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I'll cover three remarkable food e-commerce queries my subscribers emailed me. There's a lot of hype about selling food online in recent years. This category of products on the internet is only going to expand.


As a subscriber, you could have three questions in mind, and I will get into those in a moment. Yeah. Alright. This marketing representative is Damien. And as I indicated at the beginning, I'll get into your questions on food e-commerce in more detail below, including how to go about getting your food e-commerce up and running. Also, we appreciate you joining us on our YouTube premiere food entrepreneur channel.


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I've been in the food business for almost 12 years, and we run and own 60 food-based enterprises. On every platform, we have built six-figure enterprises since the year 2000. And here is everything I know about marketing and the food industry, presented in bite-sized chunks for your enjoyment. Let's get right to it. Here on my side, I opened my laptop. Let's check these subscriber queries. So, the first question: and this is a simple, basic issue, but it's also important to grasp.

E-commerce for food. So, foodie commerce? You can either buy food products that you want to resell or set up an online storefront for your food business.
You can manufacture and package your own food goods if you'd like, and starting a food subscription business is as simple as that.

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Wholesale websites are able to operate as portals to food distribution in the food industry, as well as providing the perfect platform for food service subscription businesses. So food-businesses are. When you use the internet to sell them, it is e-commerce.

There are two aspects to selling food products through e-commerce. You can do it legitimately, of course, but you must meet some requirements in order to be a, a legal business. Be sure to get yourself incorporated. Make sure you know exactly where you're selling your food products from.

I can't sell food from home over the internet, via interstate sales, which would trigger regulations that would limit where I can sell. A commercially licensed facility is important. Make sure you are also inspected. Either the Department of Agriculture, the USDA, or you will be examined by the local or county health department. Ensure that you have a company license to work inside that city or county, and moreover be within a zoning region that permits you to distribute and ship food goods from the location you're in.

Okay. That implies you want to ensure that the building you have is compliant with all applicable laws and relevant permissions and licenses.

Each place is different, and that's where you are. therefore you want to make sure you are economically zoned to do that Food delivery over the internet has gone stratospheric during the past decade.

And over the last year, what's transpired in 2020 with the current circumstances has also been a driving force for increased food sales to the billions of dollars. That is my advice if you're trying to start food e-commerce, you absolutely want to get your feet wet with Sukkot culinary commerce.

There is no need to start from scratch now. Please, allow me to explain. Start with eBay, Etsy, or Bonanza, or Wal-Mart.
These other sites are already entering food. E-commerce is a site where you may sell your food products or you can resell items you have purchased to resell. These are fantastic because they have a built-in audience of millions, of millions of clients. Why didn't you mention Amazon in there? I have been on Amazon for eight years now.


There are a number of things that you have to grasp about Amazon in order for you to be successful. In some cases, I do not advise immediate action. Okay. When I have more experience selling food and e-commerce online, I have the possibility to apply to Amazon.
Okay. E-bay and Etsy are great places to begin when getting e-commerce expertise and food e-commerce knowledge. Yes, but it is complicated. Damaged products are required. Negative feedback is inevitable when shipping a product. You'll be met with praise. You'll have metrics that must correspond to customer refund shipping concerns. And, and there are other other issues you'll need to resolve. I've had to learn the hard way, of course by doing it. Prior to I got online for three years, I had to do it. My recommendation: Amazon is a terrific place to start, but for now, Nan's is an excellent choice.
I love Etsy. I've been on Etsy since 2011, too. I've been on eBay for a decade. And therefore, gastronomic commerce would be the perfect place to start. Okay. Basically, that's what food e-commerce is all about. We're bringing food products to people on the earth, but we're doing it via the internet and our website. Finally, how can I market food on e-commerce? Okay. So the objective of selling food on e-commerce is to comprehend everything from the manufacturing, buying, and resale of a product through shipping and packing. Where you want your pricing to be competitive and profitable, but also with the shipping, logistics, customer service, and bad that are likely to occur.
In this example, last Christmas in December owing to the monumental problem of 2020, we had to deal with almost $5,000 in refunds and credits to purchases that weren't shipped. We've only shipped these once. Since you know you'll have issues with running an e-commerce food business, you need to know how to handle those problems when they arise. It's profitable price with shipping. Thus, it's clear. In addition to all these distinct considerations, you have to be aware of costs on every online selling platform, including eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and Walmart. Even if you have your own website and you're selling food online, you'll still have several fees associated.
There are transaction costs, monthly fees for the subscription, and hosting expenses. The hosting for Weebly, Shopify, and Wix have monthly fees for all non-selling activities. In order to be successful selling food on e-commerce, all of these diverse aspects come into play. That is something you should definitely look into and then test, but you should not yet use a platform like Amazon. I'd start with something easy and small, but having your own website is great. Forgive my incredulity. I didn't even have my own web site. I simply started selling on eBay and Etsy in the first year of operation. When I established and built my own website, we is.
The site check out where you can actually build out your own website was incredibly helpful for what we wanted next. Generally, will e-commerce within businesses increase over the next few years? Yes. Yes. Even during the following year, I expect five to seven years. In the next five to seven years, you will have around billion in food e-commerce sales. If you go on Amazon, it's in their gourmet area. If you're selling food through your own website, online food businesses such as food web-based or Shopify-based enterprises will only continue to develop.
Therefore, now is the time to start your web campaign. Watch as many of my films as you can, and if my videos aren't useful, go check out Google's Tubes or even Google, and ask whatever question you have about e-commerce and food online marketing. Then, see what you have to do to succeed. Remember that you need to run your company like a business. This isnot