How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

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How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi




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 How to Get Licenses and Permits for Food Trucks


How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

Before you start, you must obtain the required licenses and permits in order to lawfully run your new food truck business on city roads. Despite the fact that both food trucks and restaurants are in the business of selling food, there are a number of significant differences between the licenses and permits required for restaurants and those required for food truck vendors. We'll provide you an overview of the most prevalent licenses and permissions required in almost every state for running a food truck. In addition, depending on where you plan to sell your food goods, we will give you a few samples of permissions you might need.


How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi
Which Licenses Are Required to Start a Food Truck Business?

You will need food truck coverage in addition to the permissions and licenses required by your city and state in order to lawfully sell food from a food truck. You should check with the county or state's business office to be sure you have gotten the required papers because license names sometimes vary. No matter where you live, the following is a list of the licenses and permits that are frequently need for running a food truck:

1. A business permit

A business license, sometimes known as a "vendor license" or a "basic business operating license," is necessary to operate a business in the city and state of your choice. Once you get the license, the government will recognize your business as being genuine and will be able to keep track of it for taxation purposes.



Though application costs and restrictions can vary from city to city, the cost of getting a business license for a food truck can often range from $50 to $500. Ensure that you are informed of both the date your license will expire and the procedures needed to renew it. As soon as you've finished creating your food truck business plan, be sure to submit your application because some communities will cap the amount of mobile food vendor licenses they issue. In some areas, obtaining a license for a new vendor may even require entering a lottery. To find out how to file an application for a business license, visit the websites of your regional county clerk or the United States Small Business Administration.


How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

2. EIN (Employer Identification Number) (Employer Identification Number)


To receive a federal tax ID number known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN), commonly referred to as a Social Security Number, your business must register with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It enables you to build a credit history, hire personnel, and register a bank account for your company. Several states provide you with this number when they issue you a business license.
How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi
You can apply for your Employee Identification Number (EIN) on the IRS website, by fax, or by mail. It is absolutely free of charge. The processing of your application could take up to four weeks, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time before beginning.



3. A valid ID or driver's license

To run a food truck, you will need to have the same documents that you need to drive a car—a current driver's license and proof of vehicle registration. You can get by in most states with just a standard driver's license. Several jurisdictions base their determination of whether you require a commercial driver's license on the size and weight of the vehicle you drive.

Depending on the state and the type of license, the cost of a driver's license can range from ten to one hundred dollars. To learn about the procedures you must follow and the conditions you must satisfy in order to apply for a driver's license, get in touch with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your neighborhood.



How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

4. A food handling license

A food handler's permit can be obtained by those who complete both food handler training and a food safety course. This document is frequently referred to as a "food manager certificate" or "food handler's license." In most states, only the manager working that shift is required to obtain a permit. If food is to be handled, prepared, cooked, or kept on the premises of the business, it is sometimes required that at least one employee has a valid permit on them at all times. The permit will give customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the staff members operating at your food truck are educated and experienced in hygienic and safe food-handling procedures. A health inspector's task will be significantly simplified if you have qualified managers who can confirm that someone on staff has extensive understanding of food safety.




Individual food handling licenses typically cost less than $50 and are good for almost five years. Most, if not all, cities require food truck personnel to possess their food handlers' credentials and to display them in a form that is visible to the general public. To get study materials and select a testing site that is convenient for you, go to the ServSafe website. You will then be able to apply for a food handler's license.


How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

5. Permission from the appropriate health authorities

The health department's permission, also referred to as a "food service license," is proof that your car has passed a health inspection and been given the green light. Your truck will be checked by a health department official for violations of the health code during the inspection. Following the inspection, they will give your truck a general grade and mark what needs to be addressed. They ensure that the facility is clean overall, that the food is stored correctly, and that there are clear HACCP plans in place. Most towns require that your health rating be displayed where customers may see it.


The cost of a health department permit might vary from $50 to $1,000 depending on the city. The local health department in your region can be contacted by phone or email to request an inspection and arrange a time for it.



Mobile food seller licenses and permits that are issued by the city

Owners of food trucks are obliged to obtain permissions unique to their state and locale before starting their businesses, which they must accomplish before beginning operations in such jurisdictions. Most of the time, especially for larger cities, information about the permits required for food trucks to operate inside their borders is easily accessible. However, if you operate in more remote locations, you might find that getting the facts is more challenging. To legally run your business after buying a food truck, you might need to acquire the following licences and licenses:


How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

Owner's Permit

In order to acquire goods and supplies at wholesale costs and avoid paying sales tax, owners of foodservice enterprises in several jurisdictions must first get a seller's permit. The owners are given this tax exemption in order to help them save money. The tax would be gathered when the goods was sold to individual consumers in order to avoid the item being taxed more than once. To find out if a seller's permit is necessary in your state and how to apply for one if it is, visit the website of the state government in your area.

2. Certificates for Fire and Safety


In some areas, if you run a food truck, you must have it inspected by both the fire department and the county's health department. This is the only time you will need to do this if your truck is equipped with gas lines and cooking equipment. You probably won't require a fire inspection if all you do is sell products that need to be kept cool. To be sure, you should nonetheless confirm with the pertinent authorities in your region. Your cooking apparatus will need to be inspected by the fire department to make sure it is installed correctly and is operating as it should. The electrical wiring in your car will also need to be inspected, and a fire suppression system should be fitted, they will also want to check. How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi



parking authorizations and permits

You should get in touch with the county clerk in your area to find out if parking permits are necessary in the locations where you plan to sell food. Food trucks are not permitted at any time on some streets, while they are only permitted during specific hours on other streets. To reduce road congestion and make sure the trucks are evenly spaced out, several places only allow the usage of food trucks on specific days of the week. The location and length of your truck's parking privileges during regular business hours will be detailed on the parking permit you buy. It will also state if you are allowed to leave your truck parked overnight on the street or whether you must have it kept in a garage at all times.



How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

4. A formal contract with the commissary in the form of a letter.

Your city may require that you use a commissary kitchen to keep your supplies and finish any food preparation work before leaving for the day in your food truck. If this is the case, you might also be needed to obtain a commissary letter of agreement, which is a legal document that you and the commissary's owner must both sign in order to establish your right to use the facility and utilize the services while there. The commissary would make a cooking area available to you, as well as access to clean water, a rubbish collection service, and food storage, in addition to the other conditions that were previously agreed upon.
What permits are needed for a food truck in Mississippi?


How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi

Documentation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

In some areas, food truck owners must submit a document explaining their standard operating procedures to the municipal before they may sell meals to the general public. This criterion is unusual. This paper must include a general summary of the process you and your staff use to do tasks on your truck. To properly run a food truck, you will need comprehensive step-by-step instructions that describe how each dish is made, how your machinery should be cleaned and sanitized, and how your vehicle should be locked up for the night. Some food truck business owners maintain a copy of these documents on hand in a training manual.

6. Special Events Permit
How long does it take to get a food permit in Mississippi
A temporary permit known as a "special event permit," commonly referred to as a "vending permit," allows the holder to sell meals at a particular venue site during an event. A "vending permit" is another name for this kind of license. Most sporting events, festivals, and concerts will have an event planner who can give you information on the kinds of permits necessary to sell food on the property as well as how long those permits must remain active. Inquire with the event coordinator of the venue about the licenses necessary for you to operate your food truck to serve catering for a wedding.


How to Start a Food Truck Business in Mississippi