on your budget and figuring out what works best, but you can definitely get a gas powered generator, or a propane one, or even a solar panel one. Now those are required. Next up, let's talk a little bit about some of the equipment that may or may not be needed.

Now, when I mentioned earlier about the gas range, some may not actually actually need that if you're a ice cream truck or if you're doing baked goods, or if you're not doing anything that's required cooking and you're allowed to prep on your food truck itself, a lot of also by the way, a lot of food trucks in certain cities and counties are required to do all of the prepping in a commissary or commercial kitchen prior to going out for the day for their business. Now, with that being said, you may or may not need a gas range if you're doing desserts or ice cream, or if your food truck is selling prepackaged foods, which you can do as well. Those are items that you don't even make or even prepare on the food truck. So you may or may not need a gas range, the type of cooking pans and sauce, pans, and things of that sort.

Those are also may be needed, but are not required based upon the type of cuisine. And let's dive a little bit more into it. You may also need, of course your menu boards. Those are the boards that sit out in front of the food truck itself. You're gonna need obviously, a water pump as well, which needs to tie into your boiler system. So you can actually push the water up in from your water tanks in, through the sinks and such for you to use it. And any other type of small wears that you would need to prepare your food such as napkins saucers plates, or any type of utensils. Those are things also that are dependent upon the type of food that you're making. So going through the list of, of what is equipment required for a food truck, those first few things are a must, no matter what, definitely check with your health department, if they also require anything additional because every local city or county's health department will require certain things for you to get past for inspections.


What equipment is required on a food truck

And also, as I mentioned before, check out quickly, definitely give them a try, look down below for that, that link. They are able to get you up and running with those large purchases of food, truck equipment. And that is what they do. They specialize specifically in doing those large equipment purchases. But remember it is a lease, which is something that's great. It's not a loan, so definitely check them out. And then let us know what you think about any of the things that you've got in this video here. Questions about it. Give us a, a holler down below, let us know, give us a comment and we'll definitely help you out as soon as possible. So we'll see you guys in our next video.


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