how much does it cost to buy a food truck

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How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck




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How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

 A Guide to Purchasing a Food Truck

When launching a food truck business, the most time-consuming and financially taxing step is the purchase of a vehicle that comes fully equipped with a kitchen. You will need to locate a food truck maker in whom you have complete faith, initiate open lines of communication, and personalize your food truck so that it satisfies not only your requirements but also those of your location. We have compiled a detailed guide to the process of purchasing and customizing food trucks in an effort to make the prospect of purchasing a food truck a little less daunting. We will discuss the typical price of a food truck and assist you in determining whether purchasing a new, used, or leased food truck is the best option for you.

How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

Use the links provided below to skip along to the appropriate area of the guide if you have a particular question about purchasing a food truck.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Food Truck?


The majority of people who start their own food truck businesses invest between $60,000 and $70,000 on their mobile kitchens. The entire cost of purchasing a food truck can range anywhere from $50,000 to $220,000 depending on the method through which the truck is acquired, the degree to which it is customized to meet the buyer's specifications, and the local permission and licensing requirements. We have provided a breakdown of the typical prices for new, used, and leased food trucks in the following paragraphs so that you may have a better idea of how much you should anticipate spending on your food truck.


How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck
How Much Does It Typically Cost to Buy a Brand-New Food Truck? The price of a brand-new food truck is anywhere from $100,000 to $175,000 on average.
How Much Does It Typically Cost to Buy a Used Food Truck? The average cost of a used food truck is anywhere from $40,000 to $110,000.
What Are the Monthly Payments for Leasing a Food Truck? The median monthly rent for a food truck is between $,300 and $4,000, depending on the size of the truck. How much do food truck owners make



How to Become the Owner of a Food Truck

Writing a food truck business plan is the first thing that should be done when considering the financial commitment that comes with owning a food truck. Find out first about your target market, next about the local regulations, license and permit requirements, parking permit guidelines, and what kind of equipment is necessary for your menu.



The majority of people who want to establish a business selling food from a truck will need to seek finance or a loan in order to do it. Find out what your credit score is and how much it will cost you to run a food truck business depending on the business plan you have created for your food truck. Do this before you go to the bank.

You will be able to begin looking for a food truck as soon as you are given approval for a loan because you will then be aware of your budget. You can acquire ownership of a food truck business in one of three ways: by purchasing a brand-new food truck, purchasing a used food truck, or leasing a food truck.




How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

Which Is a Better Investment: Buying a Used or New Food Truck?

When considering the purchase of a food truck, one of the most important choices to make is whether to acquire a new or used vehicle. Even though each option comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, the one that's right for you will ultimately depend on how much money you have available and how much you can pay up front. So that you may make the choice that is most beneficial to your business and your finances, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing both new and used food trucks.



How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

Investing in a Brand-New Mobile Eatery

If you have the funds available, purchasing a brand-new food truck is an excellent investment that will allow you to save money on expensive repairs in the future. Find below a discussion of the positives and negatives associated with purchasing a new food truck.

The Benefits of Using a New Food Truck, Tailored Specifically to Your Requirements
There are no signs of wear and tear, nor any hidden damage.
It lessens the likelihood of expensive breakdowns and extensive repairs being necessary.
They typically come with very solid guarantees and warranties.
Appearances that are recent, spotless, and expertly finished
Large financial commitment required for new food truck, a disadvantage
Because of the customization, the lead time is extended.
If your business quickly outgrows the capacity of the vehicle, it can be challenging to make modifications in the future due to the high initial cost.
Purchasing a Second-Hand Food Truck




If you are interested in owning your own food truck but are apprehensive to make the financial investment in a brand new vehicle, purchasing a secondhand food truck is an excellent alternative. Read on for a discussion of the positives and negatives associated with purchasing a used food truck.

Utilizing the Benefits of Food Trucks
At first, their prices were lower than those of brand new trucks.
You will be able to determine whether or not the arrangement of the kitchen will work for you if the retrofitting has already been completed.
The apparatus has already been put in place.
reduces the amount of time spent making decisions.



The Drawbacks of Purchasing a Used Food Truck
Increased potential for expensive maintenance and repairs
Unknown wear and tear on the vehicle
Reduced expected number of years to live
Because they are not aware of what was done in the past, it may be difficult for you to locate a vendor who is willing to personalize it.

Rent a Food Truck to Get 



How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

It is the most expensive component of being a food truck operator to purchase a vehicle that is already equipped with a kitchen. As a result, many entrepreneurs choose to lease their food truck rather than make this significant initial investment. You can avoid paying a significant expense right away by purchasing a brand-new, high-end food truck through the use of multiple smaller payments spread out over time. If you are new to the foodservice market or want to test the waters to see if your traditional restaurant will perform well as a food truck, you might want to consider leasing a food truck.

Leasing a food truck comes with a number of potential drawbacks, one of which is that at the end of your contract, you can be required to give the vehicle back. If your mobile food vendor business is thriving, you will have to go through the tedious process of switching to a new truck, lose time spent actually operating your business, or be forced to shut it down. We strongly recommend that you go with a food truck lease arrangement that provides you with the choice to either continue renting or purchase the truck.


How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck
Where to Purchase a Mobile Food Unit

Once you have determined your financial limitations and have chosen whether you want a new, used, or leased food truck, the next step is to choose a reliable food truck dealer. Although you can buy food trucks from private parties or online classifieds like Craigslist or eBay, you should be aware that this is a choice that comes with a significant amount of risk. If you are going to put a significant amount of money into the beginning stages of your company, you will want to know everything there is to know about the food truck that you want to use.




How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

You can find a dealer in your state with the assistance of the website Food Truck Empire, which also gives a list of reliable merchants. Also, many business owners will inquire with the proprietor of their preferred food truck about where they got their automobile. When you ask owners of food trucks for suggestions, you get the chance to ask them questions regarding the condition of their vehicles and whether or not they were pleased with the services provided by their vendors.

In addition, below you will see a list that we have compiled of trustworthy food truck manufacturers. These dealers provide customers with access to a curated inventory of food trucks, and the majority of them also provide lease alternatives. When you make a purchase from any of these websites, you will be able to completely personalize your food truck.

Construct Your Own Mobile Restaurant


The most challenging as well as the most exciting element of purchasing a food truck is customizing your truck to meet your specific needs. If you choose to work with a respected manufacturer, they will alleviate the most of the tension that you are experiencing and bring your vision to fruition. Jeremy Adams, the founder of Prestige Food Trucks, had some really insightful commentary regarding the manner in which a normal purchase is made. The following five steps offer a high-level overview of the process of making a purchase, despite the fact that a great deal more conversation takes place than what is described here.

In order to make an enquiry, a customer will either give the business they are interested in purchasing from a call or send them an email.
When a response is given to a customer, it is customary for that person to be asked about their budget, their demands in terms of equipment, the city in which they intend to conduct business, and the type of food that they intend to serve.
After receiving this information, a company would typically give out a variety of bespoke blueprint alternatives to consumers, on which they can make any necessary modifications.




Once this step has been finished, the normal wait time for a company before the food truck is shipped is between two and three months. A significant number of producers are able to ship either domestically or globally.
After a customer has received their order, they are need to obtain any permits that are necessary before they can begin selling their specialized meals on the street.

How to Tailor a Food Truck to Your Specifications

The type of cuisine that you provide should be the primary consideration in arranging the seating and counter space inside of your food truck. Even while flat grills, countertop fryers, food warmers, refrigerators, and freezers are the most typical appliances found in food trucks, each truck will be uniquely equipped. For instance, a food truck that specializes in pizza may require a pizza oven, as well as possibly an additional generator or propane tank. On the other hand, a coffee truck will benefit from an additional supply of hot water. In addition, when you modify your food truck to accommodate the dishes on your menu, double check that the plan allows for adequate space for the installation of any other necessary pieces of food truck equipment.


How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

The Dimensions of Food Trucks

The typical length of a food truck is 16 feet, and its width is seven feet; however, the length can range anywhere from 10 to 26 feet, depending on the requirements of the business. Be sure to select a vehicle that is spacious enough to meet the design of your kitchen, the quantity of ingredients that must be stored, and the members of your team. Determine whether your mobile food business requires a food truck, a food trailer, or a food cart by first analyzing your demands and then making your decision. Some businesses have the capability of converting virtually any vehicle—from step van chassis and sprinter vans to passenger vans and recreational vehicles—into fully operational food trucks.

Supplies for the Mobile Kitchens


Make a decision regarding whether the motor for your food truck will be gas-powered or diesel-powered. There are several advantages and disadvantages associated with each style; hence, the decision boils down to personal preference. The majority of owners of food trucks go for diesel engines due to the power they provide; however, you should be prepared to make an initial investment that is slightly more expensive.



Diesel fuel offers a better economy than gasoline does, despite the fact that gasoline is more affordable. In contrast, diesel engines offer unrivaled power while also operating with a more discrete and odorless exhaust than their gasoline-powered counterparts. A diesel engine can easily last for 300,000 miles if it is properly maintained throughout its life. When engines require maintenance, the cost to repair gas-operated engines is often lower than the cost to repair diesel engines. If you ever make the decision to sell your food truck, you will obtain a greater price for it if it has a diesel engine because diesel engines live longer.


How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

The Electricity Provider for Food Trucks

The majority of food trucks and trailers use portable diesel generators as their primary source of electrical power. Generators that are powered by diesel can sustain frequent and intense use and have lengthy lifespans. Installing solar panels on the roof of your food truck allows you to power it in a way that is more environmentally friendly if you live in a sunny place. Using cylinders filled with liquefied petroleum gas (often known as LPG) is an additional alternative for providing power to food trucks.

Unique Characteristics of Food Trucks:



At the end of the process of personalizing your food truck, you will have the opportunity to select the distinctive components that will give it the character of your very own mobile eatery. A reputable dealer will work with you to realize your vision, whether you want to add specialized equipment to the interior of the truck to speed up food preparation or aesthetic details to the exterior of the truck to make it more appealing to customers' eyes. Both of these customizations can be accomplished by working together. Take a look at the following list for some suggestions on useful extras that might be added to your truck.

When your food truck is not being used, the contents of your vehicle will be protected thanks to our lockable security awning. Awnings for security are often made of a sliding piece of material that can be used to cover windows, doors, and any outdoor TVs, speakers, or other devices in order to protect them from damage. You may take advantage of the awning as an additional opportunity for branding by having it customized to match the look of your truck.

How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

TV with a Flat Panel Installing a television with a flat panel on the outside of your food truck will allow you to sell your menu, promotions, locations, and other critical information to potential customers. In addition to that, you may use it to play music.

Speakers: If you install speakers, you may play music to keep your clients entertained while they wait in a long line and announce when their orders are ready.

Awnings can be manually or electrically operated, and they provide clients with shade while they wait at your serving window. Additionally, they serve as a little sound barrier, which enables employees to more easily hear the customers' orders. Customers who are protected from the elements as they wait to be served by awnings that are longer are less likely to leave because of the discomfort associated with standing in line for an extended period of time.

This function is ideal for the warm months of the year as well as for food trucks operating in regions that have year-round high temperatures. Misting systems are typically installed by owners of food trucks above the exterior serving windows of their vehicles in order to keep customers cool while they wait.

How Much Does it cost to Buy a Food Truck

Numerous companies employ designers that collaborate with customers to produce unique images or logos for their brands. After that, they wrap the truck in vinyl and brand it by transferring the company logo into the vinyl wrap that surrounds the entire truck. Graphics, menus, business names, and any other forms of promotional materials are all able to be put on these wrappings, and they will have the appropriate cutouts for windows and serving windows.

Film for Perforated Windows: Having your company logo or decal continue onto the outside of your windows is possible thanks to window perforation. Customers will be able to view the image, but personnel will not be impeded in their ability to see clearly beyond the window.