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Hey, it's Damien from marketing food online. And in this video, I'm going to give you eight different streams of revenue. If you are looking to operate a food truck, or if you're already operating a food truck, I'm going to give you eight ways to make money while you were at events.

 And we're going to jump into those eight right now. Alright, so it is Damien is promoting the food online. And as I mentioned in the introduction, I'm going to give you eight different ways that you can actually create a revenue stream from your food truck, or if you want to begin a food truck and you're thinking, is there other ways to make revenue while I'm at an event actually on my food truck cooking? And the answer is absolutely yes. So I'm going to give you eight of these. They're not in any particular order, but there are definitely different ways that you can create different revenue stream starting today with your food truck.

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And as always, if this is your first video, welcome to marketing food online. My name is Damien. I am the founder of marketing food online. I am a food entrepreneur and had been in the food business for roughly about 30 years. Now, believe it or not, I've actually had 12 years of e-commerce experience. And we had about six stores. We operate right now, online. And then we have our start Amazon on eBay Etsy, and of course our own website. And we also do a handful of other businesses as well. So definitely hit that subscribe button. We have over 900 videos to give you information on how to start your own food business, get a food truck up and running, create a packaged food product, or even get your product into retail or even selling it online. So let's jump right into it. These eight income streams are going to tap into your food truck.

Now there's two different things I wanted to let you know about if you've already started a food truck and you have a following that implementing these eight are going to be a lot easier and you'll understand why. Of course, if you already have a food truck. So this is definitely something for both beginners and people who are already running a food truck as it is. Now, if you're a beginner and you want to start a food truck, definitely focus on all of the licenses, permits and all of the insurances, all the legalities of getting your food truck up and running these eight or something that you can work on as you begin to grow a following. And as you begin to get a customer base in your local area or in a city, or even if you're known within the state that you're in, it's always best to implement these eight.

If you have existing customer base and I'll get into just what that means in a couple of minutes. So number one, a packaged food product. So what is a packaged food product? Damien. So let's say that you operate a food truck and you have an amazing spice and herb Lin, a rub, maybe even a marinate or a salad dressing, or some type of sauce, or even salsa. You can actually take that product and have it co-packed for you. While you were on your truck, working your different events, you can create and establish a packaged food product, a co-packer could produce for you, then get it into retail or sell it online. That is one revenue stream that a lot of food trucks actually operate a do today, but is definitely one that you could do when you've got a fantastic ingredient or some type of a spice, a sauce, or even a side dish that you could actually have produced in bulk and then sent out to retail stores or even sold online.

So, number two, if you have a following, you got to tap into the market of merch. A lot of people really, truly love to have unique hats t-shirts and all kinds of apparel. And that merge is something that you can push and promote when you go to an event. And when you have that existing following. So when you've got those followers and you have a lot of them that either meet you at certain events locally, or maybe they're just always at a specific location, when you are there with your food truck, you need to tap into that and send them over to either your website, where they can get merged from or your YouTube channel. That's number three. So number three is actually creating a YouTube channel. I cannot tell you the amount of success and financial benefit that I have had not only through marketing food online, but my son and I have two other kids' channels, but we have a combined views of over 20 million views on those two kids' channels.

But what's great about that is that it offers us, it gives us an opportunity to, um, talk about toys and talk about other things that are unrelated, but it, that streams of revenue that comes from video views off of YouTube can create another stream of revenue for you. So you're probably thinking we'll operate a food truck. I don't have time to fill them. And you don't, you don't need to have a Steven Spielberg produced video or something of a high grade, high caliber, expensive cameras and lighting. No, you can actually do it off of your phone, even most Android phones. And of course I iPhones have fantastic cameras and you don't have to make it a big production. You can video your day to day operations with your food truck, create a food channel and get those followers who were meeting you at these events to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

And you could show them behind the scenes, maybe how you prepare the foods. Maybe when you're in your kit, commercial kitchen or your commissary, any of this footage creates great entertainment and people who follow you will love to follow you over to YouTube while people are watching your videos, you're creating another ad revenue stream for yourself because as will be pushed out onto your YouTube channel. So that is another stream. While you were at an event videos that you already have on YouTube are drawing interests are drawing views. That is another revenue stream utilizing your truck. Number four, this has kind of a cool one. This is for some who are actually producing entrees dinners, lunches meals, and it's actually creating a frozen food line. If you have a product, even if it's a Mac and cheese that you have, and everybody loves it, put it in a frozen food department within a retail store, but you're thinking, how in the heck am I going to be making my food stuff and then go into food, truck events and creating again co-packers or companies that can produce it for you.

You have a recipe, they produce the product, they freeze it and then send it to, or distribute it to those places and avenues where you have it, whether it's a retail store, again, maybe even selling it online. But Damien, how do I fill an order? If I'm running a food truck? Full-time I don't have time to fill orders. Guess what you don't have to. You want to know why, because they have these things called fulfillment centers. If this is a new idea to you, a fulfillment center is actually a warehouse where you can actually send product to have a website. When they get an order on the website and you sell a product, those fulfillment centers will actually fulfill the order for you and send your product to your customers while you're doing your food truck events. That is a great way to make an additional revenue stream.

And that is number four. So number five, this is kind of playing into the YouTube realm in regards to creating stories and have a storyline is creating a blog. If you blog about your events, you can blog about your experiences as a food truck operator, whether you're talking about events and people that you meet and you've gone to, or you want to teach people how to do it, blogs are a fantastic, additional way that you can tie into even your YouTube channel and send people from your channel and videos over to your blog, where you can create ads. Since revenue, you can create affiliate marketing as well for your blog. There are endless ways to create revenue on a blog that's related to your food truck. So why not do that? And again, you don't have to be a writer or someone writing a 700 page dissertation.

You just need to create simple blogs and maybe talk about daily activities and things within your food truck. You could post a few pictures. You can even add an embed, some of your YouTube videos onto your blog to further explain about what happened at this event, what went on at that festival and how you did and how your sales were. All of that stuff is really intriguing to those who are following you. Why not make more money doing that? Number six food service industry. Now you're thinking what does food service industry have to do with my food truck? Go back to what I was talking about earlier with a packaged food product. Now imagine your rub. You have a dry rub and maybe you have a barbecue food truck. Okay? You've created a fantastic rub. You can actually sell that in bulk and get that into other avenues.

By utilizing food service, food service providers are those who actually supply hotels, events, stadiums, large capacity universities and colleges, hub hotels as well, hospitals and other different places that actually sell and prepare a lot of food at once in bulk, you can create your rub or your marinade or sauce in much larger quantities, food service deals. With those larger portions that sit, go sit down to a lot of restaurant chains, franchises, and those types of places that is another Avenue that you can take a concept you created on your food truck and actually make more money with it as well. So food service is a fantastic one and it's not going away anytime soon, even in the midst of what's going on right now, a lot of and travel places have slowed down, but eventually they will begin to pick back up and they are Offy.

Obviously everyone has to eat and there's not going to be a complete doing away with all restaurants and all eateries and all co hotels and all cafeterias. They're always going to be a need to eat. So if you've got an item, a sauce or a Marriott, like I mentioned, that is a great another revenue to create more revenue, number seven, supplying restaurants. Now I know what's going on, obviously with this current situation. And there's a lot of restaurants who are closing, but not all restaurants are closing and they will reopen. And there will be some that come back. Yes, it's an unfortunate situation that is affecting everybody right now. But going back to the idea of having an ingredient or a certain sauce or marinate or some type of item that could be added onto a restaurant's menu, restaurants have the ability to also purchase outside of where they supply the foods from.

So if they're getting a food service product, they can always independently purchase products outside of that, you can solicit restaurants in your local area, your city, or your County, and you can let them know, Hey, I've got a fantastic product. You may wanna incorporate on your, on your list, on your menu and use it as an ingredient. This is something else that is definitely a, a doable item that could create another stream of revenue by selling a certain portion of your ingredient that you produce. It could be a taco seasoning. It can be a burrito of seasoning. It could be a filling. It could be a certain way that you prepare a certain product, but if you can create an in bulk and sell it to restaurants, that is another stream of revenue tapping into your existing food truck, number eight, sell videos. Now you could teach people exactly what you've done.

Now, you might be thinking Damien, I don't have time to do that. Well if I told you that if you were an experienced food truck operator, you could create videos and they don't have to be super long. They could be super short. Many of the videos here on my YouTube channel are anywhere from four to five minutes. Some of them are 30 minutes, but you can teach people and even utilize YouTube as a way to teach others how to start a food truck or a food truck business, or a particular type of food truck. If it's ice cream, if it happens to be something that's heat and serve, it happens to be any type of ingredient or product that you're making, show people how they can do that as well. And you can sell those videos. There's actually a website. I believe it's called teachable.

And they allow you to even upload videos where people can watch them either for free, at a discounted rate, or you can even sell the videos. It offers you an opportunity to take the experience you already have as a food truck operator and make money doing it because those videos can be downloaded automatically. Once you create that product, it's actually a digital product. As it's known, you can be at a certain food truck event and still be making money, teaching other people how to do it. There's nothing wrong with that. So with these eight different streams of revenue, you can take a profitable food truck business and make it even more so you can implement maybe one or two of these. You don't even have to do all of them, but it's a great way while you're sleeping while you're at an event or why you're working in the commissary and you're creating your food truck business, have another form of income and create multiple streams of income for yourself.


So those are eight quick ones, and I'll let you go. And if this video was helpful as always, please do give me a big thumbs up. If you have questions about this type of income stream of revenue, let me know down below. And as always, I'll try to get to the questions as soon as I can. And I'll see you guys on our next video. Take care. Thanks for watching marketing food online. And if you are looking to create your own food truck, start a home-based food business. Under the cottage food law franchise, a food operation start a packaged food business, private label, your own food product, sell on Amazon. Get your own online store or sell food online. Remember to subscribe and check out these videos for more resources, take care.


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