Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM?

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Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM?




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Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM


Amazon currently has more than 2.5 million merchants, and more than 3,000 new vendors sign up for the platform every single day. When it comes to completing customer orders, each of these Amazon merchants needs to choose whether they will pay Amazon to do it or whether they will do it themselves. Amazon will handle the shipping of your orders if you participate in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. You will be able to ship orders on your own if you enroll in the Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) program.

According to a poll conducted by Jungle Scout, the majority of Amazon sellers utilize FBA as a component of their fulfillment strategy, while a third of them utilize Amazon FBM. Some merchants use both of these methods to ship orders, while others only use one of these methods.

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

Everything is dependent on Amazon's Fulfillment Options, including but not limited to:

Amazon's service for storing and shipping orders is known as "Fulfilled by Amazon," or "FBA for short. "" If a seller chooses to ship their things to an Amazon warehouse, the e-commerce giant will fulfill any orders placed for those items on the seller's behalf. "Fulfilled by Merchant" is an acronym that indicates that the seller maintains inventory and is responsible for shipping orders.

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

If you use FBA, Amazon will charge you a fulfillment cost in addition to a monthly storage fee. Using FBM, you have the option of storing and shipping your things on your own or hiring a third party (other than Amazon) to do so on your behalf.

It might be difficult to pick which approach to utilize if you are not familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy. In this article, we will do our best to explain and clarify any confusion regarding FBA and FBM, with the end goal of enabling you to select the optimal fulfillment strategy for your company.

Amazon FBA Advantages and Disadvantages

Through the Amazon FBA program, vendors ship their wares to be stored in an Amazon facility. When a customer puts an order for an item on Amazon, the company sees to it that it is shipped out. Amazon will also handle any customer support issues or refund requests associated with this order.

If you use FBA, Amazon will charge you a fulfillment cost in addition to a monthly storage fee.



Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM
Picking, packing, and customer service are all covered by the fulfillment charge, which also covers shipping costs.

The monthly inventory storage fee covers the expenses incurred by Amazon for the cost of storing things in their fulfillment centers.

In addition to any referral fees, which represent Amazon's proportion of sales generated through its marketplace, these expenditures are incurred.

What are the benefits of using FBA?


Prime Shipping

Prime shipping is an option for customers who purchase things that are fulfilled by Amazon. This indicates that a buyer who has an Amazon Prime membership is eligible to receive free shipping on your product within two business days (even 1-day shipping in some areas). Because of this, there is a greater chance that consumers will purchase your goods because Prime members want to take advantage of the quick shipping timeframes.

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM



To give you a sense of how large of an opportunity this is, only in the United States alone there are more than 110 million people who are Prime members. If it says "Prime" on the product, they are far more inclined to purchase it than if it says "regular shipping.""

The following are some instances of Prime badges, which indicate that an item is eligible to be sent with Prime:

How to Get Your Name Into the Buy Box

When you sell the same goods on Amazon as other sellers, it is very vital to get your offer inside the Buy Box.

The "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons that appear on a product page are contained within the "Buy Box." At any one time, only one seller receives payment for a sale that was made through the Buy Box. The Buy Box is responsible for 85 percent of all sales made on eBay.

Amazon places a significant amount of weight on a seller's ability to fulfill orders in a reasonable amount of time as one of the primary criteria used to determine who receives the coveted "Buy Box." In general, the more your shipping and delivery services cater to the needs of the customer, the more quickly, affordably, conveniently, and dependably they will be completed.


Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

Amazon believes that their FBA service offers metrics that are nearly perfect for all of these considerations. Consequently, if you are in competition with FBM merchants, adopting FBA can significantly improve the likelihood that Amazon will select your product to appear in the Buy Box.

You can read this in-depth essay that we've written about how to win the purchase box if you're interested in learning more about the process.

Focus on making sales rather than simply meeting quotas.

Hiring, training, keeping track of inventory, negotiating costs with carriers, purchasing shipping materials, shipping on time, shipping the correct stuff... all of these things need to be taken care of. There is a long list of responsibilities that fall on your shoulders when it comes to taking care of your personal happiness.

It is challenging to successfully run a business that involves delivering and storing items. Amazon already has a cutting-edge fulfillment system in place, which ensures that your items will be processed and sent within the promised time frame. Additionally, the FBA program makes it simple for sellers to expand their businesses because they are not required to increase the size of their workforce or the amount of warehouse space they occupy in response to fluctuations in the number of orders they get.



Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

Many sellers on Amazon would rather concentrate on sourcing high-quality products, manufacturing those products, marketing those products, and selling those things. They have no problem entrusting Amazon to handle the day-to-day fulfillment responsibilities on their behalf.

Amazon SEO

Amazon does not wish to disclose information regarding the operation of its A9 search algorithm.

The majority of people believe that FBA is a ranking criteria that is used in the search algorithm, despite the fact that Amazon will not confirm this publicly. If all other factors remain the same, there is a good chance that FBA offers will do better in search than FBM offers.

Serving the needs of customers

When you use FBA, as we've already mentioned, Amazon takes care of all aspects of customer service and returns related to that item.

Even though you won't be able to speak with your consumers in person, it will be much simpler for online merchants to assist their customers with any questions or concerns they may have.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

To reward merchants who participate in more than one sales channel, the MCF program provides a bonus. MCF is quite similar to FBA, however instead of merely fulfilling orders from the Amazon marketplace, MCF will fulfill orders from any sales channel.

If you use Amazon's fulfillment centers to ship orders, you can do it either from your own website or from another marketplace. Customers who shop on Amazon as well as those who shop via your other channels can be served by inventory stored in Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

However, you should be prepared to pay for it. The fees for MCF are significantly higher than those of FBA.

MCF is also a stand-alone service that may be utilized by merchants who do not wish to sell their products through the Amazon marketplace.

The negative aspects of the FBA


This could be a good thing or a terrible one, depending on the products that you sell and how well your company is able to fulfill customer requests.

In the FBA program, the things that are more cost-effective are those that are smaller, lighter, and sell more rapidly than those that are larger, heavier, and sell less quickly. In addition, the cost of storing your belongings fluctuates with the seasons, with an increase between October and


Costs associated with things of a standard size that are neither clothing or footwear.




Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM
There is a charge made on a monthly basis to keep inventory.

Amazon is also very good at warehousing and shipping, but there are a lot of other retailers that are also very good at these things. Amazon is only one example.

If a retailer has a lot of experience in logistics, they might be able to do it for less money than Amazon does. The added expenses that come with utilizing FBA need to be evaluated against the potential benefits of employing FBA for these retailers.

If you already have an account with Amazon Seller Central, you may utilize the free FBA Revenue Calculator that Amazon provides to evaluate FBA in comparison to the costs of fulfilling orders on your own.

No longer in charge of something

When you use FBA, you won't have access to the warehouse floor and won't be able to check on your own products there. In addition, it is highly unlikely that Amazon will permit you to see their premises in order to personally investigate the situation. You have to have faith that Amazon won't destroy or misplace your items in any way.

When you use FBA, you should be prepared to perform everything according to Amazon's guidelines. If you are a seller who wishes to have a significant hand in managing your own inventory and the fulfillment process, FBA might not be the right option for you.

The regulations governing the packaging and labeling of products

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

Before an item may be sent to one of Amazon's warehouses, it must first comply with a number of stringent packaging and labeling requirements.

Amazon may refuse an incoming shipment if you do not ensure that your merchandise is prepared to satisfy these requirements. After that, you will be required to invest both time and money into retrieving your inventory and preparing it for use once more.

There is a whole business devoted to providing inspection and preparation services for FBA products, and these companies operate as a go-between for you and your supplier. When evaluating the program, you should take into consideration how long it takes and how much it costs to make your things ready for FBA.

What exactly does "FBM" stand for? Amazon FBM Advantages and drawbacks

You have the option of storing and shipping things yourself with the Fulfilled by Merchant model, which was formerly known as MFN or the Merchant Fulfilled Network. Alternatively, you can contract a third party other than Amazon to store and distribute the items for you. No matter what, it is the seller's responsibility to meet the service levels established by Amazon for shipping and orders. In addition, the seller is obligated to provide customer assistance and manage returns for FBM orders.

SFP stands for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

The SFP program is an alternative to the FBA program that enables merchants to take part in the Prime shipping program without having to use FBA.

If you want to display the Prime emblem on your offerings, you have to make the commitment to dispatch the orders of Prime members within two business days at no additional cost. The performance standards for sellers are held to a higher standard than they are for FBA, and only sellers who do well are considered for participation in the program.

The following set of performance standards must be met by sellers in order for them to pass the evaluation phase of the selling process, which can range from 5 to 90 days in length.

SFP requirements

We have a shipping accuracy rate of over 99% of the time.

When an order is received before the specified cut-off time, it will be processed on the same day it was placed.

Your rate of canceled orders is lower than 0.5% of all orders placed.

Make sure to use Amazon's shipping services at least 99 percent of the time.

The Amazon Returns Policy is something that sellers have to agree to in order to do business on the platform.

Allow Amazon to handle any and all questions pertaining to customer support.

Some of the advantages that are offered by FBA are also available through the Seller Fulfilled Prime program. For instance, Prime members can contribute to an increase in sales, and in the Buy Box, Seller Fulfilled Prime has advantages over conventional FBM.

FBM Advantages

A greater degree of control over the items that are transported and those that are stocked.

You will have control over both your inventory and the manner in which your orders are fulfilled when you use FBA.

For instance, retailers have more leeway as to when they should inspect their stock and how frequently they should replace it. Additionally, it is very uncommon for Amazon to alter the procedures and policies governing FBA, which can be infuriating for sellers.

It is essential for different types of retailers to take full control of their customers' whole shopping experiences. The only way to use branded packaging and drop marketing materials inside packages is to use FBM, which is also the sole method.

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

The prices at Amazon are currently being reduced.

By utilizing FBM, a company may be able to boost their margins if their fulfillment costs are lower than the fees charged by FBA. This holds true for businesses whose primary focus is on the logistics industry.

There are also some fees that we haven't discussed yet, such as the "returns processing fee," which applies to certain categories, the "long-term storage fee," which applies to items that haven't sold in more than six months, and the "stock removal fee," which applies when items are removed from Amazon's warehouses.

FBM's disadvantages

Less Buying Power in the Box

If all other factors remain unchanged, the Buy Box will be awarded to FBA offers rather than conventional FBM offers.

If FBM sellers offer Seller Fulfilled Prime, they improve their chances of being selected for the Buy Box. Bear in mind, however, that when it comes to the Buy Box, FBA will still have a little advantage over SFP, but SFP will be a significant improvement over ordinary FBM. Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

If there is a lot of competition for your products in the "buy box," then FBA may be the best option for you to take.

There is absolutely no benefit to using SEO.

In comparison to what FBM performs, FBA provides a marginal improvement to search results. Although FBA is not a silver bullet that will make all of your keyword ranking and SEO efforts pointless, it can be of assistance.

Responsibilities with regard to providing customer service and processing returns

When using FBM, the merchant is responsible for handling customer care and the return procedure, which can be time-consuming. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing in every situation.

If FBM merchants talk to their clients directly, they can learn more about the demands of their customers and the problems they face. They might pick up some new skills and ideas that could be beneficial to their company as a result of this.





Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM

Which one is more advantageous, FBA or FBM?
To summarize, each of these initiatives are beneficial, but in different ways.
FBA makes items instantly eligible for Prime and helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and the "Buy Box." It is possible that merchants, particularly those who solely sell on Amazon, will prefer to delegate the responsibility of customer care and fulfillment to another party so that they can concentrate on making sales. Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) service will, for an additional price, fulfill orders placed through other sales channels.

FBA comes with a number of expenses, but also comes with a lot of fantastic perks.

The graphic presents a comparison between FBA and FBM.

FBM provides merchants with a greater degree of control over their inventory and fulfillment operations, which in turn makes it simpler for them to develop plans for those processes. Being skilled in logistics and running one's business in an effective manner are two ways for retailers to raise their total profit margins. When it comes to providing service to customers, salespeople have a greater influence on how those customers feel. The participation of merchants in Prime, which is enabled by SFP, increases the likelihood that their wares will be purchased.

Despite the fact that FBM sellers lose some SEO and Buy Box benefits in comparison to FBA sellers, it offers more control to merchants who are prepared to take on more responsibilities.

Is it better to do Amazon FBA or FBM